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Trip Moments

Jiangnan Ice Caves — Shizi Viewing Area
Jiangnan Big Ice Cave, the realistic version of "Croicy"
Jiangnan Big Ice Cave is a large natural ice cave scenic spot. It is located in the Jiangnan Dabingdong Scenic Spot, Shiping Village, Hangtou Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province. It uses the unique local cave resources to artificially cool the ice and snow landscape in a cave of more than 3,000 square meters.
Wear a thick cotton coat and a hard hat before you go in, because the temperature inside the hole is kept at minus ten degrees. As soon as I stepped into this dream door, a coolness came slowly. If you come 40 degrees in the midsummer, you will definitely feel the mystery of ice and fire. There is a flash of thought in my mind. What kind of world is this? There are also "ice challenges" that don't wear cotton coats into the hole. Many warriors who are rushing to the palms will come out after a few meters. For the stove in Hangzhou, this is a rare summer retreat.
The scene inside the ice cave is colorful and colorful. The ice hanging in various forms makes you wonder. Although it is artificial ice making, the process of ice blasting is not completely controlled by humans, which has an unpredictable effect. With dazzling and constantly changing lighting effects, the same scene has different landscapes, so you can take different pictures every time. The innocent snow and ice can always be reminiscent of the characters in the fairy tale. The animation IPs such as Snow White and Xiao Huangren appear here. Perhaps they should be in such a dreamy scene. The
ice hole usually only appears in the North and South Poles. We used to be able to feel it through pictures or videos. The Jiangnan Big Ice Cave will present us with the third pole of ice and snow.
Shirley Zhu
Xin'anjiang Hydropower Station
There is such a place in Zhejiang that is exceptionally different. It was originally different from other places in the south of the Yangtze River. Today, it is the place where the annual temperature can be maintained at around 17 degrees. It is the first climate-friendly city in China. The famous Nongfu Spring water source is taken here. It is 17 degrees Jiande. Xin'anjiang. Why do the same latitudes create different temperatures? Originally, Jiande Xin'anjiang came from China's first self-built Xin'anjiang Hydropower Station. The river from the bottom of the 70-meter high dam of the hydropower station circulates eastward. The river from the depths of Qiandao Lake remains at 14-years. At 17 degrees, the dam was released, first warmed to 17 degrees, and then began to infiltrate the downstream land, combing the vegetation on both sides. The 17-degree river, 17 degrees of climate, 17 degrees has become an important symbol of Jiande Xin'anjiang. When the summer hot air reacted with the cool 17-degree Jiande Xin'an River, the river surface raised a thick fog and shrouded the river. To appreciate the scenery of Xin'an River, "water to clear, wind to cool, fog to strange", the best way is to take a dragon boat ride. Taking a boat ride in the middle of the river seems to be in the fairyland of the world, the mist is lingering and refreshing. The fishing boat from time to time passes through several fishing boats, which may be caused by the temperature of 17 degrees. The people on the boat are excited to say hello to the fishing boat. The fishermen hear the greetings from the tourists and come from afar. Regards, this is a 17-degree warm greeting from Jiande Xinan. A city has become more and more fascinating because of the temperature.