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Hot Springs Resort
Xinjiayuquan Hot Spring ResortNearby City

Xinjiayuquan Hot Spring Resort

4.1/548 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
"Maitreya Hot Spring is very famous. Xinjia Yuquan Hot Spring Resort Hotel is located next to Meihuazhai Meihua Hot Spring Primary School. It is a large hot spring resort hotel with moderate hot spring water temperature. The bubble pool is divided into small bubble pool, large bubble pool, indoor and outdoor bubble pool, wooden barrel bath and so on. If you take the high-speed rail to Maitreya, go out of the high-speed rail station and walk to the right for more than 100 meters. Take the high-speed rail special line 2 or 3 bus to reach the Xinjia Hot Spring Resort. The price of the hot spring hotel here is quite affordable. Standard rooms are booked online, after the discount is 238 yuan per room (including breakfast in the hot spring and swimming). The hot springs are open from 9 a.m. to 12 midnight. The hot spring water is released every morning, and the pool is disinfected every night. In the morning, the staff added red wine potion to the hot spring water at the same time, and I felt very relieved when I saw it with my own eyes! There are a lot of people in the big bubble pool here, and you can also see beautiful women and handsome guys... The breakfast in the restaurant is reasonable. There are braised chicken noodles, noodles, small buns, flower rolls and a few vegetables. The taste is average, but it is full! For lunch and dinner, there are group meals for 3 to 5 people. The price seems to be 118 yuan, and you can also order individually. The rooms are newly renovated and the sanitary conditions are very good. If you go, you must book a room online 2 to 3 days in advance. Sometimes you can check in directly at the front desk, which is often full of rooms, especially on holidays. The transportation here is fairly convenient. To the scenic spots and the city, or the high-speed rail station, there is a bus station not far from the door. In general, this holiday hot spring hotel is quite good!"