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As the ancient capital of Vietnam's three dynasties - Hue, there are many monuments,
which is the most prestigious, I am afraid to count the Hue Imperial City on the banks of the Xiangjiang River.
The construction style here is roughly modeled after the Forbidden City in Beijing,
also incorporates many elements of local characteristics and colonial architecture.
The largest temple in the Taihe Hall, there is a majesty of imperial power, which makes people feel solemn.
Continue to go inside, the gloomy sky, the pattering raindrops,
to express a grief of the imperial city.
Shuttle in the historical cloister, watching the characters in the old photos,
can read the old glory of this ancient city of Hue
Tickets: 105,000 rupiah
opening time: 6
Posted: Jan 20, 2016
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The clear water of Hue is Xiangjiang, which is clear and clear through the ancient city, dividing the ancient city into north and south, and also creating many elegant corners. The Imperial City was built like the Forbidden City in Beijing and was deeply influenced by Chinese aesthetics.
Hue's mountain is the Yuping Mountain where the pine trees are forested. In the morning, it is shrouded in a twilight smog, but when the weather is fine, you can see the sea on the top of the mountain. Rivers, mountains, ancient cities, and gentle people.
coming to Hue without an industrial area is like walking into an ancient picture. Vietnam now has four world cultural heritages. In addition to Halong Bay, Meishan Holy Land, and Hoi An Ancient Temple, Hue Ancient City is one of them. Because it is a cultural heritage, Hue has developed the tourism industry in recent years. There are only 300,000 people in Hue. There are also some travel agencies in the downtown area. In addition to connecting the traffic in Vietnam, it is necessary to arrange tours in Hue City. Convenience. Appreciate Hue, need a mood, and never be nervous.
The easiest way to be free and easy to do is to hire a motorcycle and tell the driver what the price and number of attractions are, so that you can decide when to visit and browse. This way, you can really contact Hue at the closest distance. Usually about 8 US dollars a day, in terms of human relations, should provide the driver's drinking water and lunch, Hue attractions are concentrated, you can slowly appreciate it everywhere.