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About Jianshi

Jianshi County is located in the mountainous southwest of Hubei and is under the administration of the Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It is near the main branch of the Yangtze River, and the Yangtze tributary Qing River passes through the county. Here, old traditions live on and remain quite popular. Locals continue to “marry off the caterpillar” by constructing paper caterpillars, coloring them with plant materials from their fields, and then using them to magically drive away pests. They also celebrate the festival for the Cow Lord Bodhisattva (Maitrāyaṇīputreṇa) and “dry the dragon robe” by setting their clothing out in the sunshine on an appointed day, in imitation of the old imperial tradition of the emperor setting his dragon robe out in the sunshine on a certain day. The Tujia people enjoy a range of entirely original tea beverages and soups. “Oil tea soup” (youchatang), is a complex concoction of fried tea leaves, noodles, and soybeans boiled into a soup with other vegetables. They also make “salt tea soup” (yanchatang) and “pot tea” (guanguancha), a tea made by a complex brewing process that includes roasting and steeping Chinese dates and longan fruit. Famous sights include the Chaoyang Guanfeng (“Chaoyang Lookout”) Scenic Area, the Jingyangxia (“Jingyang Gorge”) Scenic Area, and the Shizhu Guanfeng (“Stone Pillar Lookout”) Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Jianshi

Shimen (“Stone Gate”) River
856 Reviews
Shimen River is a famous scenic area in Enshi and one of the rare places in the world to view a karst topology of high karst mountains and karst valleys. The valleys here are deep with precipitous rock walls and clear streams and waterfalls. You can take a walk on the thrilling hanging road or ride a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the bank. A pleasant climate of temperate winters and cool summers means that Shimen River is a great summer retreat near Enshi. The area’s unusual topography and remarkable sights also attract many photography enthusiasts.
Enshi Three Wild Water Gorges
406 Reviews
Enshi Three Wild Water Gorges are in Jianshi County, Enshi. It retains its original natural ecological beauty and unique folk customs. It has a rich Tujia culture and a large landscaped garden of natural and manmade features. Among them, there are many water landscapes in the Wild Three Rivers scenic area. The terrain has huge differences in heights with high waterfalls. Climbing mountains is the main activity in Huanghe Bridge and Fenglin Canyon Scenic Spot. There are cable cars and elevators for easy access. When the weather is good, the panoramic view of the Qingjiang River can be seen from the mountaintop. There are cruise ships on the Qingjiang River, and you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river. Indulge in the gently blowing winds.
Qingjiang Grand Canyon
105 Reviews
The Qingjiang Grand Canyon is located in Jingyang Town, along an especially beautiful section of the Qingjiang River. The terrain in the canyon is very rugged. The cliffs on both sides of the river are towering, with numerous peaks, different rocks and waterfalls. The walls are colorful and form many natural murals. It is called the “water gallery." The main landscapes include Jingyang Bridge (also called Rainbow Bridge), Wuhua Muai, Longwan Waterfall and Butterfly Rock.
Yellow Crane Bridge Peak Forest
94 Reviews
Yellow Crane Bridge Peak Forest is located in Jingyang Town, Jianshi County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. People who have visited Zhangjiajie will have a familiar feeling here. There is a bridge built by later generations on the bold cliff, and there is a legend of flying cranes here, hence the name. The scenic spot also has views such as the Sunrise among the Peaks, the Cliffs in the Sea of Clouds, the Stone Man in the Fog, and so on. It is a good place for touring and sightseeing.

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