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Inner Mongolia

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Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Inner Mongolia

Wulan Butong Tourist Area
902 Reviews
Located southwest of Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City, the Wulan Butong Tourist Area has attractions such as the ancient Jiangjun battleground, 12 Camps and the Tomb of Tong Guogang. The area has vast grasslands, a secluded birch forest and precious Mongolian spruce trees, as well as the source of the Luanhe River, the globeflower area and many historical and cultural sites.
Hexigten Stones Scenic Area
741 Reviews
Geological Sites
Located in the northeast of Jingpeng Town, the seat of Hexigten People’s Government, Chifeng City, Hexigten Stones Scenic Area, is one of the nine major areas in Hexigten Global Geopark Arshihaty granite forest. The granite forest lies in the northern mountains, which is thousands of meters above sea level and in the north of Huanggang Peak in Great Khingan. This area has been recognized as a new type of stone forest combining granite and stone forest landforms, and is currently unique in the world.
Dalai Nur Lake
456 Reviews
An inland lake in Inner Mongolia, Dalai Nur Lake is in southwest Gongger grassland and is shaped like seahorse. It is a closed brackish-water lake, and renowned as "Bird Paradise." Daydream for hours on end as the breeze sweeps the crystal-clear lake gently spreading ripples.
Duolun Lake Scenic Area
345 Reviews
The predecessor of the Duolun Lake Scenic Area was the Xishanwan Reservoir. It is one of the largest water projects on the Xilin Gol steppe. The beautiful Duolun Lake lies within the borders of Duolun county in Xilin Gol league. It is as if it is a jade tile amongst the hills and the steppe. The hills, lake, and steppe contrast pleasingly with one another. The changes of the four seasons are distinct within the Duolun Lake Scenic Area. In the summer it is warm and rainy, and in the autumn it is pleasantly cool. The natural landscape is both rich and colorful, and it is a wonderful place to enjoy leisure holidays and to spend the summer away.

Trip Moments

Milan Prince   
This is just one of the stops. We continue to move forward, marveling at the various prairie features, cattle and sheep in groups, horses drinking water, and even gliders. We asked Xiao Li Ge: Where is the sight of the cattle and sheep? Answer: The best scenery of Hulunbeier is on the road! Stop everywhere, there are scenery everywhere! Seeing a sheep on the roadside with herders, we asked: Can you stop taking pictures! Answer: This angle is not good for backlighting (the morning sun is in the right hand, the sheep farm is also in the right hand), and I will see it later! "Mongolian love is deep, why don't hesitate, Tianya Bicao talks about yang", Mr. Lao She once left this famous sentence in "Prairie", and it is said that the prototype of this poem is the grassland of Hulunbeier's Chen Balhu flag. It should also be the most exquisite grassland scenery in the entire Hulunbuir area! This is not, we went to a grassland hillside in the Windows boot interface! It is also strange to say that Hulunbeiers altitude is a few hundred meters, but as long as it is on a slope, the cloud can reach the general level with a low hand, and there is a feeling that I am in Tibet. . . . Is it late at night, I can also pick up the stars for you and take the moon to you? ! The flock is eating grass! We asked again: How can we get them together? Xiao Li Ge said: Quickly rushing over, then shouting out (actually no use, probably we are like a fool). When you get off the bus, Ronger is attracted to all kinds of wildflowers in the grass. This purple leaf is called "purple" and has medicinal value! In fact, there are many plants in the grassland that are raw materials for medicinal materials. This is one of the sources for many grassland herders to survive. Of course, there are still many people who use medicine to make a living in the Daxinganling area today! Rong Er and Shan Bao are crazy selfies with flowers and make-up props, and Qiu Qiu and I used these days to drive the wrong position! From time to time, there are other teams of different off-road vehicles whizzing past. In the grasslands and forests, a good off-road vehicle, in addition to a greater degree of comfort and safety, is also the best traveler. With one of the props, especially the empty place! So, go to the grassland, whether it is self-driving or chartered, try to be? Do not! Be sure to choose a buggy! Then the question is coming again, why is the grassland in September still so green? It turned out that in the middle and late August, the Daxinganling and the entire Hulunbeier area continued to rain for half a month, until the first few days of my arrival, the grassland also appeared in the off-season, not only the green grass did not turn yellow, even sunflowers, rapeseed They have blossomed, and I have fulfilled the title of "anti-rain god". The next few days will be sunny, until the last Aershan! In this way, we asked all the way, Xiao Li Ge answered all the way, just like a few silly children see the new world!
Posted: Sep 11, 2019