Jingxing County
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Things To Do in Jingxing County

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    Jinhua Temple Forest ParkShijiazhuang,China

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    Yujia Stone VillageShijiazhuang,China

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    Mt Cangyan Scenic AreaShijiazhuang,China

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    The Great WallShijiazhuang,China

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    Baicheng TheatreShijiazhuang,China

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    Zhanggang TheaterShijiazhuang,China

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    Jingxing County Travel Tips

    About Jingxing County

    Jingxing County is located in the eastern foothills of the Taihang Mountains on the western border of Hebei where it meets Shanxi. Jingxing has always been “the fifth of the eight passes through the Taihang Mountains and the sixth of the nine strategic positions,” or an important thoroughfare into Hebei, and so has been fought over by military strategists throughout history. Both the famous campaign of General Han Xin (231-196 BCE) in ancient times and the famous Hundred Regiments Offensive in the more recent war against the Japanese were fought in the area around Weishui Town. Famous attractions include Mount Cangyan, Guayun (“Hanging Clouds”) Mountain, and the ancient Qin imperial postal road.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Jingxing County, including: Mt Cangyan Scenic Area,Dou Wangling Playground,Qinhuang Ancient Road
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