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About Kaifeng

Kaifeng is located in eastern Henan. It is one of China's seven great ancient capitals and a famous historic city. Early during the Northern Song Dynasty this was the economic, cultural and legal center of China. Today it has become known as a bustling international metropolis. The famous scroll painting "Along the River During Qingming Festival" showcases the glory of Kaifeng during its era as the eastern capital of China. The current city of Kaifeng still has an ineffable air of antiquity. When searching for the ancient capital among the ruins and broken tiles, it is easy to find yourself imagining the incredible prosperity the city must have had at the time "Along the River During Qingming Festival" was painted. "Along the River" is far from being the only painting Kaifeng is famous for. The city has also been home over the years to many calligraphers and painters, and is known as a city of refined culture and entertainment. To stroll among the various local academies and theaters is a unique experience in and of itself.

Popular Attractions in Kaifeng

Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden
5,166 Reviews
Theme Park
The Qingming Riverside Landscape Park is a cultural theme park mimicking the famous painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” by Zhang Zeduan in the Song Dynasty. The park brings to life the bustling Bianjing city, capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, and you can see replicas of the famous buildings of that city, including restaurants, tea houses, and pawn shops, among other civilian living facilities. The staff in the garden are all dressed in Song Dynasty clothes and you can experience the fun of Song Dynasty games. Every day, there are many cultural performances, such as “Baogong patrolling the Jinghe River” and “Wangyuan marrying off her daughter”, showcasing the interesting folk traditions of that period.
Kaifeng City Hall Theme Park
5,296 Reviews
Historical Site
Kaifeng City Hall Theme Park is located in Kaifeng City, which is an artificial antique site rebuilt in recent years. The original Kaifeng Prefecture in the Northern Song Dynasty was already destroyed by floods. Travelers can see the interior scenes of the Northern Song Dynasty in the main halls and the conference halls; they can also watch antique performances, such as the “Opening Ceremony” and “Bao Gong Solving a Case”.
Longting Park
2,566 Reviews
City Park
Longting Park presents characteristic Kaifeng history and culture, consisting of three sections including Longting, Yangjiahu, and Panjiahu. Longting appears to be a pavilion, but is rather a temple built on a huge blue-brick base. It used be the site of the imperial palace during the late Liang, late Jin, late Han, late Zhou, Northern Song, and Jin Dynasties. The impressive site features not only ancient monuments, but gorgeous natural scenery. During the fall, this is the site of the Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival, which is a great time to come and enjoy the beauty of blooming chrysanthemums.
Daxiangguo Temple
2,291 Reviews
Daxiangguo Temple, formerly known as Jianguo Temple, was first built in the Northern Qi Dynasty. It was a royal temple in the Northern Song Dynasty and the place where Lu Zhishen pulled out a willow tree with his bare hands in the classic Ming dynasty novel, "The Water Margin." Most of the buildings in Daxiangguo Temple today were rebuilt in recent years and the scale is much smaller than that of the original. Thousand-armed and Thousand-eyed Avalokiteshvara in the courtyard is a cultural relic of the Qianlong period from the Qing dynasty. There is also a bronze bell made in 1768, which is worth seeing.

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The Charm of Song Dynasty
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As an ancient capital of the Eight Dynasties, Kaifeng reached its peak during the Northern Song Dynasty and was the most prosperous then.Stories of Justice Bao, The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants, The Generals of the Yang Family etc. have added a dash of mythical charm to the place.Although most of the historical sites in the Northern Song Dynasty have been destroyed by floods, you can catch a glimpse of the Eastern Capital, Bianliang from the restored replica of the Song Dynasty architecture.
TripBlog   Nov 21, 2019

