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Things To Do in Jinxiang

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Cultural Experiencial Area
李寻欢天喜地The scenic area is very large, and there is one Geshan scenic spot that I did not visit, but it was a very fulfilling trip. Many scenic spots are military tourism, geological and wetland gardening, but some scenic spots are not open, children are very happy to play!
Nearby City
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祖辛鉴真The lake here is really not small, take the children, in the spring, feel the nature. The surrounding environment is good, there are ring lake road and plastic runway, and there are walkers. Take the children to go shopping by boat, the lake is rays of mountains, sparkling, beautiful people
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如湙The scenery is good, if it is the best to go during the lotus bloom, there are not many to see this time, I bought a cruise ticket, but the scenery is good, the cruise is not close to the depth of the lotus, I can't see clearly from afar. It's really a pain to go in the hot weather.
Nearby City
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M11***97Not bad, good trip, enjoy the leisure and fragrance of nature, it really is green water and green mountains. The people are simple and generous, and are a good choice for Spring Festival travel. There are many scenic spots in the surrounding area, and there are multiple enjoyments in one trip!
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Outdoor skiing
爱你美宝Four Seasons Ski Resort in Yangshan Mountain Scenic Area, Jinxiang County, Jining City, Shandong Province: This ski resort is located in Yangshan Geological Park of Jinxiang County. Many provinces, cities and regions without ice and snow resources have built many ski resorts. Good thing!
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Ancient Settlement
墨雨飘凌The sun splashed on the river surface, constantly mottled with the flowing water, and the river surface was sparkling and picturesque. The past and vicissitudes of the ancient town, in people’s reminiscences of history, appear to be as clear as ever, as indifferent as ever, and as simple as ever.

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Yangshan Ancient Town Military Tourism AreaJining,China

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Jinxiangxian Minsu MuseumJining,China

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Luxinan Battle Memorial HallJining,China

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Qingheyuan ResortJining,China

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Wangjie Memorial HallJining,China

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Jin Mountain ParkJining,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Jinxiang, including: Yangshan Ancient Town Military Tourism Area,Yang Shan Jingqu Siji Ski Field,Jinxiangxian Jinpinghu Park
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