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About Jingxi

Jingxi City is located on the border with Vietnam and is under the administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Jingxi has been called “Little Kunming” for its pleasant climate. Jingxi is primarily a karst landscape; famous for its natural scenery, it has been called “Little Guilin” and is an ideal vacation destination. The Tongling Grand Canyon is a scenic area that combines tropical rainforest, rivers, waterfalls, and karst gorges and caverns. It is one of Jingxi’s famous attractions.

Popular Attractions in Jingxi

Tongling Grand Canyon
1,699 Reviews
Tongling Grand Canyon is home to a number of natural attractions, including a rainforest, waterfalls, and a spectacular canyon. Visitors can walk through the lush forest and enjoy views over the canyon and its enormous waterfall. The area is one of Guangxi's most beautiful spots. It contains stunning lava deposits and ancient specimens of flying spider-monkey tree fern, which date back to the Jurassic period.
Goose Spring
629 Reviews
Goose Spring is located in Jingxi City and has been one of the eight scenic spots in Jingxi since ancient times. Upon entering the gate of the scenic spot, along the riverside, visitors can see a towering mountain on one side and a rolling farmland on the other. A fifteen-hole arch bridge built in the Qing era can be seen moving ahead. From time to time, bamboo rafts pass beneath the bridge, which is one of the scenic spots of Goose Spring. The village connected to the bridge is called Nian'antun, where the original pastoral atmosphere is rich. The Yangyu Temple also stands next to Goose Spring. Three huge stone tablets, including the Goose Spring Pavilion Monument from the Qing Dynasty, stand in front of the temple. The tablets record the origin of the Goose Spring and poems about it.
Gulongshan Canyons
265 Reviews
Known as Gulongshan Grand Canyons, Gulongshan Canyons is located in Jingxi County, Baise City, Guangxi Province. It is quite near Tongling Canyons. Some tourists may choose to visit these two scenic spots during their trips. The Gulongshan Canyons are known for rafting. The landscape along the canyon is unique, with dense virgin forests, splendid canyon landscapes and a number of large caves with exotic landforms. It is a must-see tourist attraction.
Guangxi Tongling Cataract
88 Reviews
Located at Jingxi county at Guangxi's Baise city, the Tongling Cataract tumbles down from a height of nearly 188 meters. Visitors will be able to stroll amidst the glorious landscape here and experience the refreshing coolness of this forest "oxygen bar". This place has the best that Guangxi has to offer in terms of natural wonder, and here one will also get to admire the wondrous waterfalls tucked away in caves, karst limestones, and impressive fern trees from the Jurassic Age.

