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About Jiande

Jiande is located in Hangzhou, in the western part of Zhejiang Province. Lanxi City borders it to the south. Jiande's mountains and rivers are gloriously beautiful, known as the “two rivers and one lake” (Fuchun River, Xin'an River and Qiandao Lake), and is rich in many tourism resources. It is one of the first key scenic spots to have been announced by the nation. Known for its fascinating scenery of mountains, lakes and famous historical sites, Jiande has earned the reputation of being a “land of mountains and waters” ever since ancient times.

Popular Attractions in Jiande

Daci Cliffs Scenic Area
1,263 Reviews
Daci Cliffs Scenic Area is to the south of Jiande City. There is a double-faced Buddha statue here. The temple on the mountainside is part etched into the rocks and part hanging in the air, hence its name "Hanging Temple in Jiangnan (South of Yangtze)" The Hall of the Earth Buddha is a popular spot. Pilgrims often flock here to pay tribute and chant their prayers. There is a footpath downhill just near the temple gate, which is particularly beautiful in October with yellow gingko leaves.
Aviation Town Hot Spring
242 Reviews
Hot Spring
Aviation Small Town Hot Spring is located in Shouchang Town, Xin'anjiang, Hangzhou. The hot spring center features fire and ice pools, buoyancy massage pools, and fish therapy pools. After the expansion, the Aviation Small Town Hot Spring has now developed into a one-stop leisure, sports, and physiotherapy suite, including health spas, western style towns, and forest hot spring resorts. The surrounding ecological environment is also beautiful.
Xinye Ancient Village
428 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Xinye Ancient Village is located at the intersection of Hangzhou, Jinhua and Zhangzhou, in the southwest of Jiande City. The village is dominated by Yuhua Mountain, also known as Yuhua Ye, formerly known as Baixia Liye. After the founding of New China, it was renamed as the new leaf, meaning the meaning of the renewal of Vientiane. This is a little-known ancient village. After becoming the location of "Daddy Going 2" in July 2014, the tourists began to increase, and also launched the "star-like" parent-child experience for visitors to experience the stars in the show. The task of challenge. In addition, in the spring, you can watch the rapeseed field, enjoy the summer in the summer, and enjoy the beautiful environment. It is a good place to relax and relax.
Lovers Valley Scenic Area
82 Reviews
The Lovers Valley Scenic Area is located in the Xin'anjiang National Forest Park. It is dominated by a tortuous valley with original and wild features. In the Valley of Lovers, there are lovers islands, love plazas, waterfalls and other landscapes. If you want to enter the lover's island, you still need to go through a swaying suspension bridge, which is very thrilling. This is a relatively independent small basin valley ecology, but also a good place for recreation.

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Trip Moments

The climbing of the Jiangnan Big Ice Cave Scenic Area is divided into three types according to the difficulty: primary, intermediate and advanced. Compared with ordinary rock climbing, the climbing in the scenic area has been adjusted to cater to ordinary tourists. Most of the lines are S-shaped, not the traditional vertical upwards. Reduced the difficulty, but greatly increased his interest. Rock climbing here is basically something that everyone can experience without any experience, as long as you have a heart that loves sports and challenges yourself. Everyone wears good equipment and climbs from the foot of the mountain. The intermediate difficulty rock climbing takes about half an hour. Basically, they are stepping on the steel ring fixed on the wall. It looks very scary. In fact, it is very safe. They can withstand it. The weight is more than a thousand kilograms, and the maximum tension that the safety lock can withstand is 5 tons. When you climbed halfway, hang up the security lock, liberate your hands, and turn your head and look at the scenery not far away. Under the blue sky, the woods, wheat fields, and country lanes are all dyed golden by the sun. The cool wind, mixed with the natural fragrance, blows to the mountains and trees. The activities of the peers, when they first started climbing, did not dare to carry them. They feared that they would fall down the mountain. When they reached more than half of the time, they finally relaxed their minds, dared to open their hands boldly and enjoy the freedom of this moment. When we climbed to the top of the mountain, it was already slanting in the west, and the glass path on the top of the mountain reflected the beautiful landscape of the mountains and rivers, blowing the summer evening wind and watching the farmer returning late.
Posted: Mar 13, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Come to the aviation town, round yourself to a blue sky dream
on the green lawn in the core area of the aviation town, and also park a retired Eastern Airlines passenger plane. The Flora Aviation theme restaurant, which was converted from a passenger plane, has become another featured experience in the aviation town. Here is the second in China, the eighth aircraft theme restaurant in the world. The restaurant covers an area of about 500 square meters and is mainly used for western food. The aircraft restaurant is divided into indoor and outdoor areas, with more than 60 aviation-themed dining spaces. It is equipped with a function area such as a western restaurant, a theme music bar, a casual tea bar, and incorporates aviation elements such as a boarding gate, a driving cabin, and an airplane model.
Visitors can not only experience aviation culture at close quarters, but also make authentic Western-style steaks. You can choose to dine in the luxurious cabin, or dine in the open-air seating under the "big wings" of the plane. I heard that the VR products that the restaurant cooperates with a high-tech company will also bring more rich experiences to visitors. Visitors can experience the real flight and take off experience while dining. No matter where you dine, you can experience the heroic rushing into the sky without buying a ticket while you are enjoying the food.
Even if you don't dine, you can also visit the inside of the plane and take a photo in the cockpit of the plane. Seeing such a dense layer of control buttons, do you want to simulate a pilot, round yourself a blue sky dream?
Through the transformation of the original horizontal steel facilities, relying on the Jiande Qiandaohu General Airport, the aviation town will become a leisure and tourism destination with the theme of aerospace. The original factory of Henggang will be transformed into the Aviation Expo Pavilion in the future.
Posted: Feb 11, 2019