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About Huangzhongxian

Huangzhong is a county in the east of Qinghai province, surrounding the city of Xining. The county is famous for its bronze and silverware and gilding techniques. Major attractions include Kumbum Monastery, Qunjia National Forest Park, Shangwu Zhuangshui Gorge, Dayuan Nanshuo Mountain, Shangxinzhuang Mineral Springs and Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Huangzhongxian

Kumbum Monastery
9,946 Reviews
Kumbum Monastery (also called Ta'er Temple) is a Tibetan gompa with more than 400 years of history. Located in Xining's Huangzhong County, it belongs to the Gelug (or Yellow) School of Tibetan Buddhism. Kumbum Monastery has a number of ancient buildings including the main hall, Scripture Hall, Buddha Pagoda, and academy. At the center of the monastery complex, visitors will find the Dajinwa (Great Golden Tile) Temple. According to legend, this temple was erected on the site where Je Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug School, was born. A visit to Kumbum is not complete without taking the time to see and appreciate the butter sculptures, the murals, and the elaborate embroidery. The entire temple complex is full of magnificent buildings and rich treasures. However, the true charm of the complex lies in its holy atmosphere. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Xining.
The Great Lama's Residence
47 Reviews
35 Ningkeguoluo Alley, Huangzhong Xian, Xining Shi, Qinghai Sheng, China
Huangzhong County Museum
28 Reviews
Heping Rd, Huangzhong Xian, Xining Shi, Qinghai Sheng, China
Lianhuashan Sceneic Area
15 Reviews

Huangzhongxian Weather

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Nov 23, 2019
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Trip Moments

Xining super-strong tourism strategy is enough to see this

Xining is an important fortress on the Silk Road, and also a major city into Tibet, not only a tourist city, but also a historical city, around Xining A lot of places worth visiting.

Recommended spots
: One of the most famous spots in Qinghai, Lushar Town, 25 km away from Xining City, with public transportation.
Geometry Bookstore: The largest independent bookstore in China, the bookstore with the highest value in Xining, has a strong design atmosphere.
: China's second half-mountain-hanging buildings

In addition to the gameplay around Xining, more people will take Xining as a starting point and play a circle around the two provinces of Qinghai and Gansu.

route recommendation
Qinghai Dunhuang 7-day big ring line: Xining Tar Temple Riyue Mountain Qinghai Lake Heima River Rubber Mountain Chaka Salt Lake Delingha Dachaidan Dunhuang Guazhou Jiayuguan Zhangye Qilian Menyuan Xining

7: Xining Qinghai Lake Dachaidan Dunhuang Jiayuguan Zhangye Qilian Xining
Qinghai Zhangye 4 days small ring line: Xining Qinghai Lake Qilian Zhangye Menyuan Xining

food recommended
feel hand grab lamb: raw materials are very simple, but the taste is indeed the most pure The smell of mutton is not at all.
: Xining specialties, about 5 yuan a cup, very pure Qinghai flavor yogurt.
: Come to Xining, you must try the snacks, you can find
in the streets and alleys: the common home-cooked meal in Qinghai, don't miss it.

!! Best travel season: July to October
Posted: Sep 13, 2019
vivi slow life   
Leisure parent-child hourlight Ocean Hotel
use the ocean as the theme of the hotel ,, from the outside of the hotel can feel the rich ocean .

There is a large dolphin sculpture in front of the hotel. The cute little dolphins seem to indicate that the next trip here will be full of rich ocean scent and beauty.

The lobby of the hotel is also an element of the sea. The facilities of the torches and the various shapes of the treasure chests are quite interesting. The lobby of the hotel is also very spacious and spacious, standing in the lobby, with a feeling of rest and relaxation.

The hotel's rooms also have a lot of different styles, you can choose your favorite style and children to enjoy their own small world.

Every room is actually a very good photo point, and the distinctive features of the room can make very nice photos.

Photographed in the room, of course not too rigid. The photos of the donkeys on the bed will be a very nice set of photos.

There are some rooms that are small duplexes, you can sit on the stairs to take pictures, but remember to put the children in front when taking pictures, otherwise it will look small.

A lot of things in the room are good photo props. For example, there is a tambourine in the room, and the drum is placed in front of you, so you can take a photo that looks very natural.

There are also rooms with books for children to read, and the warm photos of reading with children will be very interesting.

The curtains and walls of the room can be used as the props for shooting, and it is also very suitable to cover the photo of the body.
Posted: Aug 17, 2019
When you have come to Xining, you can't go to the Ta'er Monastery.

Tal Temple is the activity center of Tibetan Buddhism in the northwestern region. It has a reputation for the whole of China and even Southeast Asia. The central government of the past generations highly praised the religious status of the Ta'er Monastery.

Tal Temple formerly known as Taer Temple, was founded in 1377, named after the Da Yinwa Temple to commemorate the founder of the Yellow Church, Tsongkhapa, the Tibetan language is called "Sakamoto Hyun "Bahrain" means "the Maitreya Temple with a hundred thousand lions and statues of Buddha".

Tal Temple has a total of 1000 large and small buildings such as Dajinwa Temple, Xiaojinwa Temple, Huasi Temple, Dajingtang, Jiujian Hall, Da Lalang, Ruyi Tower, Taiping Tower, Bodhi Tower, and Gate Tower. Many courtyards, more than 4,500 temples, grand scales, palaces, Buddhist temples, Buddhist scriptures, palaces, lamas living in the courtyards and courtyards, all in one, covering the style of the Han Palace and the Tibetan flat roof, uniquely The Chinese-style Sancha Xieshan style is combined with the Tibetan squatting masonry whip wall, the mid-inlaid wheel-wheeled King Kong Sanskrit mantra and the bronze mirror and the underlying brick form to form a complex of Chinese and Tibetan art styles.

Due to historical accumulation, the temple's cultural relics are extremely rich, and it is a treasure trove of art, combining magnificent architecture, dazzling instruments, various Buddha statues and vast literature collections. Especially the murals, piles of embroidered, butter flowers, known as the "three art", famous all over the world.
Posted: Jul 10, 2019