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Botanical Garden
Dunbeath Castle GardensNearby City

Dunbeath Castle Gardens

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"Botanical Garden"
"[United Kingdom | Attractions] Where else can you go for a trip to the UK besides London? Dunbeath Castle is located on a rocky peninsula 2 kilometers south of Dunbeath in northern Scotland. There is a lonely castle. The castle is surrounded by cliffs on three sides and faces the Gulf of Moray. There is a long boulevard in front of the castle. There is a garden on the north and south of the avenue, open to the public throughout the year, but the castle is a private residence and is not open to the public. Glencoe Grand Canyon is located on Highway A82 in the Western Highlands of Scotland. It is the filming location of "007 Breaking the Sky". It is rare to see such a magnificent canyon, wide and quiet, and it should be very suitable for hiking in the summer. Brecon Beacons Nation Park includes Mountains, wastelands, forests, pastures, lakes and valleys. It became the fifth "International Dark Sky Reserve" in the world in 2013. Welsh’s starry sky is very famous. In Brecon Beacons National Park, you can enjoy the Milky Way, the constellation nebula, and even the meteor shower when the weather is good. It is said that the rock band Coldplay’s "YELLOW" was created under such a starry sky. from. Cotswold-Cotswold Lin Yutang once said that the ideal life of the world is to live in the English countryside. The most famous is Arlington Row in Bibury. The photos of the row houses are also printed on the inside pages of British citizens' passports."