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About Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir (呼伦贝尔), located in the eastern portion of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is named after two lakes in this area: Hulun (呼伦) Lake and Buir (贝尔) Lake. Situated near Heilongjiang Province to the east and bordering Mongolia and Russia to the west and north, Hulunbuir lies at the intersection of China, Russia, and Mongolia. It was designated as a National Forest City on July 9, 2012 and is one of China’s Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourist Cities. Famous sights here include the Hulunbuir Grasslands, the E'erguna (额尔古纳) Wetlands at the base of the Western Mountains, the Manzhouli (满洲里) National Gate, and the Golden Horde Mongolian Village (金帐汗蒙古部落).

Popular Attractions in Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir Grasslands
1,778 Reviews
The Hulunbuir Grasslands in the western part of Hulunbuir are famous for Hulun Lake and Buir Lake, which are both expansive with many beautiful vistas. The region's pasture grass is at its most luxuriant in July and August, making these months a great time to go deep into the grassland for horseback riding, fishing, or rafting on Hulun Lake. You can also enjoy wrestling, archery, and horse lassoing performances at the Huhnor Grassland and Bayan Hushuo Grassland. If you want to, you can even stay in a Mongolian yurt to experience local daily life.
Manzhouli Guomen Scenic Area
2,650 Reviews
CCP Historical Site
Manzhouli Guomen Scenic Area is located on the border between China and Russia. It is home to an impressive border gate and the no. 41 boundary tablet. There is also a visitor center and an exhibition hall on the Sixth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The current border gate is fifth generation and is the site's main attraction. There are also two squares with a fighter jet and locomotive. The fighter jet was purchased with donations from local people, while the locomotive was used by Chairman Mao during a visit to the Soviet Union.
Manzhouli Matryoshka Scenic Area
1,759 Reviews
Theme Park
The Manzhouli Russian Matryoshka Square is the only tourism and entertainment plaza in China to have been built on the theme of traditional Russian handicrafts such as Matryoshka dolls. This is one of Manchuria's iconic tourist attractions as it embodies the regional characteristics of the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia and the special way in which they blend together in Manzhouli. The main item in the plaza is a large Matryoshka doll about 30 meters tall. The total area of the plaza is about 3,000 square meters. This is currently the largest doll in the world.
Ergun Wetlands
1,763 Reviews
The Ergun Wetlands were formerly known as the Genhe Wetlands. Located on the outskirts of Ergun Right Banner, they are one of China's larger wetlands with a good level of ecological preservation. The terrain here is flat and open, and the tributaries of the Ergun River flow from here to form a spectacular and beautiful river wetland landscape. The wetlands contain a large alluvial plain and have formed a river delta. The wetlands also include the Genhe, Dulbu and Hawu'er Rivers, their tributaries, their floodplains on either bank, shrubby willows, alkali-salt grasslands and sinkholes.


The 10 Most Beautiful Grasslands in China
Cultural History
Outdoor Recreation
Natural Landscapes
Hulunbuir grassland Stay once in a yurt Look at the enchanting scenery, stay in a yurt# The No. 1. Hulunbuir grassland is located in Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia. Do you want to see the scenes of "Vast skies and boundless grasslands, as the wind blows the grass, with cattle and sheep feeding on it"? The green of Hulunbuir grassland waves through thousands of miles. You can ride horses through the extremely enchanting scenery of the grasslands, it pleases the spirit. Stay in a yurt, eat the meat of a home-slaughtered animal, a roasted mutton leg, or a Mongolian hotpot and you will not want to go home.
TripBlog   Nov 22, 2019

Hulunbuir Weather

Aug 4, 2020
15 °
Aug 5, 2020
Light Rain
Aug 6, 2020
Light Rain
Aug 7, 2020
Light Rain