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Trip Moments

In Guangxi, there are many places like the scenery of Guilin, but it is developed late and has a relatively low popularity. The Goose Spring Scenic Area in Baise Jingxi is a sister version of Guilin.
Yangquan Scenic Area is located in Nian'an West of E'anquan Village, Xinjing Town, Jingxi City. It is the source of the famous Detian Transnational Waterfall. This waterfall spans China and Vietnam and was once a TV series. "and the location of "wine is hometown alcohol".
The mouth of the Goose Spring is a large underground underground river exit of the karst cave. The main stream of this dark river is 21 kilometers long, and the spring water flows eastward into the Goose Spring River. The springs in this area are very clear, reflecting the surrounding mountains and cottages. Some of the areas are green and crystal-clear and look like Jiuzhaigou.
Along the field, I saw rapeseed and all kinds of wild cauliflower and weed flowers all the way. The butterfly swirled in the flowers from time to time.
The scenic area has a walking trail. Through the plank road, you can reach the village or the depth of the scenic spot. The river is clear and clear, and the fishing farmer keeps the bamboo raft down the river. It is a freehand pastoral painting.
The winding path is quiet, Qianfeng Qixiu, reflected in the blue wave, forming a reflection, the most beautiful when the weather is fine, the foggy days are like a paradise, a paradise on earth.
Due to the low popularity, there are very few tourists visiting the Goose Spring, which retains the relatively original pastoral scenery. Silent in the wild, I feel particularly freehand.
Because of the mountains and rivers, the photos are especially good for composition. Whether it is portrait or wind, you can shoot beautifully.
Posted: Mar 29, 2019
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a province with many ethnic groups and diverse geology in China. In addition to the famous Guilin landscape and Detian transnational waterfall, there are many charming landscapes. For example, the Pagoda Grand Canyon in Baise Jingxi. The
Psychic Grand Canyon scenic area consists of underground canyons, outdoor streams and large waterfalls. As soon as you enter the scenic spot, you will feel refreshed and happy. The density of vegetation in the scenic spot is very high. The
Psychic Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful scars in Guangxi. It is connected by the Tongling Gorge, the Eighth Gorge and the underground dark river and tunnel. It was originally a blind valley. The so-called blind valley is the river on the ground that flows into the limestone area into the water hole. This hole is only imported, there is no exit, it is equivalent to a dead end, and the water flows slowly through the ground to the ground.
After the geological movement, the top of the blind valley fell into a deep canyon, but in different sections, the rivers are not all flowing on the surface.
Exploring the Psychic Grand Canyon, the experience is to enter the cave once, walk outside for a while, then enter another cave after a while, the unknown place is full of curiosity, the process of the tour is like exploring. The
Psychic Falls has a drop of 188 meters. It is the highest single-level waterfall in Asia. Its presence adds a sense of agility to the scenic area, and it blends with the surrounding strange stones, strange caves and primitive plants to form a unique natural wonder.
Posted: Apr 13, 2019
The Gulongshan Grand Canyon is a large-scale canyon community. It is also considered to be one of the representatives of the world's original ecological canyons. The entire Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring, beautiful and dangerous. Throughout the Gulong Grand Canyon, I saw a stream of clear water, stretching away; deep waters, deep and quiet; sandstone shoals, trickles like smoke; cliffs and cliffs, standing on both sides; exotic flowers and plants, everywhere; It plunges down and floats on a rubber boat. There are more cave stalactites to see, mysterious. Such a unique combination of landscapes makes the Gulong Grand Canyon known as the one water through the Three Gorges and three mountains and three holes.
The length of the entire canyon is about 6.8 kilometers. There are three caves on the way. The rubber boat is the best way to visit the Gulongshan Grand Canyon and enjoy the scenery on both sides. The dinghy is a boat for 2 people. The whole drifting process is about 1 hour in summer and about 2 hours in winter. The air is very fresh along the way, and because there are no other means of transportation available, so the scenery has not been polluted for so many years, it is very quiet now, the rubber boat will travel with the water or slow or urgency, on both sides The scenery is full of green sea jungle, full of negative ions filling the entire canyon, a picture of the original ecological picture.
Exploring the Grand Canyon of the Gulong Mountain The first gorge is called Gulau Gorge. The pool is deep and green, and there are many vegetations on both sides. It grows densely and densely, just like the Yulin Sea. The canyon landscape here is unmatched by other scenic spots.
Posted: Dec 29, 2018
If you want to taste the most authentic pastoral scenery, then you must go to the villages far away from the city. There are many beautiful and close to nature villages in Baise, Guangxi. The villages that have to be mentioned are naturally located in Jingxi, Guangxi. The citys Goose Spring Village, although remote, still cant stop it from becoming one of the famous eight scenic spots in Jingxi. The centuries-old history has made the Goose Spring Village unique and full of charm. This time, you can play Baise in depth. Of course, you can go here and feel the charm of Goose Spring.
When walking into the village of Goose Spring, the mountains are reflected in the eye. Looking at the mountains, these mountains are majestic, almost spanning several kilometers, surrounded by the village of Goose Spring. . These hills are full of lush foliage, one by one lush, adding green to the village of Goose Spring.
The more you go to the center of Goose Spring Village, the more you can see some unexpected natural scenery. The patchwork of rural houses are tightly clustered together, nestled in a turquoise water. This turquoise water is not ordinary water. This is a major feature of the Goose Spring Village - Goose Spring, Goose Spring One of the three famous springs in southwestern China, and Goose Spring is also the source of the famous transnational waterfall Detian Waterfall. It originates from the underground of the cave, and the clear and pure is the characteristic of the Goose Spring. It gathers in the village of Essien Village and surrounds the houses in the village.
Posted: Dec 29, 2018