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Things To Do in Huntsville

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Observation Deck
wxx1026The scenery is still good. Of course the maple leaf color is not as good as Agon Kun, especially just from Agon Kun provincial park contrast is obvious, but the victory in the lake view, stand high from different angles to look out is also pleasing to the eye 6, let alone this is a free attraction, and free parking.
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Famous Residences
Memorial Hall
M25***40Composed of two parts, the memorial hall and the former residence, it is two independent buildings. Tickets are two prices, the cheap ones can only visit the memorial hall, and you have to pay to visit the former residence. The majority of tourists are Chinese, which is an idea of the past years.
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M25***40All the staff were very friendly and positive and the environment was very warm. We were very pleased that Neil took us through the "can do" and "can't do" links in the Air Park. He was very thorough and patient and his sense of humor was appreciated as we learned the techniques.
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Amusement Park
coo***anKelvin Grove Park is a great little park with lush trees, suitable for hiking and jogging. Along the way, many people push strollers and enjoy life leisurely. It is worth a visit and there will be little squirrels!
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City Park
方方儿是我A good place for camping and adventure-Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville, Canada. Arrowhead Provincial Park is the second-ranked natural park in Huntsville. The park is quiet and relaxing. It is very suitable for camping adventures for the whole family, or come here to go fishing, or have a barbecue with friends. The water quality of the lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park is clear and clean, and the surrounding environment is clean and beautiful. It is the first choice for friends who like to ride. There is a romantic beach outside Arrowhead Provincial Park, where you can take your kids to play on the beach, or rent a kayak or canoe to row on the sea. If you don't want to bask in the sun on the beach, you can go up the mountain along the forest path. The scenery on the mountain is beautiful, overlooking the mountains in the distance. The mountain stream is winding and the water is rich. I can't help holding up a handful of swigs and the water is sweet and bitter. The autumn park is very charming, with dazzling red leaves and mountains, it is a good place to take pictures of the maple; in winter Arrowhead Provincial Park is very suitable for campfire parties, or ski trips, in the mountains and forests often encounter beautiful grouses out for food, stay cute The appearance and the cool feathers are very lovable, and there are also animal photographers who come here to take pictures. Nearby attractions: Toronto Lion Observation Deck, Bethune’s House (Gravenhurst Town), Beacon Observation Deck. Tips: The park is closed in December every year.
Nearby City
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Hawk Lake Log Chute has a good view, a fairyland-like scenery, just like the scenery in a fairy tale. It is very beautiful, charming, interesting and cost-effective.

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