Trip Moments

Milan Prince   
[Location] The first night of Hailar is also arranged by the chartered driver Xiao Li Ge. It is very easy to find. Going west along the airport street, one road goes to the end, passing through Genghis Khan Street and continuing along the bridge head street, passing through the turntable! [Room facilities] The service desk is on the fifth floor, divided into Block AB. Upstairs, you should take the escalator to the sixth floor. The bed room is large enough, the color is mainly white, with simple and exquisite soft clothes, elegant and airy, the package is also available, the whole room is clean, but it may be a little old, a little equipment damage. Lying in bed, very soft and comfortable, the room is at the end, there is no sound to disturb, although sleeping late, but also beautiful sleep! [Service] The hotel arrived at the hotel one o'clock in the morning, the desk lady is still busy, because the clothes are washed, the room has no hangers, the phone is called to find the service desk, and it is also the first time to be sent, very responsible! Its also very quick to check out in the morning! [Value for money] Although the big bed room is not cheap in Hailar as a whole, but the overall condition is good, so the price is good! By the way, this hotel has low-cost rooms, you can choose according to your needs! The room is open for breakfast and can be enjoyed between 7 and 9:00! The entire banquet hall is bright and spacious, and many people can cope with it! Looking at the desktop, it looks like there is still a small hot pot here! Amaranth is very rich and suitable for people from different regions and ages. A variety of hot dishes, buns, eggs, porridge soy milk fritters, and fruit and more! ! The dish looks very fresh, and the waiter is more enthusiastic and responsible, just don't know why not take pictures. Simple dining, hot spots, warm! [Parking] Downstairs is a big parking lot, the driver Xiao Li Ge also received me smoothly, opened the first day of the journey!
Posted: Sep 1, 2019
Coco Wang   
Hulunbeier is so beautiful, on the prairie of a thousand miles, the grass waves rippled wave by wave; the golden flowers are dotted on the green carpet, and they are in various poses; the sheep in the group are like the white clouds in the sky, one by one. The shepherd falls on the wilderness; the shepherd, in twos and threes, or in a leisurely stroll, or horse racing chase... [about the itinerary] DAY1 Hailar - through the prairie - the Molgler River - Err Guna - Birch Forest - Suen and (Russian family) DAY2 Enhe - Lulu Quaint Impressions Reindeer Tribe - Riverside BBQ Wilderness - Seven Cards - Wulan Mountain - Suhei Mountain Head ( Mongolian yurt) DAY3 Montenegro (horse riding, milking, holding lambs, Tibetan costumes, skiing) - Border Highway - Ribbon River - Manchuria Matryoshka Square - Su Manchuria DAY4 Manzhouli Country Gate - Windmill Road - Hulun Lake - Desert Oasis - Hailar Bathing Experience - Suhailar [about self-driving] This time to Hulunbeier, because my friends and I are not good at driving, and Inner Mongolia Widely populated, into the grasslands Many places have no signal, so I carry handle about six Hailar brother to help us by car and by taking our waves. I had several friends who came to Hulunbeier to play with the six brothers. I went back to a good comment, and I was very good with Amway, so I saved this time. I listened to my friends suggestion~ [small Tips] 1. Hulunbeier has a large temperature difference between day and night, and the wind is also very large. We went to the beginning of June, we can wear short sleeves during the day, but we need to add jackets at night. UV rays are strong, pay attention to sun protection! Pay attention to sun protection! Pay attention to sun protection! 2, Hulunbeier in the grassland where there is no cell phone signal coverage, if it is self-driving mobile phone navigation needs to pay attention to avoid the danger of getting lost; be careful not to break away with small partners! There is no direction in the grassland~ 3. Don't believe the weather forecast! Come here, the weather is all the way, sometimes it is sunny and rainy, this sunny day, that heavy rain, can't be determined, but this kind of weather is easy to see the rainbow~ 4, the rest of the toilet in nature depends on the fate, be mentally prepared 5, along the way is a beautiful scenery, to bring a pair of eyes to discover beauty, must not miss it ~
Posted: Sep 8, 2019
Milan Prince   
