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Things To Do in Jiamusi

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滇国剑客In the Daliangzi River National Forest Park, the depth of the forest and wilderness gives people a sense of depth, just like a person wandering in the ocean of the forest, which makes people feel the infinite vastness and the boundless aura.
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E39***88its good stay. you gonna enjoy it . i am writing it because i need point on my account . but this hotel is good
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lct0811Jiamusi Ice and Snow World is a local ice and snow scene under natural conditions in winter. The location is generally close to the Songhua River where ice is taken, supplemented by ice lanterns and snow sculptures. It happens every year, usually from the beginning of December to the fifteenth day of the first lunar year. It is interesting to see it at night, and the effect of taking pictures is good. However, it is minus 30 degrees at night in winter, and the wind is not small, so cold protection is indispensable. . . During the day, you can see the vast Songhua River. If you are lucky, you can encounter fog
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City Park
滇国剑客Jiamusi Shuiyuanshan Park is among the public platform of public activities in Jiamusi City. The beautiful scenery and the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains are among the best.
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自由旅行玩家-景点推荐The Northeast Duozhuan is a special feature. Tourists who come to the Northeast will almost listen to the Duozhuan. Dongji Night is the old place in Jiamusi. It was there many years ago, and his family's Duozhuan actors are all excellent and talented. Hired many actors who have been on talent shows
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13611302253The Ussuri River is a tributary of China's Heilongjiang River, the boundary river between China and Russia. The Wusuli River has a wide surface and slow water flow. The main tributaries are Song'acha River, Muling River, Naoli River, etc. The land in the Wusuli River Basin has been nourishing the people of all ethnic groups on both sides of the strait for thousands of years. Since ancient times, Manchu, Han, Mongolian, Hezhe, Dahaner, and Oroqen people have lived here.

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Honghe Nature ReserveJiamusi,China

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Lishui Hot SpringJiamusi,China

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Yanjiang ParkJiamusi,China

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Renmin SquareJiamusi,China

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Jiamusi Qilin VillaJiamusi,China

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Dongming TempleJiamusi,China

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About Jiamusi

Jiamusi is situated on the Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang province on the banks of the Songhua River. It is one of the easternmost cities in China and the third largest city in Heilongjiang after Harbin and Qiqihar. The most famous attraction is the huge confluence of the Amur, Songhua and Ussuri Rivers. Other popular destinations include Shuiyuanshan Park, Tangyuan Daliangzi River Rafting Centre, and the village of Jiejinkou, home to the indigenous Nanai people.

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Here are the best places to visit in Jiamusi, including: Sanjiangkou,Jiamusi Ice and Snow World,Shuiyuanshan Park (North Gate)
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