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Things To Do in Jinsha

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_We***29It’s not far away. It’s easy to walk and ride. It's also a good bathing area. There is a lounge and accommodation room on the second floor. You can take it for 24 hours. The surrounding scenery is also nice and beautiful.
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Nature Reserve
山茶叶蛋糕Baili azalea scenic spot is located in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, is a national forest park, 5A level scenic spot, is known as "the largest natural garden in the world", "the earth color belt, the world garden", every March and April is the flowering period of azalea, when the world of this flower, the sea of flowers, Seeing the mountains everywhere, thousands of postures, paving mountains, colorful azaleas blooming, all were thoroughly shocked!
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Nature Reserve
精光葫芦娃Lengshuihe Nature Reserve is located in the three-districts of Lake Shui, Datian, Green Bamboo, Jingmen, Hongyu, Taiping Ring Road, Taiping, Shichang, Guihua, and Guihua, 30km northwest of Jinsha County, Guizhou Province, It is the watershed area of the cold water river, the oil sand river and its tributaries, the deep gully river, the Huaju River, the Sancha River, the Niulugou River and the Dayutiao River in the territory. From the dam of the Long March Power Station along the river and the tributaries, the horizontal distance between the two sides of the river valley is 1.5km and the promotion is 20km. It is designated as the cold water river nature reserve. The total area is 28.3 square kilometers. [1] Because the water in the river here has been changing in the four seasons, it is absolutely clear and cool, so it is named cold water river.
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_We***00Very good, the water quality is quite good, a rare sulfur spring in Guizhou! The service and hygiene are all good. Mainly the water is good! Pure natural, the spring is in the parking lot at the gate.
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320***13It is worth seeing, the history is heavy, the scale is average, and the background is deep, especially the sculpture art is not worse than other places, and even worse! There are rare in the country, too rare and precious!
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我是夜王2020/7/20 come here for a visit, here is the best viewing spot to watch the panoramic scenery of Maotai Town. You can go back and forth by cable car, or you can drive your own car from the mountain road to the parking lot. If you are going by car, you need to collect tickets, 30 yuan per person. It is recommended to go in the afternoon, so that overlooking Maotai Town on the opposite bank of the Chishui River, it happens to be Shunguang and the scenery is beautiful.

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Aojia Tomb Stone CarvingBijie,China

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Jinsha Hot Springs Holiday CenterBijie,China

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Qianzhuangfei Lieshi Memorial HallBijie,China

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Bijie Anti-Japanese Headquarters SiteBijie,China

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Sanzhang Water Provincial Forest ParkBijie,China

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Jinsha Guihua Hot SpringBijie,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Jinsha, including: Jinsha Guihua Hot Spring,Jinsha Hot Springs Holiday Center,Lengshuihe Nature Reserve
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