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Attractions in Huludao

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Xingcheng Ancient City

4.2/51,146 Reviews
Historic Town
Xingcheng Ancient City was built at the start of the Ming dynasty. It is one of China's best preserved Ming dynasty cities. The city has a grid-plan layout and boasts a number of attractions including a bell tower, fort, and traditional Chinese arches. The wall provides an excellent view over Xingcheng, and the old town has a pedestrianized street lined with quaint shops.

Hulu Old Town Tourist Resort

4.4/5337 Reviews
Exhibition Hall
Hulu Mountain Villa connects to the land of the Jinzhou Bijiashan Scenic Area. It has many scenic spots and cultural attractions, such as China Hulu Cultural Museum and Northeast China Folk Customs Museum. Experience the simple customs of Northeast China, rock climb, admire the water duckweed, and appreciate the wonderful performance of the Song-and-Dance Duet, Red Guards and embroidered ball throwing. A full range of tourist services are available.

Baida Wanmei Hot Spring Water Park

4.7/5234 Reviews
Water Park
Baida Wanmei Hot Spring Water Park is in the Dongcheng Economic Development Zone in Lianshan District, Huludao City. It has a variety of indoor and outdoor hot springs as well as hot spring parks, children's play castles and other entertainment. It has a pool restaurant, leisure pool, the Jade Stone kangs and other facilities. The leisure resort offers food, accommodations and entertainment, great for relaxation on weekends.

Xingcheng Seaside Scenic Area

4.2/5512 Reviews
The Xingcheng Seaside Scenic Area is located on Xinghai Bay in Xingcheng District's eastern coastal area. Locals also call this place “Xinghai Park.” It is a natural beach about 1.5 kilometers long. This place is located on the northern coast of the Bohai Sea. The beach has a wide and shallow slope leading into clean, clear water. There are several bathing beaches and various water sports facilities. Every summer many tourists come here to swim, go beachcombing and enjoy the sun. There is also a wealth of seafood to eat and many great places from which to take pictures of the sunrise.

Juehua Island

3.7/5282 Reviews
Juehua Island is located in the southeast seaside of Xingcheng. Xingcheng is known as the "Celestial Mountain on the sea." Legend has it that Xingcheng was an embodiment of a fairy who got rid of the cruel and pacified the good people. There are some historical sites on Juehua Island, including Tangwang Cave, Jiuding Rock, Longgong Temple and Dabei Tower. It is an ideal place for travel and summer vacations. There are ridges and peaks on the east side of the island. Visitors can climb up to the peak to enjoy the stunning scenery that the water and the sky merge in one color. Visitors can also view the sea by boat, and purchase seafood.


4.2/5280 Reviews
Dongdaihe Tourist Area is located in Huludao City in Suizhong County, at the southwestern tip of Liaoning Province. It is not far from Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan. Its area covers Wanjia Town and the surrounding coastal villages, beaches and many historical sites. Similar to Beidaihe and Nandaihe, Dongdaihe also has a large beach with beautiful seascapes, but Dongdaihe retains more original, natural seaside scenery due to it being developed at a later time.

Lingshan Scenic Area

4.6/5186 Reviews
Located in the northwest of Huludao City, Lingshan Scenic Area is not far from the urban area and enjoys convenient transportation. The environment of the scenic area is very attractive with tall and beautiful peaks and dense trees. Lingshan Scenic Area integrates Buddhist culture, Taoist culture, Confucian culture and natural scenery. It is home to many Buddhist and Taoist statues and features traditional architecture from these cultures. People come to Lingshan Ancient Temple for blessings.

Xingcheng Shuidiaogetou Hot Spring Hotel

4.5/5139 Reviews
Hot Spring
Xingcheng Shuidiaogetou Hot Spring Hotel is on Hot Spring Street, southeast of Xingcheng and near the bathing beach. The hotel is a kind of high-temperature, alkalescent salt mineral spring with rich water reserves and colorless, scentless, transparent spring water. The hotel comprises well-designed outdoor hot spring pools of various styles named after historical allusions and spring pool functions, such as Emperor Tang Pool, Highest-Ranking Imperial Concubine Pool, Peach Blossom Pool and ancient bathing pool.

Nine-Gate Water Great Wall

3.7/5264 Reviews
Historical Site
Located in the suburb of Suizhong County and at the junction of Liaoning and Hebei Provinces, the Nine-Gate Water Great Wall was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty and later expanded in 1381. It is connected to the Great Wall in the direction of Shanhaiguan Pass in the south and extends northward to the Jiujiang River where a 100-meter (328-feet) cross-river bridge stands. It was named after the nine water drainage gates under the city bridge. Here, you can take the city bridge to visit this unique ancient military fortress and enter the Great Wall tunnel to explore the military facilities built in the cave. You can also climb the ruins of the Great Wall on the ridge to look around; the scenery of the mountains, city walls and beacon towers is majestic.

Zhangzuolin Villa

4.3/547 Reviews