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Shandan Big Buddha TempleNearby City

Shandan Big Buddha Temple

4.2/546 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Shandan Can't Miss Attractions
"Shandan Big Buddha Temple is called Tufo Temple in history. It is located about 5 kilometers west of Shandan County and backed by high mountains. It is an ancient temple built during the Northern Wei Dynasty. The temple is famous for the largest indoor clay sculpture sitting Buddha statue in the country. In history, the status of temples is extremely high. Ming Yingzong Zhu Qizhen once personally inscribed the temple names for the temples. Most of the temples today were renovated in the 1990s. They are large in scale and can come to worship Buddha and pray. There are several main buildings in the temple, such as the mountain gate, the Tianwang Hall, the Daxiong Hall, the Five Hundred Arhat Hall, and the Ksitigarbha Hall. In addition, there are also squares and buildings in the courtyard such as the Prince Mu of Kowloon, the Buddhist Culture Corridor, the seven-hole archway, and Buddha's footprint , You can visit them one by one. The more important landscapes mainly include the Daxiong Hall and the Five Hundred Arhat Hall. The Daxiong Hall is a loft-like high-rise all-wood building. The whole body is red and it is very beautiful. You can take pictures and visit it outside. Inside the building is enshrined the most famous Buddha in the whole temple, the seated statue of Sakyamuni. It is 35 meters high. The hands, feet, chest and face of the sitting Buddha are covered with pure gold, and the golden light is very spectacular in terms of scale and tolerance. It has the title of "The Number One Buddha in the World". After reaching the top of the building, you can also see the scenery of the reservoir in the distance, and the view is very wide. The Hall of Five Hundred Arhats is divided into two halls on the left and right, each enshrining 250 Arhats, representing the five hundred disciples of Sakyamuni. The Luohan here is a colorful clay statue with bright colors, so you can come to visit and worship. Opening hours 8:30-17:30 Ticket information rack price: 40.0RMB Tickets 40 yuan; minors, seniors, and students with valid certificates are 20 yuan, children are free."