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About Jiashan

Jiashan is located in the northeastern part of Zhejiang Province, the intersection of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Jiashan has a flat terrain and is a typical Jiangnan water town. The ancient town of Xitang is a famous attraction here. The architecture of Xitang retains the classical style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a very elegant town that enjoys the natural scenic backdrop of water. Jiashan also has tourist attractions such as Wuzhen Memorial Hall and Gefeisong Chocolate Town, which are full of cultural spirit and atmosphere.

Popular Attractions in Jiashan

Yunlan Bay Shuanglian Hot Spring Resort
1,006 Reviews
Hot Spring
Yunlan Bay Shuanglian Hot Spring Resort’s outdoor spring pool area is exquisitely landscaped. The serene ambiance features a fusion of oriental garden landscapes and Western spiritual spa therapy treatments to soothe and indulge the senses, whether indoors or outdoors. Because the physiotherapy needs of visitors are different, there are sixty pools in nine main outdoor hot spring areas to choose from. The Liuhe Physiotherapy Area is especially suitable for older visitors. Younger visitors like the Qiongjiang Spa for facial and skin treatments. There is also a water paradise designed with children in mind, suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.
Aficion Chocolate Town
1,222 Reviews
Factory Tour
Wandering in Aficion Chocolate Town, rows of European-style buildings offer a romantic and exotic atmosphere that gives visitors the impression that they in another country. You will witness the magic of chocolate being produced, listen to some wonderful stories about chocolate, and feel the charm of cocoa beans. Families can bring kids to the DIY production area and enjoy the fun together. You can embrace the charm of chocolate culture and savor the sweetness of chocolate with every step.
Jiashan Yuely
51 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Jiashan Avenue, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City
Xitang Scenic Area
10,123 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Xitang is a famous old town in Zhejiang Province where you can come to embrace the slow paced life. You can drink tea at a local teahouse, listen to Chinese opera and sit on a rowboat to explore the ancient town of Jiangnan. Xitang is also a filming location for movies and television dramas. Fans of the movie “Mission Impossible 3” will vividly remember Tom Cruise running through these corridors. The Xitang night scenery is also something not to be missed. In the evening, ride the boat to immerse yourself in the night atmosphere of Xitang, or take a walk along the corridors filled with red lanterns. There is also a bar street at Xitang East Street.

Jiashan Weather

Apr 2, 2020
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Apr 5, 2020

Trip Moments

Sleeping in the pillow, looking for a dream in the south of the Yangtze River

Xitang has been yearning for the dream house, I finally came.
Keywords: Courtyard|Gourmet|Ink and ink|Yayun

is located in the south of the Xitang scenic spot. The building is connected with the style of Xitang. The white wall and the top of the bamboo forest match each other. The scenery of Xitang is integrated into the room with Chinese style grounding. The most beautiful is a layer of [Atrium] Jiangnan gardens in the courtyard of the courtyard. Here, there is the calmness of the south of the Yangtze River and the simplicity of the Japanese landscape.

check in the [Lobby], there are ink treasures, Taishi chairs, if not the existence of mobile computers, Xia Xia thought that they crossed the ancient homesick home.

[Room] is surrounded by powder wall tiles, and the Chinese pane from the guest room to the breakfast restaurant reflects the oriental aesthetic. The interior furniture of the room is made of solid wood. The morning of the waking wake up, leisurely and leisurely going out and turning, you can get into the old shop of Xitang to eat the hot chaos, this is the life of the ancient town.

Hotel dining: [Ruyi]
is a fine Hangbang dish, Jiangnan sweet and seasonal dishes are appetizing, you can book a box one day in advance to determine the taste preference, the number of people and dishes.

Recommended dishes: glutinous rice noodles, clear water sirloin, sauted chicken, Cantonese-style squid
recent entrance: Tangjia Nong (hotel left turn 150m)
restaurant price range :100~150RMB
Bouquet type price range: 573~826rmb room night
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
The chocolate town park is filled with chocolate and fragrant air. The building adopts European style, warm and mellow red and yellow tone, Qianlong Pavilion, pavilion and Roman column.

creates a cultural imprint of the birthplace of chocolate and a European sentiment, such as time and space to walk around the "European-style chocolate town".

Just stepping into the sweet town of Jiashan Chocolate and catching up with a train that is about to start, its so lucky. After taking the little train, we went to the Gouffy Chocolate City Hall. There is a children's playground here, and the children are playing high here.

Into the chocolate town of Gefei, the Chocolate City Hall, and the Chocolate Factory. The air is filled with the scent of chocolate, which makes me love. Super funny cartoon characters are here, I believe that big friends and children must love it.

Chocolate technician is making handmade chocolate with matcha taste. The step by step process is complicated. Finally, I made a top grade. I tasted it very much. It was so delicious, and it was very fast. And there are a variety of flavors to choose from, the price is also very affordable, it is a sense of a box.

Where, the staff explained to us, selected the abrasive tools, washed the hands first, brought the bibs and hats, and started my DIY journey. Here DIY has two large classrooms. According to the steps, first pour the juice and choose the bumps of each cartoon pattern. Then pour into the mold and try to saturate as much as possible because the baking will compress. Then hand it over to the staff, wait an hour to see your finished product, are you looking forward to it?
Posted: Dec 22, 2018