When we are full, we continue on the road. We are all the way, running all the way, looking around, all the way. Once again, I entered the beautiful grassland area, where the air is fresh, looking at it, the green grassland, the fertile beef and sheep, the horse drinking water and grazing by the river, the shepherd waving the whip and singing the melodious Mongolian long tune, the car There are grassland songs in the scene! We chose one of the grasslands to stop, there are groups of cattle and sheep. Lazy lying on the grass, I wanted to get close to the cows who chewed the chewing gum, but unfortunately they got up and left as soon as they got close to them! I tried it several times in a row, it was like this, so I was disappointed! I wanted to give up this. I saw a panoramic video. Xiao Li suddenly thought of it. Lets take a photo. ! So, take out the selfie stick, and in the eight-day itinerary, we have the only one of the five people in the trip! ! After , Xiao Li Ge started his performance: First of all, a certain standard sound network is red (not flat enough), after all, other "" is on the soft beach, the grass is high, and the following is still Its soil, and Xiao Lige knows that he is a flesh and blood, afraid of pain (the key is older)! The second wave was not taken right by photo. He asked himself to take a photo with his hand and grabbed it. He tried it four or five times. He finally took a picture and was satisfied, but he also had enough breath. (Use his second day adjective: backache ). The third wave, ribbon dance, Xiao Li Ge went to the car to find his own standing props, then began to dance, you don't say, posture is quite standard, male version of the pattern gymnastics! . . . We are also curious about how much baby stock is in the car of Little Li Ge, from the banner color strip in the morning to the ribbon in the afternoon, then turn it over, as well as football and microphone. . . He said that this is for guests of different ages. Preparation is very good! I have to say that Ronger has more ideas. After the other team came, she planned the shooting of multiple videos and photos. She and Shanbaos ward room suit match the lovers costumes. The biggest bright spot, in the video of jumping in the distance, like two children who just came home from school, who can see that they are all 168-high long-legged ladies! ! Everyone is having fun on the grassland, and I also have the heart of the grassland genuine "bow archery"! ! The horizon of the innocent, the vast grasslands, the cattle and sheep in the afternoon, or the slow movement between the blue sky and the green grass, or simply squatting in the grass, free and unruly, leisurely and casual, Quiet and leisurely! Occasionally, a vehicle passes by, they are a kind of free and easy, and a calm and calm! In the grassland, I can occasionally see sporadic yurts. Under the blue sky, there is a dazzling white light in the green grass!
Posted: Sep 14, 2019
Miss Cat   
These two days of news have reported that Mohe, Aershan have begun to snow, it seems that Hulunbeier's ice and snow is about to open, and the small partners are not rushing to do a good job, to a wonderful ice romance. 1Aershan smog Aershan is known as China's small Switzerland. The blue sky is reflected in the white clouds. The yellow huts are covered with thick snow and surrounded by smog. Distinct is the general in Andersen's fairy tale. 2Aershan unfrozen river Aershan covered by snow and ice, there is a non-freezing river. In the winter when dripping water into ice, all the big rivers are frozen, only this river water, steaming, smooth The flow is natural, the fog on the river rises, and the afterglow of the setting sun shines, like a colorful cloud, it is spectacular. 3 is called the worlds first bag. There are four kinds of sacrifices for the bag, the bloody sacrifice, the jade jade sacrifice, the wine festival and the stone sacrifice. The blood sacrifice is brought by the local herdsmen to live the sheep, and the blood is taken from the neck and thrown out. The jade sacrifice is smashed with jade bracelets or jade, thrown out. The way of the wine festival is to drink wine sacrifices. The stone sacrifices are made of three or six small stones, which are thrown out after making a wish in the palm of your hand. 3 Hailar Travel to Hailar, don't miss the chance to wear Mongolian clothes with Mongolian headwear and incarnate the Mongols. Colorful, styles of clothing, picking me dazzled, each one wants to try on the body, girls are no resistance to beautiful things. 4Russian style Since the root river is close to Russia, there will be many Chinese and Russian descendants. They all have the faces of Russians, but they speak fluent Chinese. In Lilia Manor, the local Chinese and Russian descendants are holding a freshly baked Leba, a small dish of salt, and a cup of Kvass. It is said that Leba salt is the last courtesy of the Russians. 5 , are pure , they stocked 68 reindeer. Here you can see the pure Ewenki folklore, eat the special elk kebabs, the glutinous rice, the indigo plum fruit sauce, the sip of a hunter's own brewed liquor, the sip of a golden lotus tea, and listen to a hostess. Listen to folk songs and reindeer to get in touch. 6Manzhouli Everyone has heard a word: there is a Suzhou under the heavens. The last sentence of this sentence is: it is not as bright as the lights in Manchuria. The lights in Manchuria make this border town full of prosperity and excitement, making the monotonous winter snowy nights wonderful. The Wedding Palace is one of the landmarks in Manzhouli. Standing in the wedding palace, you can enjoy a bird's eye view of the beautiful Manzhouli.
Posted: Sep 17, 2019