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Things To Do in Huaning

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茱丽叶one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. very clean water and amazing adventure on the boat. very few people. fantastic environment and clean air. also great architecture on the island.
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Water Park
_We***24The hotel environment is super good! The front desk lady also helped me upgrade to the deluxe king room for free. The hotel staff is more enthusiastic and the service attitude is very good! Especially the baby is very happy! Hahaha will have the opportunity to come next time!
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Theme Park
小思袋鼠Good value for money, good scenery, overall super awesome, fun and fun, go to play with three people with friends, the environment facilities are very good, the price in the scenic area is also more moderate to play must get the same strange wing tiger cup, really good look! There is also headgear, hats are cheap to take photos on the Ferris wheel, the scenery is good!
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东夷西羌的行游生活​Dongfengyun is an art town located in Maitreya, Honghe, Yunnan, which combines grape culture, natural scenery, humanities tourism and architectural art, characterized by cultural and artistic creativity. It is called "Provence" in Yanzhong. The main building of the town is called the kaleidoscope, designed by local artist Luo Yi of Yunnan. It seems to have no rules, but it combines three local cultures, namely the wine culture of Maitreya, the fire culture of the Yao and the culture of symbiosis. The kaleidoscope itself is a brick structure that mimics the nest, built entirely from local red bricks, without using a nail or wood. Using geometrical principles, bricks and bricks are interlaced, and really have a childhood kaleidoscope feeling. And the cylinder body opens the triangle mouth, forms the characteristic of the triangular prism, with the four seasons sunshine illuminating angle different, the light inside the museum will change the beauty of the different light and shadow, presents a strange, flowing space pattern.
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Ornamental Hot spring
回眸一笑千烦解The price is natural, the price is very high, the facilities are old but it does not affect the bath, that is to soak and wash the bad
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Hot Springs Resort
M30***81The old place is still very good, just a few fewer pools are open, but the experience is still good, especially the massage is very professional, the intensity is acid, the next time you have to book a few friends together! The scenery is good, fun, fun, cost-effective, overall super awesome,

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Maoxiandao Children Amusement ParkYuxi,China

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Xiangbishan Hot Spring Forest ParkYuxi,China

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Tonghongdian Taijiyuanyang Hot SpringYuxi,China

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Longquan Forest ParkYuxi,China

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Fuxian Lake Scenic AreaYuxi,China

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Qingyuwan Sand BeachYuxi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Huaning, including: Fuxian Lake Scenic Area,Xiangbishan Hot Spring Forest Park,Qingyuwan Sand Beach
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