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Jinning District

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Popular Attractions in Jinning District

Qicai Yunnan Gudian Hot Spring Villa
200 Reviews
Hot Spring
Qicai Yunnan Gudian Hot Spring Villa is a high-end resort offering healthy living, entertainment, dining, accommodations, and exercise amenities. It has several sets of standalone hot spring villas, which are divided into three types: one-bedroom villas, two-bedroom villas, and two-building villas. The villas have private gardens and hot spring soaking pools. Qicai Yunnan Gudian Hot Spring Villa has a number of outdoor hot spring pools and an infinity pool on the top of the mountain, where visitors can watch the beautiful sunset.
Colorful Yunnan Ancient City
64 Reviews
The Colorful Yunnan Ancient City is found in Jincheng Town, Jinning County, Kunming City. It faces Dianchi Lake with Liangwang Mountain at back to demonstrate Yunnan's multi-ethnic culture and ancient history and culture. With a clear blue sky and vibrant greenery, you can taste the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view. You can also take a boat trip down the river, which is a great place for recreation.
Qicai Yunnan Huanle World
1,166 Reviews
Amusement Park
Yunnan Ethnic Village
8,226 Reviews
Folk Village
The Yunnan Ethnic Village is located on the south side of Kunming, and is one of its most popular attractions. In the village, ethnic minority villages including those of the Dai, Bai, and Yi people are built to a 1:1 proportion. Each village has its own folk customs and craft performances. You can see the customs of many ethnic groups in Yunnan within a day. During minority festivals such as the Songkran Festival in April and the Torch Festival in July and August, the ethnic village will also host lively celebrations.

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Trip Moments

Every winter, I always admire the warmth of spring, such as Yunnan, such as Sanya. For Chengdu people, the sun is always the scarcest in winter. If you are tired of the haze, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, no longer want to wear a thick down coat to tremble in the room, to a colorful winter soup in the ancient city of Yunnan, Guzhen, will make you exhausted and happy, full of happiness! Colorful YunnanGuiyu Hot Spring Resort is a place where you can compare the world's top hot springs. For those who like hot springs, in addition to the beauty of the hot spring environment, the most important thing is whether the hot springs meet the water quality standards. Here you don't have to worry about the water quality. The ancient hot springs are the world-class hot spring water quality standards regardless of mineral ion content, pH value and water temperature. Guyu Hot Spring Resort is a very large mountain village on the entire hillside. There are 72 natural outdoor hot spring pools, 36 boutique hot spring soup houses, and the infinity hot spring pool on the top of the mountain. Dianchi Lake sunset. There are so many exquisite soup pools to choose from. The setting of each soup pool is different. Each has its own characteristics. There is a real-time water temperature meter on the side of the pool. There is rest in the courtyard on one side. Tables and chairs can be used for tea and sun. The soup pool here, for different groups of people, from couples, ordinary families to business elites here, can find the SPA type that suits you. There is also an infinity hot spring pool, which is best for friends who love to take beautiful photos.
Posted: Dec 16, 2018