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About Jiaozuo

Jiaozuo is located in the southern foothills of Taihang Mountain. It is rich in natural resources and has beautiful scenery. It is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Jiaozuo has a wealth of tourism resources. The superior location and the accumulation of thousands of years of history and culture have created a rich and unique landscape in Jiaozuo. Among them, Yuntai Mountain has exceptionally beautiful scenery. There are also scenic spots such as the Qingtian River, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gorge and Shennong Mountain, as well as historical and cultural attractions such as Jiayingguan Temple, Jiaozuo Film City and Hanyu Tomb.

Popular Attractions in Jiaozuo

Yuntai Mountain Geopark
20,441 Reviews
The Yuntai Mountain Scenic Geopark includes Xiaozhaigou Valley, Red Rock Gorge, the Wanshan Temple, the Qinglong Valley, and Zifang Lake. The landscape at Yuntai Mountain is strikingly unique, and its scenery changes with the seasons. Spring brings beautifully colored mountain flowers, and the summer paints the forest in deep green. Red leaves burst out like flames in the autumn, and in the winter all is coated in silvery white. Yuntai Mountain is famous for its scenery of continuous peaks and mountains and is known as having “a spring every three steps, a waterfall every five steps, and a pool every ten steps.”
Qingtian River
617 Reviews
Surrounded by green hills and beautiful scenery, the Qingtian River is clear and undulates through the landscape. The canyon through which the river flows is quiet and magnificent. Clear spring water flows from the mountains and visitors can occasionally catch a bit of dynamic vitality in this quiet environment with a glimpse of the local wild ducks or macaques. The scenic area has emerald mountains and jade green waters. The great trees and ancient temples have combine the elegance of a Jiangnan water town with the pastoral ambiance of Northern China. It is little wonder that this beautiful place is known as the "Northern Three Gorges.”
Red Rock Gorge
716 Reviews
Rock Monument
Hongshi Gorge is one of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area's iconic sites. Most visitors to Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area make Hongshi Gorge the first site they visit. Hongshi Gorge is also known as "Bonsai Canyon.” When visitors first step foot on to the valley path, they are welcomed with the beautiful sight of the crimson rocks. The landforms here are all danxia types. The rocks are all shades of red, leaving little wonder as to why it is called "Red Rock" Gorge. The entire canyon can also be considered a geological museum, as many different rocks were formed across various geological ages.
Shennong Mountain
427 Reviews
Shennong Mountain is in Taihang Mountain, Miyang City. Its name is based on that of Yan Emperor, whose name was Shennong and who tasted five cereals, hundreds of herbs and established a temple to pay tribute to the god. Shennong Mountain Scenic Area is a world geopark, a famous mountain for Confucianism and Buddhism. It is the base for the China Photographers Association. It has picturesque scenery, with various dense plants, ideal for traveling in spring and autumn.

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Trip Moments

Travel master cao   
Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot is one of the famous scenic spots in Henan. In recent years, both the supporting facilities and the scenic spots have done a good job. In the vicinity of the peak of the scenic spot, the scenic area has newly opened a suspended glass plank road and walked up. Very exciting, take a look at the pictures together. The tall tower at the entrance to the glass path, you can see the panoramic view of the glass path after you board, and then you can consider whether you want to go in. The glass plank road needs to be paid separately. After entering the ticket gate, all the way down the stairs, when you hear the sound of tourists shouting, it is time. The plank road is very long, and from the entrance you can see the other side at the far end. The glass path is located at Fenghuangling in the peak. When you reach the entrance of the peak, you can follow the road sign to the right. The entire glass path is about 68 meters long and is built on a cliff of 1080 meters high. The glass path is divided into two sections, one of which is U-shaped along the cliff wall and the other of which is suspended above the kilometer cliff. Take the boardwalk and look down. The 1080-meter "height" is at your feet. If the transparent glass road is very scared, you can stick the wall and walk the road. Standing on the glass more than 1,000 meters high, the whole person seems to stand in the air, looking down through the glass, not only can see the beauty of the mountains, but also a thrilling pleasure. Some courageous tourists take photos directly on the fence and are not afraid at all. The gap between the plank road and the valley is about 200 meters. The glass section is about 123 meters long. Although it is glass, the road is made of three layers of tempered laminated bulletproof glass. The weight of each square can be 800 kilograms. It is very safe to walk on it. Looking down the path of the plank road, you can see the unique landform of Yuntai Mountain from afar. According to the personnel of the scenic spot, the landform here is called Yundai Mountain Landform. Walk through the taste of the U-shaped plank road, you can come to the opposite side, look back, the hanging plank road is already behind you, up and down, the horizon is wide. Standing on the glass path, you can watch the peaks, Chongyang Pavilion and other attractions. At the foot, you can see many attractions in Wanshan Temple and Xiaozhaigou. You can see the scenery in Luotian in the distance. This is also a scenic spot you can't miss in Yuntaishan.
Posted: Jul 21, 2019
Boai Qingtianhe Zhiqing Village There is a place called Zhiqing Village in Qingtianhe Scenic Spot, Boai County, Jiaozuo City. In the 1970s, they were assigned to the Qingling River Changling Forest Area, and they turned around 50 years later. The barren hills of that year were already flourishing, but no matter how long it took, the younger generation still remembered the younger generation.
Posted: Jun 4, 2019
Traveling for a long time, occasionally running away from the scenic area, to feel the taste of the city. likes the taste of Jiaozuo, on the one hand because of the precipitation of history, on the other hand, it is also the breath of culture. Jiaozuo City is located in the northwestern part of Henan Province. It is known as Shanyang. It is one of the central areas of the early activities of the Chinese people. It is now the Ligang Culture, Yangshao Culture and Longshan Cultural Site. It is the hometown of historical and cultural celebrities such as Sima Yi, Han Yu, and Li Shangyin. It is also the birthplace of Chinese Tai Chi. Jiaozuo is the first city in China to receive the United Nations World Outstanding Tourism Service Brand awards. It has Yuntai Mountain, Shennong Mountain, Qingtian River, Lianhe Tomb, Yuanrong Wuji Temple, Chenjiagou, Jiayingguan and many other attractions.
Posted: Dec 4, 2018