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Trip Moments

Jing County,instagramworthydestinations
Beitou Public Library, Taipei
Taiwans books are not only famous for Eslite, but also the Beitou Library. The Taipei Librarys Beitou branch under the Yangming Mountain was selected by the US website Flavorwire.com as one of the 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World. .

This library like the wooden ship in the green wood is the first "green building" library in Taiwan. It is built on the ground floor and on the ground floor. It is built in a natural and environmentally friendly way. It is said that in order to reduce the temperature in the museum during the summer and save the use of electricity, the hall uses high and low window design to generate convection, cool down and facilitate air circulation. The main energy source of the library comes from solar energy, and the turf on the roof is also specially designed to store rainwater for watering the green plants and toilets in the museum.

The most attractive is the atmosphere in the pavilion, quiet and focused. The use of large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows makes full use of natural light. The lights in the pavilion are bright and warm, and the wooden bookshelves are not high. There is also no feeling of crowding and squatting. Looking out the window, it is also a lush greenery that gives birth to the feeling of reading in the forest. The combination of woody and booky is a paradise for book lovers. If it is not time-critical, I think I am willing to stay here for a whole day.

Tips: MRT to [New Beitou Station], a few minutes walk. The library is open free of charge, open from Tuesday to Saturday 8
Jing County,instagramworthydestinations
Taipei's best folk creation market: New Beitou Good Market!

is also a market, can be like a market, can also have a taste of the atmosphere, a good market belongs to the latter, the people present will feel the intention of the organizers. For example, the location is located next to the Japanese-style New Beitou Station, adding a sense of history to the market!

"Good Market", sponsored by Ari in 2013 from Yilan, has been stalling for five years, he hopes to provide hand-made stalls, a good market environment.

For the first time, I was exposed to such a "pure hand" market. It is said that all the stalls must be made by the seller's original products, and the wholesale products will not be accepted. This idea is great because it encourages the originality of artisans to support some niche brands, and for consumers there is an artistic enjoyment that comes from life, so that we can see the diversity of culture. This is the most worthwhile place for Taipei Wenchuang to learn!

The most striking thing is a dessert stall called "Island"!

The boss has his own studio, and each cake is like a piece of art. It is really pleasing! The plate is also particularly particular, of course, the taste is not said, all the stalls are long queues in their home, 20 minutes before and after, all the desserts brought out are sold out, great!

bought a strawberry cake, the last piece of the day was taken away by me!

When the box is opened, it is such a paragraph: "Use this island to give life-rich ingredients, desserts made according to the seasonal climate life!" Food can also be such a literary art!
Jing County,instagramworthydestinations
Taipei's back garden, Beitou. You can reach the Beitou District by taking the MRT from downtown Taipei. The entire Beitou, built on the mountain, spring water, listen to birds, smell the flowers, in this paradise. As the hot spring town of Taipei City, Beitou has faded away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is like a clean stream that always brings peace to the bustling city.
Along the road, walked up, the breeze passed, and the heart was refreshing. The various styles of architecture are located on both sides of the street, leaving a strong flavor of the Japanese era.
The Beitou Hot Spring Museum here was built in 1913 in the Japanese era, and it was built in the form of a Japanese-style hot spring. It has a history of more than 100 years. There are many exhibits in the museum, which witness the development and changes of the cultural history of Beitou Hot Spring.
The whole building adopts Japanese-style wooden structure, the winding path is quiet, the flowers and trees are sparse, the style is novel and chic, and antique. The
Buteng Library was chosen as one of the 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world. The entire library reflects the concept of green environmental protection and energy conservation. The roof is equipped with solar panels and a special drainage system. The drainage system can recover the water of nature and be used to water the plants. However, due to the renovation of the exterior of the library, it is impossible to capture the panoramic view of the most beautiful library. The interior of the library is also an area where shooting is prohibited.
Listen to friends about the outdoor fountain area of the Beitou Library, and there is a beautiful story. In May, God sang Ashin, who also confessed to the girl who loved it, but ended up failing. It is also the location for many idol dramas.
Jing County,instagramworthydestinations
Beitou Hot Spring Museum
When I came to Taiwan's Beitou, I realized that the original hot springs also had their own museum. The building of the Beitou Hot Springs Museum itself is a former public hot spring bath. It was built in 1913. It was the largest public bath in East Asia at that time. It attracted the Japanese Crown Prince and Sun Yat-sen. The museum's architecture uses a Japanese-style wooden structure, but the exterior looks more like an English country house. The calm red brick wall is matched with the black tile and the green shade. It is a good place to relax.

The museum covers an area of about 700 pings. It is backed by the green hills. The winding path is quiet, the flowers and trees are sparse, and the style is novel and unique. In 1997, under the active enthusiasm of enthusiastic people, it was designated as a third-class cultural relics in Taiwan and was converted into the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. Today, it is not only a precious memory of history, but also a deeper reflection of the feelings of residents of Beitou on this land. The entrance to the

hot spring museum is located on the second floor. It is necessary to change shoes and put on the slippers provided by the museum before entering the museum. The central "Tatami Activity Hall" on the second floor is the place where people who have come here after bathing have a meal, rest and cool. The room layout, the Japanese-style floor, and the hot spring smell in the air, the old days, as if they are just before the eyes.

The view of the Beitou Valley and Beitou Park on the second floor corridor is quite attractive. Imagine that people in the past have a good time to enjoy the beauty after a hot spring bath. It is indeed a great enjoyment!

Next down the wooden ladder to the first floor, the most striking is the central hot spring bath. It used to be the largest hot spring bath in East Asia. Today, it still looks a bit grand and magnificent; It is a vaulted wall, full of Roman public baths, gorgeous and spectacular. The

central large bath is limited to male guests, and the small soup pool in the room is specially for female guests. There is also a VIP room. In the exhibition room on the first floor, we introduce the geological structure of the hot springs, the reasons for the formation, the distribution of the world's hot springs, etc., and introduce the famous hot spring scenic spots in Taiwan and the world, so that visitors can experience the ubiquitous charm of the hot springs.