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Guangdong has a lot of seas, but it is very surprising, and Huizhou's black platoon has such charm. Black Pai Kok coastline is located in Huidong County, Huizhou District, Guangdong Province
Posted: Dec 30, 2018
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Huizhou Shuangyuewan has always been a bay I have hidden in the South. There is a national turtle protection base and the water quality is very good. Here is the end of Huidong land that has been extending to the sea. Starting from the ancient city of Pinghai, it consists of two bays leading to the port town. One is the Red Bay, the other is the Ping Bay, and there is a bay in the middle. It is a sheltered harbor for fishing boats. Here, it has also become a holiday garden in Shenzhen. On weekends, Ariel E came here and enjoyed all the beauty of the sea. The beautiful scenery is pleasing to the eye, and driving is like enjoying the scenery. The front face design and smooth lines of a car can also make people feel happy. Ai Ruize e has basically maintained a family-oriented design language, and the front face has clearly created an "X" style, which is very fashionable and brings a lot of design sense. This young and confident Arrizo e, who doesn't like it.
There is a place, beautiful as a dream, it has the rolling hills of Guilin, and also has the unique tidal flats of Xiapu, that is Huidong. Many people know Huizhou and don't know much about Huidong, I am. Huidong belongs to Huizhou. I originally thought that Huidong was not big. I heard the taxi driver said that Huidong is a large marine county in Guangdong Province and an important transportation hub and commodity distribution center in eastern Guangdong. At the same time, Huidong is also a resort area. The choice I chose this time is Huidong Fuli Doubletree Resort. Huizhou Pingtan Airport is very small. I found that it was not a covered bridge after I got off the plane. I thought that there was a shuttle bus waiting on the ground. I didnt expect to walk directly into the airport after I got off the plane. After I entered, I saw the baggage carousel. And there is only one baggage carousel, so the first time I saw the small airport, I was interested in the city. Taxi is basically no one line up, because Huidong is 40 minutes away from Huizhou Airport, and Shenzhen is only 1.5 hours drive to Huidong, so most of the friends who come to Huidong to choose are self-driving.
Xunliao Bay
He also recommended to you a good place around Guangzhou for weekend trips. I have always loved to go to Huizhou to play in the sand and watch the sea. If I drive for more than 2 hours, I can relax from the bustling city to the seaside. Recently I found a private island in Tsuen Wan and I recommend it to you. . There is a homestay on the island called [Island], there are 12 sand houses, each with a private outdoor large bathtub. The door that pushes open the floor-to-ceiling windows is directly the beach and the sea. Soak in the bathtub and watch the sea drink afternoon tea. Because it is a private island, there are very few tourists, and the vacation is not afraid of being disturbed. . Price: 1880 Includes speedboat for two people entering and leaving the island, breakfast, self-drive parking fee. . Transportation: To locate the Huizhou Financial Street Yacht Club, the hotel will arrange a speedboat to pick up. It will take you to the island in 3-5 minutes. . Dining: I heard that I invited the chef from the Marriott Hotel and the product was great. As a tourist traveler, I have lived in so many places and stayed in so many homestays. I have not eaten a better breakfast!! Very rich, healthy and fit, the plate is exquisite and beautiful, and the taste is great. Especially the seafood cream pumpkin paste that night, I will never forget. Stayed for two nights, the next morning the purple potato porridge was amazing. Breakfast was eaten in a pavilion, facing the sea as shown in the picture, and the mood for breakfast here is doubled. There are also restaurants and some snacks on the island of , and the price is similar to that of the scenic spot. One of the nights, I ordered a double beach seafood dinner at 880 in the homestay. I produced a fine Western food, which was not produced by the chef. The environment is also very feeling, the beach candlelight dinner, romantic and comfortable
Today, I got an early flight to the Hilton Hotel in Huidong. This is a parent-child hotel. The hotel building is Spanish-style and the children's play facilities are very rich. Huidong is the back garden of Shenzhen and it takes about 2 hours to drive. It is also a resort area, not big but exquisite, the hotel opened only this year, the guests have been very much, Huidong is also a good place to visit around Shenzhen and Guangzhou. I heard that it is also very hot in winter. It is really suitable for a holiday all year round.
A couple and a cute pet weekend, change the city to Huizhou vacation Huizhou is our preferred short-distance resort with Wang Xingren travel only two hours from the Guangzhou home, you can change the city for a weekend Itinerary: Day1 Guangzhou--Huizhou Yanzhou Island--Tsuen Wan Day2 Tsuen Wan--Guangzhou Yanzhou Island is the only island town in Huizhou City. Retaining a quiet and simple small fishing village life. There is a large mangrove forest by the sea, and the family is home to herd of egrets, so it is also a paradise for photographers. From Yanzhou Island, heading towards Tsuen Wan is our destination today. We chose to live between the Tsuen Wan Scenic Area and the S21 Cross-sea Bridge. There are a series of sea view apartments. Compared to Tsuen Wan, there are fewer tourists and more comfortable. In the off-season, spend more than 100 to live in a high-rise sea view room, the apartment here is very user-friendly - you can carry your pets, pack your luggage, settle in Wang Xingren, you can go to Huidong County Buy seafood oysters in the seafood market (less than 20 minutes by car). The price of the mobile vendors outside the seafood market is more affordable. The good seafood can be processed at the hotel, burning 8 yuan, stir-fry with salt and pepper or 15 yuan for garlic. But we have other plans! Return to the apartment to make Korean-style sizzling seafood. At dusk, watching the sun in front of the sun drop a little bit on the sea level, sitting on the balcony, blowing the cool sea breeze, preparing for the seafood dinner, the dogs are already looking at it. Satiate and take the dog to walk in the apartment garden to eat and eat, you can also walk along the seaside path, the night is quiet, the roadside lights are suitable for taking some street-themed films~ the next day Go to sleep and wake up naturally. This weekend, without spending much money and how much time, it will satisfy the heart of going out and avoiding the hard work of the boat. Change the city, change the way of life, a weekend of short-selling, and you can meet the working day with full energy.
Shili Yintan (Shili Silver Beach)
Huizhou Country Garden Shili Yintan is located in Huizhou Huizhou East Asia Pojiao Coastal Tourist Area, Huishen Coastal Expressway Xiaojingwan Exit or Guanghui Expressway Yapo Point Exit, only 70 minutes drive from Shenzhen City and 20 minutes drive from Huizhou South Railway Station. After arriving at Country Garden Shili Yintan Hotel, the hotel receptionist smiled and said Welcome to help with luggage, and then led us to the Phoenix Club for check-in. The main body of the hotel is butterfly-shaped, the central semi-circular shape is the hotel lobby, and the left and right buildings are like butterfly wings. The design is novel. In the Phoenix Club environment, the hotel is comfortable and elegant. It is specially designed for hotel VIP customers, executive floor guests and other important guests. It offers top coffees such as Kenyan coffee, Ethiopian coffee and Colombian coffee, as well as cola and other cold drinks. The hotel has a total of 336 rooms and suites with sea views. We booked a Deluxe Ocean View King Room on the 15th floor. After getting the room card, we can't wait to return to our room, and the service is also very fast to pull the luggage to the door. The design of the open wooden door is estimated to allow the bathtub user to easily communicate with the outside. For a family-friendly hotel, this natural scenery is a natural match. I still wanted to take a lunch break, but I couldnt help but go to the beach to play. The long blue sky and blue sky, since Bali, after a different, has only met with you, just like God's overturned palette, beautiful, blue and gentle.