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About Huizhou

Huizhou is very close to Hong Kong. This is a heavily-infused Hakka area and a historic city famous for being a nice place to live. Huizhou has a relaxed old district where a slow pace of life is the norm. You can visit Xihu, or West Lake, or the old city walls. There are many vacation spots nearby such as Luofu Mountain and Nankun Mountain with their wooded mountain scenery or Daya Bay and Xunliao Bay with entrancing ocean landscapes. You can also go to Longmen and soak in the hot springs. It is a nice way to spend a relaxed holiday break.

Popular Attractions in Huizhou

Xunliao Bay
1,613 Reviews
Xunliao Bay is located in the southern part of Pingshan Township, Huidong County, Huizhou City. It is one of the bays with clean waters in the eastern part of Guangdong. The coastline of Xunliao Bay is very long, stretching over 20 kilometers with public and private beaches. It is a good place for water activities. You can experience the pleasure of sailing, or ride on a fishing boat out to sea and fish with the locals. You can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood here.
Luofu Mountain
2,235 Reviews
Luofu Mountain, also known as Mount Dongqiaoshan, consists of Mount Luoshan and Mount Fushan. It is located in the town of Changning, Boluo County, Huizhou. It has abundant rainfall, a pleasant climate, and thousands of herbaceous plants and fruits. It is a treasure trove of natural resources in Lingnan. Mount Luofushan is divided into three scenic spots: Zhuming Cave, Huanglongguan and Huashoutai. It is recommended to spend 2 days to visit Huanglongguan and Zhuming Cave.
Double Moon Bay
715 Reviews
Located in the port town of Huidong, Double Moon Bay is famous for its peculiar sea views. Seen from above, the entire bay looks like two new moons. The most amazing point is that the left part of bay is quiet and gentle, while the right part is choppy and aggressive. The scene is absolutely spectacular. In addition, the seafood here is very cheap. You can come here for a walk, take a boat trip, eat seafood, or watch the sea. The whole experience is very therapeutic.
Cloud Nine Hot Spring
1,807 Reviews
Hot Spring
Cloud Nine Hot Spring is located in a formerly primitive forest. Surrounded by green trees, the resort is full of fresh air and adopts a distinctly Southeast Asian style. The Hot Springs provide high-quality water source and an elegant, comfortable environment. In the forest pool room, you can bathe in the hot spring while enjoying the views of distant mountains. The hot spring area also features a variety of bathing pools, water parks, barbecue areas and other facilities.

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Top 10 Holiday Destinations in China for November
Natural Landscapes
Flora & Fauna
Hot Springs
Dali:The Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon Season of Cherry Blossoms There is more to Dali than its four famed landscapes, each represented by the local saying of "wind, flowers, snow and moon". As the weather turns cooler in November, cherry blossoms bloom.Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley was originally a tea plantation. By happy chance, a few cherry trees began to grow. The plantation owner found them to be a pretty sight and planted cherry trees all over the mountain.
TripBlog   Nov 21, 2019

Huizhou Weather

Aug 15, 2020
25 °
Aug 16, 2020
Aug 17, 2020
Aug 18, 2020
Moderate Rain

Trip Moments

At the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Wuhu, there are excellent chefs sitting in the array, whether it is the freshness of the ingredients or the dishes produced, it can stand the test. Phoenix Chinese Restaurant is based on Cantonese cuisine and Chaozhou cuisine. The team of chefs with decades of experience is based on two traditional cuisines. It is bold in cooking, food selection and taste refining. Innovation. At noon on the day of arrival at the hotel, we tasted a table of fine cuisine. Shunde fishing fish everyone knows, then have you eaten chicken? This Shunde wind and water for fishing chicken, not only good intentions, a variety of side dishes plus fresh and smooth chicken, taste is also very rich, refreshing appetizer. Phoenix roll onion and silver squid, the plate is very beautiful, the small silver-boiled silver carp is delicate and tender, with a unique flavor, only a little seasoning, it is very delicious. Shunde boneless squid, one fish three flavors: steamed, simmered pepper, simmered juice, the different parts of the fish are presented in different flavors, delicious and tender, and sway the taste buds of a table. Vegetable stewed shark's fin, cooked in a soup, looks very monotonous, but it is nourishing and healthy, good and smooth. Shunde Sibao fried milk is not as famous as fish, that is, it is ready to be fried and ready to eat. The fried milk is condensed without diarrhea, the milk is rich and rich, and it tastes soft and smooth, too top! Hot Dragon Fruit Thai Beef Grain, Summer Ice Town Four Vegetables is also innovative Cantonese cuisine, all very refreshing Huizhou Wuhu Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Daren cuisine restaurant advocating Japanese cuisine nature The original spirit, the cooking style is exquisite and exquisite. The top ingredients are fresh and processed finely. Whether it is sashimi, seafood or sushi, you can achieve the same value and taste, and the appetite on the mirror!
Posted: Oct 13, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Shili Yintan (Shili Silver Beach), Daya Bay, Yanzhou Island, Nankun Wanda Amusement Park, Turtle Nature Reserve.
Here are the best places to visit in Huizhou, including: NKS Hotspring Grand View Garden, Sanjiaozhou Island, Huizhou Coast Hotspring Resort, Wing Kee Farm Park, Shili Yintan (Shili Silver Beach).
Airplane, although it is necessary to turn around, it is much faster than the train of twenty hours.