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Trip Moments

The Qingming Shangheyuan Qingming Shanghe Garden, which can not be missed in Kaifeng, is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, a large-scale historical and cultural park with the theme of Song Wenhua. It was built on the basis of the handed down work of the famous painter Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song Dynasty, "The River on the Qing Dynasty". With the Song Dynasty culture, folk customs, royal gardens and ancient entertainment as the theme, the cultural theme park featuring tourists' participation experience reproduces the prosperity of the ancient capital of Beijing. There are five unmissable experiences in Qingyuan 1. Watching the show program is I love you, play will be wave together / hc / in the Qingming River Park There will be countless performances every day, and the 9-point package welcomes guests to the Qingyuan. All kinds of unique performances are performed in the park. If you are accidentally immersed in the hydrangea, you can also change your experience and enjoy the experience. The fierce and intense Yue Fei gun picks Xiaoliang Wang, or listens to a special song song concert, these are the performances that can't be missed in Qingyuan. The specific time can refer to the scenic timetable. 2.Walk in the night view, cruise the cruise to add romance, you and I will meet each other in the month The lights of the Qingyuan will be opened every night, take the boat from the pier and wander in the park. Through the bridge between the Hongqiao and the piano in the water curtain, the entire voyage is another experience that is integrated into Song Jing. 3. Eat the night market, open the snacks to lead the old, the Qingyuan delicious praise / hc / night market, prosperous in the Northern Song Dynasty thousands of years ago. "The night market until the third is more, only five more reopened. If you want to go to the place, you can't stop." Come here to taste the specialties of Kaifeng, soup, almond tea, fried jelly, or go to Sun Yangzheng The shop tasted the authentic gourmet meal of Kaifeng, and the cut cake of the net red is also in the Qingyuan. 4. Watching the show, the glory of the millennium, the seven hundred actors feasting / hc / night "Da SongTokyo Menghua" large-scale water scene performance will lead the journey of the cross-beam tour climax. When night falls, all the pavilions and pavilions in the Qingming Shangheyuan are illuminated by the light beams and turned into a huge stage. Tourists walk in the interlaced gardens of light and shadow, and have the illusion of entering the dream. 5. Wearing a Song suit, wearing a walk in the Qingyuan, feeling the eternal bustling / hc / wearing a set of Song suit in the Qingyuan in the park, the United States and the United States must be missed The matter, and no charge, only need to deposit a deposit of 200 yuan, the day can be returned in good condition, there are a variety of styles that you can choose. Card Time: Qingming Shangheyuan's opening time 09
Posted: Aug 22, 2019
Nancy. Tao   
Pullman Kaifeng Jianye is located in the former site of the northwestern lake in the northwest corner of Kaifeng Ancient City. It is adjacent to the ancient city wall on the west and north sides. The hotel address was originally a natural wetland landform, rich in water system, next to the hotel has a huge lake, blue waves, vast waves, wide view, overlooking the hotel's overall architecture, into a flower shape, blending into the surrounding lake, like A flower bloomed in a water. The hotel has an area of 400 acres, but only 186 rooms, to ensure a sense of space, but also to ensure privacy. The hotel is modern and simple, with a grand atmosphere, the beauty of the garden, and the charm of the Great Song. The hotel is based on the unique post-modern architectural style of the Northern Song Dynasty. It reflects the return to the truth. I heard that Chairman Hu Yusen of Jianye regarded this hotel as a work. This work is not only a exploration and revisit of the ancient capital of Kaifeng. It is the continuation and inheritance of the life of the Song Dynasty. Step into the guest room and try to figure out the design inside the room. The ancient style reveals the exquisiteness and the elegance reveals the elegance. Even more surprising is the fact that the rooms have direct access to the garden and the view. The lotus pond is full of gloom, and in the courtyard, the exquisite trails connect with each other, and the green bamboo trees are in harmony. There are mountains, water, flowers, and grass. In this beautiful scenery, I hope that the years will be quiet, and I hope to meet you here in a gentle time.
Posted: Aug 27, 2019
In Kaifeng, Henan there’s many things to see like this touristic Millennium City park with shows and fun activities for the whole family, resembling the old Chinese times. They also have restaurants and shops inside #china #henan #kaifeng #merrychristmas #historicallandmarks #unforgettableexperiences
Posted: Dec 26, 2019
