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Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol in western Austria and the country’s fifth-largest city by population. Innsbruck is known as a world-renowned winter sports destination, having hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. The city sits in a broad valley between high mountains, resulting in a picturesque setting that’s great for photography. Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture mingle effortlessly with modern designs in the city center. Truly Innsbruck is a magical destination.
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Things To Do in Innsbruck

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Historical Architecture
把剑长歌The two-story canopy is 16 meters wide, and the roof alone is 3.7 meters high. The golden roof is made of 2738 gold-plated copper tiles. This is where the name of the golden roof comes from! The edges of the cornices are decorated with carved patterns of animal motifs, and the surface of the pillars is surrounded by reliefs: among them are the statues of Emperor Maximilian I and the queen. The lower part of the front is engraved with the coat of arms of Austria and Hungary, the double-headed eagle and the king's eagle, the coat of arms of Burgund and Milan, and the coat of arms of Steiermark and Tyrol on the side. The mural depicts two guards carrying the flag of the Empire and Tyrol on their shoulders. The authentic work of this work is in the Tyrolean Museum.
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City Park
雪3飞who. I visited Swarovski’s flagship store. The store is not very big. There are three floors inside. Each floor is bling bling attractive, especially the display windows on the ground floor, which are very gorgeous. The price is really cheap, many necklace accessories are 50% off special price, very cost-effective. The necklace I fancy in Paris duty-free shop is discounted here, and I am very happy to buy it. I picked a crystal necklace (90 Euros, it’s a pity that it’s not a discount), and I love it. After wearing it, I still don’t forget to communicate with other group an Austrian ice cream and try it, it looks like European ice cream They all have the same taste, nothing special, they are still delicious in Japan.
St. Anna's Column (Annasaule)
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TodyaoAna Column is the symbol of Innsbruck Mountain City. She stands on Kemaria Theresien Street in the center of Innsbruck. This quiet and serene Anna column records a dispute in history. In 1706, representatives of the privileged ranks of the Tyrol State Parliament jointly funded the construction of this Anna column to commemorate the withdrawal of Bavarian troops from Innsbruck in 1703. The pillar was built on July 26, and this day happened to be Anna's naming day, and the memorial pillar was named after it. The Anna column is a red marble column, the column head adopts the ancient Greek Corinthian style, above the column head is a statue of the Virgin Mary, she looks solemnly at the distant snow-capped mountains. On the base of Anna's Column, we can also see statues of Tyrolean patron saint and other saints.
Triumphal Arch
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Historical Architecture
邵红升的旅行日记Innsbruck is a city in southwestern Austria and the capital of Tyrol. It borders the Inn. This beautiful small city is located in the Alpine valley and means "bridge over the Inn".
Altstadt von Innsbruck
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Featured Neighborhood
把剑长歌The golden roof is free of charge. You can check it out. Just give it a five-star. Vienna is the current capital of Austria, Salzburg is the capital of the 18th century, and Innsbruck is the capital of the 15th and 16th century. "The Bridge on the Inn River" is full of medieval style ☀️ With such a beautiful wall, I want to know how to do sanitation and prevent the picture from fading and falling off-if you are in Beijing, it will be thick gray in three or two days🆒
Town Tower
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Observation Deck
Historical Architecture
tudesignThe city tower in Innsbruck, Austria is a famous architectural attraction of the city hall and a symbol of the old town of Innsbruck. The unique and exquisite ancient buildings are very attractive. You can see snow mountains in the distance. The tower has a small dome, which is said to replace What used to be a small spire has now become a famous tourist attraction. Visitors can climb the tower to enjoy the panoramic view of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains.

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St. Anna's Column (Annasaule)
St. Anna's Column (Annasaule)Innsbruck,Austria

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Triumphal Arch
Triumphal ArchInnsbruck,Austria

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Altstadt von Innsbruck
Altstadt von InnsbruckInnsbruck,Austria

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Town Tower
Town TowerInnsbruck,Austria

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Innsbruck Weather

Nov 29, 2020
Mostly Cloudy
-7 ~ 7
Nov 30, 2020
Intermittent Clouds
-7 / 6
Dec 1, 2020
Rain and Snow
-3 / 3
Dec 2, 2020
Intermittent Clouds
-5 / 2
Dec 3, 2020
Intermittent Clouds
-7 / 0
Dec 4, 2020
-3 / 5
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Innsbruck
Nov 29, 2020 Innsbruck Weather:Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:92%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:39/16:27
Innsbruck Driving:Suitable, Running:Good

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very convenient to take the train, more than an hour
In Innsbruck, there is a wide variety of cuisines and unique tastes. A chocolate called "Golden Roof Gold" can be tasted at the coffee shop Munding, the delicious chocolate of the cake shop Pichler, the fruit preserves of Arko Confiserie and the Tyrolean cultivation at Meranerstraße The natural honey, honey products and other traditional local specialties in the Beekeeper's Association store are highly recommended. In addition, the famous Sacher cake can also be bought at the Sacher Cafe in the Innsbruck Palace, which is beautifully packaged and easy to carry. In addition, there are shochu, champagne and whiskey, as well as a variety of high-grade sap, which can be directly from the barrel at the exclusive store of Anichstraße. There are also high-quality olive oils and a wide range of vinegars to choose from, and bottles can be used as gifts for relatives and friends. Hope to adopt! is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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