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Things To Do in Innsbruck

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_We***24Majestic snow mountains dominate your view wherever you go in Innsbruck. Of course, they sometimes get out of your sight as you swoop into the narrow, sheltered streets of this medieval city. However, once you see the famous Golden Roof, the quiet figure of the hills reappears and you're immediately born with an uncontrollable urge to climb the mountain and roam the day.
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雪3飞who. I visited Swarovski’s flagship store. The store is not very big. There are three floors inside. Each floor is bling bling attractive, especially the display windows on the ground floor, which are very gorgeous. The price is really cheap, many necklace accessories are 50% off special price, very cost-effective. The necklace I fancy in Paris duty-free shop is discounted here, and I am very happy to buy it. I picked a crystal necklace (90 Euros, it’s a pity that it’s not a discount), and I love it. After wearing it, I still don’t forget to communicate with other group an Austrian ice cream and try it, it looks like European ice cream They all have the same taste, nothing special, they are still delicious in Japan.
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何游天下The Arc de Triomphe in Austria is in Innsbruck, although it is not as famous as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. However, the Arc de Triomphe in Innsbruck, Austria has another characteristic: from north to south, through the opening of the Arc de Triomphe, you can see the majesty of the Alps, and it looks very quiet under the white snow of Kaikai. Pedestrians and tourists are at ease on the narrow road.
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何游天下The St. Anna column in Innsbruck, Austria. It is a tall marble pillar. It was built to commemorate resistance to Spanish aggression. The St. Anna’s Column is one of Innsbruck’s landmarks, near the famous golden roof. It is one of the attractions that guests who come to Innsbruck must check in.
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檀Z游In fact, I was a bit surprised to go to Innsbruck. I wanted to go to Interlaken before. I didn’t know her in advance. After I went there, I visited the Golden Roof, Swarovski, and then the old town market. There were not too many people. The neighborhood was very modern but clean, tidy, fresh and natural, kind of leisurely. The feeling of comfort is too lingering. Is indeed an unexpected gain
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何游天下The Hofkirche in Innsbruck, Austria. There are three main halls in the church. Inside the church is the tomb of King Similia. There are more than two dozen bronze statues of warriors on both sides, all of which are excellent works by famous Austrian artists. The palace chapel is open to the public every day, but there is a fee to enter. And the tickets are expensive.

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Alpenpark KarwendelInnsbruck,Austria

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Cloud 9 - Iglu Bar InnsbruckInnsbruck,Austria

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Basilika WiltenInnsbruck,Austria

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About Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol in western Austria and the country’s fifth-largest city by population. Innsbruck is known as a world-renowned winter sports destination, having hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. The city sits in a broad valley between high mountains, resulting in a picturesque setting that’s great for photography. Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture mingle effortlessly with modern designs in the city center. Truly Innsbruck is a magical destination.

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It is very convenient to take the train, more than an hour
In Innsbruck, there is a wide variety of cuisines and unique tastes. A chocolate called "Golden Roof Gold" can be tasted at the coffee shop Munding, the delicious chocolate of the cake shop Pichler, the fruit preserves of Arko Confiserie and the Tyrolean cultivation at Meranerstraße The natural honey, honey products and other traditional local specialties in the Beekeeper's Association store are highly recommended. In addition, the famous Sacher cake can also be bought at the Sacher Cafe in the Innsbruck Palace, which is beautifully packaged and easy to carry. In addition, there are shochu, champagne and whiskey, as well as a variety of high-grade sap, which can be directly from the barrel at the exclusive store of Anichstraße. There are also high-quality olive oils and a wide range of vinegars to choose from, and bottles can be used as gifts for relatives and friends. Hope to adopt!

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