Jing County
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Things To Do in Jing County

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打了还打The landscape of south Fujian, ancient and modern by countless literati sauer song, depict, leave a lot of poetry and poetry and classic articles, can say not excessive! Please see this season of peach blossom pool, is not the world fairyland? You will be like a dream, floating, lingering and forgetting...
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E01***10The pit is a mess, narrow, no one can manage, and a little two cars can't get through. It takes three or four hours for a block, every time. Very pit
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M32***16Come here is clear face to come the air overwhelmed, no pollution town looking for a quaint wooden house homestay, with three two friends drifting water barbecue. Really is very happy! Thank you for giving us such a good living experience. The monitoring facilities in the yard are complete. If you want to eat fish, you can catch it yourself in the fish pond in the yard. There is a special parking lot, the simple character of the rural people, the first drifting in Jiangnan is a really good place.
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铁木儿爸爸It is basically a scenic spot developed artificially in accordance with the situation. Many gimmicks are added everywhere along the way to cater to the preferences of the visitors. I personally feel that the operators have taken a lot of thought. There are waterfalls, water curtain caves, and peony garden. There are high-altitude trails and swings on the top of the mountain. It's fun to ride down the slide from the mountain.
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M24***14As a local tourist, I have been to Greenwood Valley many times, and I am more emotional about it. Seeing some comments, I really want to say something, otherwise it will really mislead other people who want to travel here. The Green Forest was originally a deserted village with nothing. The villagers used to walk the dirt road wearing rubber shoes before going out. By chance, the two bosses came here to investigate and decided to build it into a comprehensive scenic spot. So from the beginning of land acquisition to paving to construction, everything was worked hard bit by bit. It's all hard work! It's really not too much to collect tickets! Besides, tickets are also a guarantee for the personal safety of tourists. Moon Bay does not accept tickets, but do you know that it is not responsible for drowning people or accidents, so that you can play at ease? ! This place is really good, I hope it will continue to be better, come on at the Green Forest Valley Scenic Area~
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打了还打Taohuatan scenic spot in Jing County, Anhui is located in the Huangshan Mountains, Taiping Lake. Here the natural scenery and its beautiful, and Li Bai's famous "Gift to Cailun" "Taohuatan water depth of a thousand feet..." the add-on, is indeed a good place to go you can not forget!

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Anhuihui Wangmeiling Lanmei Ecological ParkXuancheng,China

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Wannan Incident Martyrs CemeteryXuancheng,China

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Wu Style Grand Ancestral HallXuancheng,China

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Yimen GateXuancheng,China

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Caoxi Hepan ResortXuancheng,China

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Peach Blossom ResortXuancheng,China

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About Jing County

Jing county is situated in the southeast of Anhui Province to the west of Xuancheng. In ancient times the area was known as Youzhou. The county is famous for its wooden combs, goby fish, rice paper and tea. Popular attractions include the former offices of the New Fourth Army, the beautiful riverside village of Taohuatan, bamboo rafting, the ancient villages of Zhaji and Huangtian, and Maolin Town Scenic Resort.

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Here are the best places to visit in Jing County, including: Taohuatan (“Peach Blossom Pool”),Shuimo Tingxi Scenic Spot,The Greatest Drifting in South Yangtze River
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