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Kaikoura District,Recommendations
Kaikoura sea fishing | fun, delicious, cost-effective
early morning, the gloomy sky from time to time, some rain, the wind blowing on the beach, blowing people can not stand. However, the eight-point sea fishing has not been canceled. If I came to Captain Ian's house, I saw him drinking coffee and the yellow boat on the lawn. I thought it was in the sea and then boarded the ship. I didn't expect it to be on the lawn of his backyard. His wife drove the car and took the boat. We started off the land! I just wanted to shoot the video but I drove into the sea. Then, when the wind and the waves swayed the boat, we made a sudden start. It was violently shaken in the first five minutes. Who knows that after a while, I can take my people from the seat to the air, and when I fall down again, my butt hurts, my hands are on the armrests, my feet are hard to step on the ground, I just fly again and again. Get up, stimulating, afraid not.

About about a quarter of an hour, we stopped, the captain broke down to the bottom of the sea and began to set up the fishing rod. The electric fishing rod imported from Japan has reached more than 100 meters in a blink of an eye. Everyone has a fishing rod. The captain guides us one by one, and teaches us to look at the top of the pole, shake the fish and so on. Before I came to the big lobster, I was not interested in fishing. Who knows that fishing is quite fun, especially when I wait for the prey to hook up and raise the fishing rod. I am very happy when I finally raise the fishing rod. The last ten meters will be shaken manually. Sometimes two, sometimes nothing, in short, 2 hours passed very fast. The premise is that you eat seasickness medicine.
LiAn Zhang
Kaikoura District,Recommendations
Traveling in Kaikoura, New Zealand, allows you to harvest a full sea fishing.
Sea fishing is an entertaining, fun-oriented activity that is very cost-effective and can be eaten and eaten.

Kaikoura is the meaning of lobster dinner in Maori. It is conceivable how rich the resources are! The town is located on the north side of Christchurch, a two-hour drive, close to the Pacific Ocean, and further north is the wine resort of Marburg.

Exit 1.5-2h, Advance reservation: Sea fishing is a very popular activity, and each boat is about 10 people, so be sure to find a local tourist office, travel agency or network to make an appointment in advance. I am a relatively large ship and it is not easy to get seasick compared to a boat.

After the ship has stopped, the captain will teach you how to put the line and take the line. But there is no skill at all, because the sea fish is too stupid, and its just a bit of a hook! That is, the arm line will shake more sour!
The size of the fish needs to be fished up, and the small fish will be thrown back into the sea to continue to grow.
Wait for the fish to catch up with the captain and drive to the place where the lobster cage was previously thrown. Yes, lobsters are not caught and caught in cages. This is the time to fight for the character. Some cages may not have one, everyone is mentally prepared!
Like fish, lobsters are also small in size and too small to be returned to the sea. In addition, the lobster obtained by sea fishing must be tailed.
Kaikoura District,Recommendations
The Kaikoura Peninsula Trail allows you to easily explore the beauty of the Kaikoura Peninsula and a variety of wildlife. You can choose to walk the trail for half a day or a day. If the time is not sufficient, you can choose to spend 25 minutes to experience the first part of the trail at Whalers Bay viewpoint. You can experience the magnificent scenery of the mountains in the sea at any point on the trail. In Kaikoura, the Peninsula Trail is a must-see for those who love photography and hiking. Kaikoura is located between Christchurch and Picton Harbour, and Christchurch is about 185 km north and can be reached by car in about 2.5 hours. There are trains (coastline, not operating in winter) and long-distance buses to get there. This unique combination of ocean and mountains has a stunning coastal alpine landscape. The Kaikoura Range facing the sea rises from the sea. It is a branch of the Southern Alps. Most of the peaks are covered with snow all year round. . A one-way walk takes one and a half hours. Considering the return to the parking spot, it takes 3-4 hours to complete the return. The general tour is to drive to the north starting point, go back and go for more than half an hour to return, then drive to the south to see it. Here is a peninsula formed by volcanic magma into the sea. It forms a cliff-like connection with the sea. From the north, you can see the embarrassment of fur sea lions, bird watching in the south, or going out to sea. Whether climbing from the north or south, it is a platform-like prairie that overlooks the Kaikoura Bay. It is spectacular and beautiful, and you can see whales with good luck.
Kaikoura District,Recommendations