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"Amusement Park"
"Under the minaret, Cheng Qiao’s "Ancient Huizhou Pagodas" contains: "Alias: Xiazhan Pagoda, Wenfeng Pagoda, Qiankou Cone." Some people call Yifeng Pagoda based on the word "Yifeng" on the plaque inside the tower. The tower is in the south of Qiankou Village, Huizhou District. According to Baidu Encyclopedia: "Built in the 23rd year of Jiajing, Ming Dynasty (AD 1544), it is an ancient tower full of Huizhou cultural characteristics. The Qiankou tower is located at the main part of the water mouth. It has a unique shape, eight corners on all sides, seven outside and four inside. The height of the tower is about 60 meters, and the diameter of the bottom layer is 10.4 meters. The above layer is reduced by 94[%], and the diameter of the top layer is 7.2 meters, forming a vertical cone. There are different styles of idols, murals and handwritings of calligraphers in each layer. (No longer exists.) The gourd dome is used on the top of the tower. This construction method is not only an artistic conception (ingenious), but also takes "the elite of the sun and the moon, and the righteousness of the heaven and the earth in the fairy pot." The meaning of endless. It embodies the aesthetic consciousness and pursuit of the ancient Qiankou people, and also leaves valuable information for future generations to study." On the south wall of the lower minaret, there is a plaque with a height of 2 meters and a width of 0.5 meters, engraved with the two characters "Yifeng". ."
Cheng Kan

Cheng Kan

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"Anhui Impression Guo Bagua Village Chengkan (Supplement) said in the previous, this trip to explore the ancient village, is a friend of Guo listen to a Hui school building inspection activities. Today's itinerary: Chengkan, Liaopaifang Group, Tangmo Village Ancient Huizhou Cultural Tourism Zone, National 5A-level scenic spot Zou Chengkan, known as the first village of Fengshui, was built in the Three Kingdoms period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and has a history of more than 1800 years. It is said that as early as the Song Dynasty, was praised by famous Confucian scholar Zhu Xian as: Chengkan Shuangxianli, the first village in the south of the Yangtze River. Walk into Chengkan, feel the legendary mystical culture. "There are no mountains in Huangshan, travel to Chengkan life without difficulties!" For feng shui knowledge, I do not have a bit, so it is a lively view. Because don't understand, then chase after the master want to hear a understand, but talent is not enough, after all did not understand the mystery. Figure 3: the logo of the village entrance, but the expert glanced at it, is so that "this example is obviously a hard injury, if it is a doctoral thesis, will kill directly; if it is a master's thesis, will be scolded dog blood." Still some words, I will not elaborate. Keywords: This place, it's better not to go. Don't ask me why, the expert is serious to everybody." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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