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Things To Do in Jingxi

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gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of the Grand Canyon is too beautiful and beautiful, there is a kind of winding path to the feeling of quiet, the original ecological natural scenery, pure nature, people are relaxed, lingering and forgetting, is also a summer resort, interesting, great.
889 Reviews
芳芳330How beautiful Equan is, I only found out when I went there. I originally thought Equan was the source of Detian Waterfall, the three famous springs in the southwest. But I did not expect that the mountains here are so beautiful and the water is so clear. The whole scenic spot is huge, and there are beautiful scenery everywhere I go, so I can't help but stop and pick up my phone to take a few more pictures. In particular, you must climb the observation deck on the mountain. Wait until the first one. It is not very high. It can be reached in a few minutes. Looking at the Equan from the observation deck is really beautiful. The second viewing platform can be completely ignored. The scenery you see is the same as the first one, but the view is blocked by the sign.
379 Reviews
wuli小木同学Very worthwhile attractions, classic rafting has boatman rowing, more than an hour beautiful to see all the mountains and waters, through two cliff caves, finally came to Gulongshan Grand Falls, very high and spectacular, there is a sense of surprise, much better than Detian Falls.
78 Reviews
热爱生活0618Jingxi to the Quyang Lake seems to be a few dozen kilometers, um, the boat tour is really very good, the lake is very clear sunshine, very beautiful at six, really beautiful, here to relax quietly, feel the wind on both sides really is a very fresh feeling
96 Reviews
我的黑郁金香The most worth seeing of the Tongling Grand Canyon is the waterfall. It passes through lava caves and underground rivers and arrives in front of the famous waterfall. Because of the abundant water, the water mist can not be approached, and the water curtain cave is not open. Can take pictures in the distance.
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E33***15The scenery is awesome and magnificent. Totally worth the 4 hours one-way ride from the city.

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About Jingxi

Jingxi City is located on the border with Vietnam and is under the administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Jingxi has been called “Little Kunming” for its pleasant climate. Jingxi is primarily a karst landscape; famous for its natural scenery, it has been called “Little Guilin” and is an ideal vacation destination. The Tongling Grand Canyon is a scenic area that combines tropical rainforest, rivers, waterfalls, and karst gorges and caverns. It is one of Jingxi’s famous attractions.

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Here are the best places to visit in Jingxi, including: Tongling Grand Canyon,Goose Spring,Gulongshan Canyons
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