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Theme Park
Qicai Yunnan Huanle WorldNearby City

Qicai Yunnan Huanle World

4.7/52534 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #3 in Kunming Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 11/8-12/30,10:00am-7:30pm (Local time)
"Colorful Yunnan Happy World We are coming again! Because I have gone to many times and summarized a set of play methods here, there is really too much to play, so I will combine the actual situation of two small children (3 years old and 5 years old) in my family and arrange for the baby of the same age group to take the guide. 🎢 After lunch, leave. On the way to the park, you can take a nap, wake up and go to the park. Firepower is all open 🎢 When you enter the park, you must take a map first. Use a pen to circle the items that your baby can play (1.3 meters or more). The map is different according to different holidays. The performance project is in the bottom line. This National Day has added performances such as "Bronze Age" and "Tang Feng Ancient Rhyme". If you want to see it, you can plan the time in advance 🎢 The park is divided into seven theme areas. Whether you walk from the left or the right, you can ensure that all the items that can be played in one plate are moved again. So the most time-saving babies who want to play tiger leaping gorge rapids are advised to play during the meal time. So the queue time is relatively short 🎢 There are various Yunnan specialties in the garden. We take the children to eat a McDonald's. No queues, many tables, short meal time. Children occasionally eat happy double 🎢 Because they are all going on holiday, so the National Day Cruise and Dianchi Fantasy Fireworks Show can not be missed. This National Day theme cruise is really super-flamed. My sister asked me: why are there so many red flags? I said: Because today is the birthday of our motherland. She went on to say: We are the flowers of the motherland, brother added: we also watched the National Day parade video in kindergarten! Dianchi fantastic fireworks show is also super-good, also not to be missed. Some tips: 🔸 Paradise raincoat price is easy to approach 3 yuan 🔸 Parking 15 yuan 🔸 Balanced car scooters can not enter the park, baby carriage can 🔸1.2 meters below the children are free. Have fun!"