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When the heat faded, the ten-mile silver beach in the evening became gentle. The tourists who came to the holiday gathered at the beach. After a wave of waves in the sea, we chose the hotel's Silver Beach to relax and relax.

I prefer a quieter than the noisy nightclub bar. A few friends got together, ordered a few glasses of invincible cocktails, and the unique and elegant singing of the bar singer came to the ear, so that the body could feel relaxed on the soft sofa.

Huizhou Country Garden Shili Yintans silver singers female singer and piano player are all from Thailand. Although they sing all English songs, is music not borderless~ Wonderful songs without excessive language description It can also touch people's hearts.
Posted: Dec 20, 2018
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A couple and a cute pet weekend, change the city to Huizhou vacation
Huizhou is our preferred short-distance resort with Wang Xingren travel
only two hours from the Guangzhou home, you can change the city for a weekend

Day1 Guangzhou--Huizhou Yanzhou Island--Tsuen Wan
Day2 Tsuen Wan--Guangzhou

Yanzhou Island is the only island town in Huizhou City. Retaining a quiet and simple small fishing village life. There is a large mangrove forest by the sea, and the family is home to herd of egrets, so it is also a paradise for photographers.
From Yanzhou Island, heading towards Tsuen Wan is our destination today.
We chose to live between the Tsuen Wan Scenic Area and the S21 Cross-sea Bridge. There are a series of sea view apartments. Compared to Tsuen Wan, there are fewer tourists and more comfortable.
In the off-season, spend more than 100 to live in a high-rise sea view room, the apartment here is very user-friendly - you can carry your pets, pack your luggage, settle in Wang Xingren, you can go to Huidong County Buy seafood oysters in the seafood market (less than 20 minutes by car). The price of the mobile vendors outside the seafood market is more affordable. The good seafood can be processed at the hotel, burning 8 yuan, stir-fry with salt and pepper or 15 yuan for garlic. But we have other plans!
Return to the apartment to make Korean-style sizzling seafood. At dusk, watching the sun in front of the sun drop a little bit on the sea level, sitting on the balcony, blowing the cool sea breeze, preparing for the seafood dinner, the dogs are already looking at it.
Satiate and take the dog to walk in the apartment garden to eat and eat, you can also walk along the seaside path, the night is quiet, the roadside lights are suitable for taking some street-themed films~

the next day Go to sleep and wake up naturally.
This weekend, without spending much money and how much time, it will satisfy the heart of going out and avoiding the hard work of the boat.

Change the city, change the way of life, a weekend of short-selling, and you can meet the working day with full energy.
Huizhou Coast Hotspring Resort
Huizhou Haibin Hot Spring Resort is located in the cave of Pinghai Town, Huiping Peninsula, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The terrain is undulating, the Pinghu Gorge is interlaced, and the mountains and springs are clear everywhere. Fresh.

The hot spring area also has all kinds of hot spring pools with the most marine culture features. It features hot spring pools. The beach hot springs are close to the sea. The spring water is a geothermal spring from the deep sea. The water quality is salty. The clear water is a rare hot spring with three ingredients.

[Travel Tips]: Hot Springs Notes: 1. Be sure to pick off the metal jewelry on your body, otherwise you will find it hard to find that your favorite jewelry has been vulcanized into black. Its gone. 2. Avoid fasting, after-dinner, after-drinking hot springs, hot springs and eating time should be at least one hour apart. 3. Choose a hot spring pool that adapts to its high, medium and low temperature, generally from low temperature to high temperature, every 15-20 minutes. 4, hot springs should not be soaked for a long time, otherwise there will be chest tightness, thirst, dizziness and other phenomena. When you feel dry mouth and chest tightness in the spring water, you have to go to the pool to rest, or drink some drinks to replenish moisture.
[Address]: Pingdong Town, Huidong County, Huidong County, hole
[ticket]: 298 [including early] standard double room + hot spring
[traffic]: self-driving line
from Guangzhou, Departure from Dongguan: You can take the Guanghui Expressway to the Shenzhen-Shenzhen Expressway. Take the exit of Lushan Mountain and head toward Shantou to go through the direct access to the resort area of Lushan and Tieyong Town. (The whole journey is about 120 minutes).
From Shenzhen: You can take the Shenshao Expressway to the exit of Lushan and drive towards Shantou through Lushan and Tieyong.
Xunliao Bay
He also recommended to you a good place around Guangzhou for weekend trips. I have always loved to go to Huizhou to play in the sand and watch the sea. If I drive for more than 2 hours, I can relax from the bustling city to the seaside. Recently I found a private island in Tsuen Wan and I recommend it to you.
There is a homestay on the island called [Island], there are 12 sand houses, each with a private outdoor large bathtub. The door that pushes open the floor-to-ceiling windows is directly the beach and the sea. Soak in the bathtub and watch the sea drink afternoon tea. Because it is a private island, there are very few tourists, and the vacation is not afraid of being disturbed.
Price: 1880 Includes speedboat for two people entering and leaving the island, breakfast, self-drive parking fee.
Transportation: To locate the Huizhou Financial Street Yacht Club, the hotel will arrange a speedboat to pick up. It will take you to the island in 3-5 minutes.
Dining: I heard that I invited the chef from the Marriott Hotel and the product was great. As a tourist traveler, I have lived in so many places and stayed in so many homestays. I have not eaten a better breakfast!! Very rich, healthy and fit, the plate is exquisite and beautiful, and the taste is great. Especially the seafood cream pumpkin paste that night, I will never forget. Stayed for two nights, the next morning the purple potato porridge was amazing.
Breakfast was eaten in a pavilion, facing the sea as shown in the picture, and the mood for breakfast here is doubled. There are also restaurants and some snacks on the island of
, and the price is similar to that of the scenic spot.

One of the nights, I ordered a double beach seafood dinner at 880 in the homestay. I produced a fine Western food, which was not produced by the chef. The environment is also very feeling, the beach candlelight dinner, romantic and comfortable