Enjoy the world - is located in the west section of Daliang Road, Kaifeng City. It was transformed from the original Tokyo Art Center and mainly deals with Kaifeng specialty snacks and national flavors. The entire business district is dominated by wooden antique buildings, the waters of the corridors, the traditional opera singing sounds from the pavilions and the stage, as if to bring people back to the simple and gentle Northern Song Dynasty. Looking up, the blue sky and white clouds on the roof, plus the costumes on the surrounding snack vendors, the wrinkles of the masters who made the wooden board paintings, and the silver needles in the hands of a row of embroidered mothers on the roadside, let the people forget the worries. There are four unseen experiences in Xiaosong City 1. Eat the night market, sing the air conditioner to eat food, Songcheng delicious enjoy non-stop walk on the road full of food, Even a person will not be lonely. Don't go where the pipeline leads, you can swim aimlessly, wait for the food to wave to you, you can find a small table in the most lively place, order a bowl of the most mellow spirits. Drink a bitter drink and participate in the bustling world. Small Songcheng continues the Song Dynasty tradition, mainly based on eating, more than 3,000 kinds of delicious food for you to choose, there is a chance to encounter the performance of folk artists, here you need to charge the card, but the price is not expensive and the night market price outside There is not much difference, but the environment is clean and clean, and there is air conditioning that can be blown, without having to eat with the burning sun. stir-fried noodles, squid roast noodles, fried sweet potato puree, barrel chicken and unique deer bun in Xiaosongcheng are not to be missed. 2Reward program once again, telling the thousand-year-old Tokyo Shengjing awakening the soul of the Song Dynasty culture, reappearing the legend of Tokyo, opening a dreamy picture in the beauty of beauty - The large-scale multimedia song and dance show "Thousands of Great Songs" takes the Northern Song Dynasty culture as the main line, combined with the five elements of Kaifeng Water, Flower, People, City and City, through the transformation of the five chapters of Zen, City, Zhongli, Qingfeng and Menghui. Time and space conversion. The history of the repertoire is changing, life is full, and each has its own beauty. Bring your heart to the shock, use stage special effects, holographic technology to reproduce the prosperous 3 shopping street to see folk customs, experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage folk custom street is located in The first floor of Liang Xiaosong City is a shopping street integrating folk culture from all over the Northern Song Dynasty. It includes celadon, paper-cut, hand-made leather goods, face-to-face, Hanfu, specialty food, health flower and fruit wine, exquisite handicrafts and many other varieties. 4. Take a card and open the summer to cool off, feel the charm of Kaifeng culture Kaifeng's new travel passport, including 6 lines of 39 attractions with different styles of punch points, giving visitors a different cultural experience . and "Thousands of Great Songs" are also on the list, full of cards and gifts are sent ~ "Thousands of Great Songs" Performance time: 20
Posted: Aug 24, 2019
Nancy. Tao   
The ancient city of Kaifeng is the most delicious city in Henan. Kaifeng cuisine is the representative of Henan cuisine. The taste is the driving force of emotion. The excitement from the food is simple, clear and heart-warming. The Chinese restaurant in the Pullman Kaifeng Jianye Hotel, you can enjoy the signature signature Henan cuisine, Kaifeng specialty snacks, or exquisite Cantonese cuisine. In the well-designed private dining room, you can use the unique ornaments and exquisite plates. Decorate and show the Northern Song culture and Chinese historical classics. Northern Song Dynasty Cassia Pocket: Yucai Consultant Bu Qinglin masters hand dish, this first cut the hair, a good abalone into a Ding, with mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots and stir-fry into a filling, wrapped with mung bean powder into a triangle Steamed into the cage, it tastes delicious and refreshing, and it is unforgettable. Kaifeng fried jelly: Henan-style snacks, the heated jelly block is crystal clear, soft and smooth, a bite, a small fresh taste of the onion and garlic, it also adds some strength. Kaifeng fried jelly, although also with chopped green onion and garlic, but the bean curd sauce is the soul of Kaifeng fried jelly. Squid roast noodles: Kaifeng local traditional dishes, also the head of Yucai. Its a great pity that Kaifeng doesnt eat this dish. The delicious fish that tastes delicious, the super-fine silk of the crispy, with a piece of fish caught in the mouth, the silk is melted with the entrance of the soup. Kaifeng Irrigation Soup Xiaolongbao: The flavor is unique, the materials are very elegant, and the production is unique. It has the characteristics of thin skin stuffing, soup filling oil, soft and tender fragrance, fat but not greasy, etc. Lifting like a lantern and putting it down like a chrysanthemum, it is extraordinarily attractive. :: The name of this dish is mouth-watering and the taste is very unique. The plum's scent and sweet and sour taste are absorbed by the ribs, sour and sweet, tasty and not greasy. Zhaojun lamb chops: The outer skin is golden and crispy, the color is even, the fat is baked to melt, melted in the mutton, and the outer coke is tender. A bite down, soft and delicate fleshy, mixed with light and rich fat, accompanied by rich gravy quickly melted in the mouth. Peach Gum Tremella: a good beauty beauty, eat a bite, peach gum Q bomb, white fungus soft, sweet and sweet, sweet, believe me, that taste is not too beautiful.
Posted: Aug 25, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Song Dynasty Yuhe River, Baogong Lake, Yellow River Embankment Kaifeng Section.
Here are the best places to visit in Kaifeng, including: Song Dynasty Dongjing Dream Performance, Yang Familys Mansion in Tianbo, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, Iron Tower, Song Dynasty Yuhe River.
Peanut cake, as well as chrysanthemum cake, tastes good, but also local specialty.