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Popular Attractions in Jinta

Jinta Huyang Forest
542 Reviews
Yuanyangchi Reservoir
7 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
Jinta Library
4 Reviews
Exhibition Halls
Jiayuguan Fantawild Adventure Theme Park
1,253 Reviews
Theme Park
Jiayuguan Fantawild Adventure Theme Park is situated in Laihe New District, Jiayuguan. It is one of northwest China's largest theme parks. The theme park offers a range of fantasy rides and interactive activities. It also stages an impressive fireworks display in the evenings.

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Trip Moments

The Heihe River was called weak water in ancient times, and there was a thousand-year-old Xixia Blackwater City site in the lower reaches of the Heihe River. From the Jinta to the Heihe River, I found that the beautiful scenery mentioned in the original book is always true in the unknown. There is a lot of grass on the road, the sand is on the road, no one is on the road, one car Galloping in the desert, the mysterious and ethereal and real existence, lonely but not alone in the vast land of the vast Central Asia, from the Golden Tower to the Heihe, from the gentle road to the off-road desert, if you need to reach the highest point, you need to cross the desert After experiencing the wind and sand, you can appreciate the beauty of this non-human. After reaching the high point of the Heihe River, the first thing I saw was this deserted wild land. Looking east, the endless sandstone was like a huge sand table, operating the whole scene. The victory of the war, but turned into a river of weak water, where you can see 150 kilometers of weak water like a giant python leaping between Pingsha, standing here, overlooking the whole piece The weak water is surrounded by the tide. Looking westward is a scene of sand and sky. The yellow sand in the distance is like the sea. Sometimes the sea water (gravel) is flying, and sometimes the wind is smooth (sand). The beauty of Heihe is like a rose with a thorn, and the mandala is poisonous. Although the road is difficult, once it arrives, it will be convinced by this enchanting scenery, immersed in it and can't extricate itself. At that time, I finally realized it. Everything is worth it. ps If you want to reach the Heihe River, it is recommended that the off-road vehicles go up because this section is desert sand dunes.
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
Because Jinta County is on the edge of the Badain Jaran Desert, it has been infested by sand and sand for thousands of years. In order to prevent wind and sand, the county people have planted a piece of Populus euphratica. It is because of it. The situation of Huangshas full flight has improved, and Jinta County has been able to become an oasis. The sorrow and desolateness of the desert Gobi has become a colorful vitality. The original purpose of its survival is to protect only one side of the water and soil. Who can expect that this million-year-old Populus euphratica forest that was planted in the past for wind and sand fixation will become the most unique and brightest landscape in the northwestern desert today. ? Who would think that Populus euphratica, who has always been known for being beautiful and soft, will have such a persevering and resolute side! Jinta Huyanglin Scenic Area is very large, integrating deserts, forests, lakes, farmhouses and other landscapes. If you want to ask me where is the most beautiful? The best place to watch is the core scenic spot - Jinbo Lake. It is also a photo paradise for photographers to kill the shutter. Here, you can see the clusters of Populus euphratica flourishing, standing tall and straight between the lakes, stretching for dozens of miles, surrounded by pieces of sand-specific trees, red willows, poplars and other special trees in the northwest, into Jinbo Lake, is to enter A beautiful fairy tale world. Tickets: 85 yuan opening hours: peak season (August 1st - November 15th) 6
Posted: Dec 28, 2018