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When I was looking for dinner, I walked along the street to the lake although the weather was cold and drizzling at night, I couldnt stop the night view of the lakeside a quarter of an hour and fell in love with this place Later, I discovered that this is the legendary "water monster" of Loch Ness I heard that when the luck is good, you can see the dolphins jump out of the water on the lake Loch Ness has a beautiful scenery of highland and more because of "water monsters" It is famous for its rumors that it is hidden in the dark lake of Loch Ness Loch Ness Lake is 39 km wide and 2.4 km wide. The depth of the lake is not deep. It is said that the average depth is more than 200 m the deepest point is more than 300 meters. Can drown a 40-story building in the cold climate of the Scottish Highlands but can not freeze all year round city everywhere in the ancient city of Anrannis through the city / Scottish national hero Flora Mack The statue of Donner stands in front of the beautiful Inverness Castle in the city tells the story about the Scottish War of Independence
Posted: Jan 7, 2019
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