Hunchun City is located in the east of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, where the borders of China, DPRK, and Russia meet. The area is China’s only direct channel of entry into the Sea of Japan. Hunchun City has lovely natural scenery and unique cultural sites. The Fangchuan Scenic Area is a national forest park and a core component of the Amur leopard preservation area. The scenic area is home to natural lakes, forests, and rare plants and birds.
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Things To Do in Hunchun

Fangchuan Scenic Spot
356 Reviews
咖啡暖暖Ticket 70 includes eco-friendly vehicles. But in terms of cost performance, it is really average. The main attractions are the Dragon and Tiger Pavilion and the No. 1 Post in the East, as well as the Tuzi monument post. The 11th floor of Longhu Pavilion is where you can get off the elevator, but the 10th floor is where you can go out to see the scenery outside. The scenery is very beautiful on sunny days It seems that the 12th floor is closed and is the highest place. There are very detailed explanations. I suggest you listen to it patiently.
Oushi Street
38 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
滇国剑客The name is called European style, but there are also a large number of Northeast buildings under the tone of European architectural style. And it is the beautiful scenery with "earth" style in the middle ocean that attracts a large number of tourists.
Longyuan Park
54 Reviews
City Park
Ethan_uIn the big park in the center of Hunchun, we may have passed by a small road. However, goose is the kind of small road beside the main road. It suddenly opens up when you enter. With very few people, it feels really big. There are some sculptures around the lake. Yo, da da, it feels great
Tumen flumen National Park
18 Reviews
滇国剑客The scenery of Tumen National Forest Park is infinite, unique, and artificial intelligence construction projects here have taken the role of drawing dragons and clearing the sky, and in line with the primitive ecology of the forest, it has pushed up the tourism boom.
Hunchun Museum
10 Reviews
xiaomaoxian0910This is a private private museum. Although it is not too big, it has educational significance and can be visited by children. There are also some beautiful painting exhibitions in Hunchun. The wall of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is very distinctive.
Zhanggufeng Shijian Memorial Hall
14 Reviews
Memorial Hall
豪华邮轮Zhang Gufeng, also known as the Knife Mountain, is located on the Sino-Russian border in Fangchuan Village. The watershed on the top of the mountain is the Sino-Russian boundary. It is famous for the "Zhanggufeng Battle" between Japan and Russia. The "Zhanggufeng Battle" was taken by Mao Zedong. Written in his book "The interests of the Soviet people and the Chinese people are the same" article, so it is more famous. There is no special-line tourist bus, and if you go to Fangchuan Scenic Area to drop by, there are a large number of historical photos related to the Zhanggufeng incident, which warns people of national defense security at all times.

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Fangchuan Scenic Spot
Fangchuan Scenic SpotYanbian,China

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Oushi Street
Oushi StreetYanbian,China

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Longyuan Park
Longyuan ParkYanbian,China

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Tumen flumen National Park
Tumen flumen National ParkYanbian,China

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Hunchun Museum
Hunchun MuseumYanbian,China

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Zhanggufeng Shijian Memorial Hall
Zhanggufeng Shijian Memorial HallYanbian,China

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Hunchun Weather

Jan 20, 2021
-13 ~ -3
Jan 21, 2021
-6 / 3
Jan 22, 2021
-15 / 0
Jan 23, 2021
-11 / -1
Jan 24, 2021
-14 / 2
Jan 25, 2021
-11 / 2
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Hunchun
Jan 20, 2021 Hunchun Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:77%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:44/16:15
Hunchun Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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