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Things To Do in Izumisano

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_GG***96so amazing to enjoy with family and friends, you can’t enjoy alone, The night lights show is great
57 Reviews
fly_me_to_the_moonThe activity starts on time at 9 o'clock. Come to the Songhong Road Metro Station of Line 2 early, and there is a bus that can go directly to Linkong Park. It is so convenient and considerate! As soon as you get off the bus, there are guidelines for staff wearing pink clothes. There are volunteers everywhere in the park. As long as there is a need, they will provide any help, refills!
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E26***17Food lover paradise! The Daimutsu department store foodhall at basement 2 is incredible! I cannot find a reason why not to love Osaka.
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霍斯特-维塞尔The aquarium located in the harbor area is very convenient to get to and buy tickets, below is a mall, after entering the aquarium, a little bit from the land, the overall is the descent passage, then a huge tank, divided into different areas, various fish, animals in the water, very spectacular, Very nice
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辰溪巴克On the way back, I went to the empty Ole a half day in advance and went around. I didn't buy anything, there is really nothing to buy. It's much worse than Ole under Mount Fuji. However, there is a car that can go directly to the airport seems to be 200 yen per person.
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DanaMY POTTERHEAD HEART WAS FULL WHEN I FINALLY VISITED THIS DREAMLAND! ♥️ I've been dreaming of going to USJ to finally experience my Harry Potter dream, and last March 2019, it finally happened! I finally was there. I have a lot to say! First, the Castle was magnificent. Well, not just the castle but, everything was an exact copy of all the places in the movies. Second, I got my wand from Ollivander's exactly as how Harry got his! Third, I bought ny Ravenclaw Scarf! I drank Butterbeer, and by the way, it's for ¥1000. Plus ¥500 if you want to buy the plastic cup. I ate at the Three Broomsticks. I stayed half of the day at Hogsmeade. The castle ride was an absolute fun! I did it twice! Lastly, it is a must to see the Castle Illumination at night. You should never miss it!

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Hineno DiningIzumisano,Japan

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Hinen ShrineIzumisano,Japan

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Nakami ShrineIzumisano,Japan

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Kua Aina Rinku Premium OutletIzumisano,Japan

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Doutor Coffee Shop Kansai International Airport North GateIzumisano,Japan

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About Izumisano

Izumisano City is an administrative division located in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture, Japan, and the Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island off the coast. The city attractions include the Ai Paulo Springs Sen Grand Hall, Miaoguang Temple and many more.

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