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Grace Spring Hotel
Guangdong parent-child tour | super beautiful hydrophilic swimming lane + pig pig family room, child heart burst since the baby, I always want to take the baby out to play, more time parents! Recently, I found a super-friendly place for family fun, called Jiangmen Enpingshan Quanwan Hot Spring Hotel. OH No, I always thought that there were only hot springs here, but this time I came to play, I know that there are many fun facilities for children, which is very suitable for family and children! Baby super like parent-child room: [poolside hydrophilic room] net red hydrophilic swimming lane! Unexpectedly, Shanquan Bay turned out to be. There are only 40 rooms in the whole resort that can go straight out of the hydrophilic plank road. Other guests are not allowed to play, so there is no crowd at all, especially petty and quiet. and there are two water levels set here: the shallow water level plank (not more than 50cm) suitable for the baby to play and the deep water plank road (1.1m deep) suitable for the whole family to play together, really thoughtful and intimate! For the mother of Bao, this hydrophilic plank is very good, it is not the cold tap water, but the hot spring water, warm, I bring the baby to play together, I dont worry about the baby. cold. That afternoon, my baby played with water and went crazy, haha sitting on the Internet red flamingo or pizza, looking up to the blue sky, drifting along the water on the plank road, really incomparable! [Pig Pigman theme parent-child suite] In addition to the poolside hydrophilic room, the Pigman theme parent-child room is also awesome. The corridor is a colorful pig cartoon, and you will think you are in kindergarten! When you walk into the room, it is a childish heart. There are cartoon dolls of Pig Man, and there are matching slides, swings, and cute little tents! Just one, you can let your baby play for half an hour quietly. There are two connected rooms in the suite, which are suitable for sharing with 2 families and save money! [Pig Pigman Theme Park] Even if you can't live in the Pig House theme room, you can also play the Pig Man Theme Park here! My baby saw these colorful slides and they glowed with both eyes. When she just learned to walk, she opened my hand and ran to play! Its hard to get a baby, put him here, and definitely liberate my parents for an hour! [Hot Spring Children's Area] Yangquanwan's hot springs are famous, of course, the baby can't miss it! I took the baby to play the water slide first, then took her to the hot springs. My daughter is active in the hot spring pool, so happy! I opened my arms and stroked all the time. Does it herald her to be a swimmer? [Strawman Theme Children's Play Center] There are wave pools, carousels, and various fun games for training and crawling. Baby over half year old is very suitable! [Straward Farm] This is a good opportunity to kiss nature! The oversized farm can be photographed with the straw figurine, or you can pick the seasonal fruits such as the yellow skin and experience the farmhouse. It is suitable for larger babies!
The beautiful scenery of Jiangmen Gudou comes from the Dongfenghong Reservoir on the mountainside. The peaks and peaks of the reservoir are undulating, the mountains are lush and very quiet. You can clearly hear the sound of your breathing and heartbeat. About three or five friends and friends stalking slowly in the reservoir dam. On the top, blowing the breeze, looking at the whole scenery of the ancient pocket, the thoughts must follow the full rhythm of life and the wind. In the cool summer of Gudou, of course, there is a water carnival at the foot of the hot spring mountain spring water. The whole water world is surrounded by tropical plants, full of rich Southeast Asian island atmosphere, and built on the shore. A variety of colorful cabins with a variety of adult and children's rides, stayed here for a long time, and felt particularly cool. Mountain spring water has an area of 130,000 square meters. The most unique thing about the spring water world is the use of pure natural and pollution-free cool spring water. The water is fine and smooth, pure and healthy. The water temperature is kept below 25 °C all the year round. "Reputation." The most popular is the artificial beach here. The white and delicate beach makes people feel like they are by the sea. The wave machine on the beach can enjoy the excitement of playing in the coastal resort. After a long period of time, there are huge waves, the waves are carrying colorful lifebuoys and colored beaches for men and women. The whole water park is like a fairy tale world for children.