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Things To Do in Jingtai

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Geological Sites
TaleTellThe Yellow River Stone Forest, surrounded by the Yellow River, the mountains are basically dirt roads, very suitable for people who like to walk. The valley has villages, the scenery is spectacular. It is not completely built so it is still very primitive, changed several private bosses, did not do it, now returned to the government, so it did not develop into a very commercial attraction. Yinmagou is with the Yellow River stone forest together, in fact, here is the foot of the stone forest, in the drinking horse gully do donkey cart or ride into the mountain. The tourist facilities here are not developed completely, basically are the villagers themselves in management, so the horse is not you randomly pick, have to row to the village of the horse, so to ensure the harmony of the whole village, not run each other business. The pattern, though regrettable, is nonetheless acceptable. The owner of the horse will tell you all the stones on the way, actually very boring, but let them say, follow the horse is not easy, they will tell you clearly to explain to you want some consumption, in fact, basically not greedy, that is to say, ten dollars, Relatively speaking, the villagers are still simple, at first a little reject this pattern, but the whole process, I feel really good, also not easy, the villagers here or the economic situation is not too good. At that time I gave 20. Need to pay attention to, here is so developed tourism is not a popular attraction, so if you want to go down the mountain after coming out, pay attention to the sign, play the sign on the mobile phone to let the shuttle bus to pick up, their own car is not in. Although it may be a bit troublesome, but it is because of this, just keep the original ecology here~ walking in the canyon feeling too good. To be honest, if time is adequate, this is really a good place to walk, but to calculate the time, the mountains and the dark and ordinary dark can be different. In the evening, you can live in the farmer's family in Shilin District, and you can also eat the Yellow River fish and sit on a sheepskin. In short, the Yellow River Stone Forest Geopark is a scenic spot. Although it is cold, the individual really still likes it. The people who know it understand it.~
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Historical Site
Ancient Settlement
白板_Between the heavens and the earth, the ancient city is a kind of existence. Without some kind of taste of life, but more like a history book. Yongtai ancient city, a forgotten memory of the city, perhaps only your arrival will not live up to its existence until now waiting!
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VicersThe scenic area of the park is a majestic mountain, with vivid winding and green waves. The Qinghai spruce, Qilian juniper natural forest and the artificial mixed forests of Chinese pine, larch, green poplar, and the natural shrubs composed of Qilian rhododendron, caragana, winter plum, alpine willow, etc., are colorful and vibrant.
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Outdoor skiing
紫陌姑娘The Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Area has a total length of 2.3 kilometers from the gate of the Peak Scenic Area to Longwan Village in Shanxia, but there are 22 sharp bends of nearly 90°. The vertical drop is about 150 meters. It is this short road of more than 2 kilometers that has to turn 22 heads, from which the 22 bends are named.
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Memorial Hall
当地向导逍遥遊The Battle of Yitiaoshan Memorial Hall is located at the entrance of the People’s Park in Yitiaoshan Town, Jingtai County. Although it is not large in scale, the exhibits are relatively rich. It introduces the history of the Battle of Yitiao Mountain in the West Route Army in more detail. There is also Marshal Xu Xiangqian next to the memorial hall. The memorial to the Martyrs of the West Road Army is a classic red tourist attraction in this small western county.
Nearby City
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National Park
E25***89This was incredibly busy. We did enjoy the zipline, and driving the car through the picturesque dessert. I wouldn’t recommend going during a national holiday.

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Gansu Shoulushan National Forest ParkBaiyin,China

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People's ParkBaiyin,China

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Jingtai Yellow River Stone ParkBaiyin,China

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Yongtai Ancient CityBaiyin,China

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Yitiaoshan Zhanyi Memorial HallBaiyin,China

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Huangheshilin Ski FieldBaiyin,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Jingtai, including: Jingtai Yellow River Stone Park,Yongtai Ancient City,Gansu Shoulushan National Forest Park
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