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Popular Attractions in kanasi

Kanas Lake Scenic Area
3,696 Reviews
Kanas Lake is tucked away deep in the mountains and forests of Burqin County, nearly 800 kilometers away from the capital of Xinjiang. At the gorgeous and fertile lakeside, you can see the clear and tranquil surface of the lake. The lake's color changes often with the seasons and weather. The area around Kanas Lake is dense with dragon spruce and Faber’s fir trees, and when autumn arrives, the forest shows off different colors of gold, deep red, and dark green.
Hemu Scenic Area
1,042 Reviews
Rural Area
Hemu Scenic Area is located in Altay Prefecture's Burqin County in Northern Xinjiang, about 30 kilometers east of Kanas Lake. It is a small village that is shared by ethnic Kazakhs and Tuvinians. All the houses in Hemu Village are traditionally simple and quaint. The wooden houses are scattered across the mountain valleys. The local ethnic minority populations are hardworking and lead simple and quiet lives. The Hemu River flows past the village. The waters of the river are light blue and very clear. Near the village lie beautiful grasslands and scenic birch forests.
Moon Bay
313 Reviews
Moon Bay is a bend of the Kanas River that lies upstream from Wolong Bay. As a result of the elevation difference of the lakebed, the changes in upstream water inflow, and the light effect, Moon Bay presents magnificent, changing colors. Moon Bay is sandwiched between mountains on its east and west, along which the river winds, forming a crescent moon, hence the name. In the upper and lower river bays, there exist two small sandy beaches resembling footprints. These unique features are described as the Immortal Footprints by locals.
Kanas Tuva Village
168 Reviews
Folk Village
Kanas Tuva Village, situated within the Kanas Lake Scenic Area, is a small Tuvan village south of the lake. All of the houses in the village are small wooden shacks of the ancient Dzungarian style. The village is surrounded by a forest as well as rows of mountains. The scenery that the village offers is no less beautiful than those offered by the famous Hemu Village and Baihaba Village next door. Visitors are recommended to come for a sightseeing tour, take pictures, and experience Tuvan folk culture.

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Trip Moments

The golden triangle of travel in northern Xinjiang - Kanas, Baihaba and Hemu, is intoxicating in the late autumn and is regarded as the most beautiful autumn in China.

The three attractions have their own characteristics, and I personally prefer the small village of Baihaba. The spires of the village are scattered in golden white birch and light green grass, and look like a small village in the Hobbit in the "Lord of the Rings". Some of the cabins are semi-underground, the doors are very low, and the wooden houses are covered with pointed grasshoppers. "Oh," the door opens, and a grandmother with a cane is coming out. The kindness is as good as a fairy tale. There is a Golden Avenue outside the Baihaba Primary School. The road is lined with tall white birch, and the golden leaves form a long arcade. The sun shines through the treetops, and it is quiet all around. Occasionally the carriage passes by. Isnt Gandalf coming to the carriage?
The morning slope of Baihaba Village is a perfect photography C. The sun is still behind the mountain at this time. The sky is slowly lit up slightly, and the snow on the distant mountains of the morning sun is also golden. And when the sun just passed through the cliff, the golden sunlight pierced the smoky smoke, and I realized how it would work in photography. In White Haba, the most beautiful photo (cover) of this trip was taken, and it was awarded the honor of Microsoft Bing's background image.

is situated in a flat valley, and the Tuva wooden houses are gathered on both sides of the creek. The hills are layered with birch forests, and the golden leaves and the white trunks form a sharp contrast. Some trees have fallen leaves, and the dense layers of bare treetops are outlined by sketches; some treetops still have some leaves hanging, and the wind blows like a golden bell.
The thin rain hits the leaves and rustles. The cows of the pastoral are lined up by the team. The villagers are not slow to do farm work. The cows are eating snacks on the grass in the village. A life of peace without a fight. The morning fog of Hemumu is beautiful, one side is the mountain grassland and the tall snow mountain, and the other side is the quiet Hemu Village in the valley. As the sun rises, the clouds and curtains are generally opened, and snow mountains, woods, villages and rivers are presented in front of them.

Kanas is the most famous scenic spot in Northern Xinjiang. In the autumn, the green lake of Kanas Lake reflects the colorful forests. It is a rich and colorful oil painting. After the lake flows out of the lake, it flows through the mountains, creating more beautiful scenery. The S shape of Moon Bay is the iconic landscape of Kanas. The shapes of Shenxian Bay and Wolong Bay are different. You must remember to go to the morning fog early.
Posted: Sep 13, 2019
In addition to the city, there are almost no buses in Xinjiang, no matter where you go, at least 2 hours to start / hh / / hh / [Hangzhou - Altay] / hh / / hh / we go to Kanas, so buy the ticket directly to Altay, The airport is in the suburbs, very small, similar to the passenger station


1. The aircraft is super cold, it is recommended to prepare the jacket in advance

2. The ticket to Altay is very Easy to buy cheap, especially in winter / hh / / hh / [Altay - Jaden ) / hh / / hh / cost: 600 yuan / hh / / hh / time: 4-5 hours / hh / / hh / Altay to Beibei or Burqin needs to take the bus to the passenger station, the bus to Burqin is 50 / person, but the airport did not go to the passenger station car anyway, I did not find, take a taxi to the passenger station is 100 yuan, take a taxi directly to Burqin It is around 200. Originally, I wanted to see the sunset of the colorful beach in Burqin on the same day. As a result of the rain, I went directly to Jia Dengyu. In the past, a trip of 600 yuan, if it snows in winter, only four-wheel drive off-road vehicles can go, almost 1500.

[Jia Dengyu-Kanas Scenic Area Gate]

Cost: 30 yuan

time: 10 minutes

Jia Dengyu to Kana There is a distance of several kilometers from the entrance of Sijing District, you can take a shuttle bus, 5 yuan / person, but there is time limit, we did not take a taxi to go / hh / / hh / [Kanas scenic area door - transfer center]

Cost: 120 yuan / hh / / hh / time: 1 hour / hh / / hh / Xinjiang's scenic spots are particularly large, which can only take the shuttle car, can open private cars in winter, do not accept the interval Car cost, but there are requirements for the model.

When the shuttle car enters, you can't get off the bus (you can see the morning fog in the morning), you can only sit at the end point

[Kanas Scenic Area]
/hh / There is a transfer station in the scenic spot, the ticket is still quite worthwhile. We stayed in the scenic spot for 3 days, and we did not stroll to the place for 3 days. We planned to go to Hemu, but I felt like playing in Kanas. Almost, the morning fog also looked, did not go / hh / / hh / play items / hh / / hh / 1 lake side plank walk / hh / / hh / recommended index: / hh /
Basically there is a plank road across the lake. It is particularly beautiful. It can go very inside, but it is the return of the original road. We walked from the cruise terminal to Erdaowan. It took half a day and it is said that there is Badaowan

2 Morning fog

Recommended index:

7:30 in the morning There is a morning fog car in the transfer center. Tour order: Shenxian Bay - Moon Bay - Wolong Bay It is quite beautiful in Shenxian Bay and Moon Bay. The car that is going back at the latest is about 8:30. If you want to take a photo at 8:30 in the morning fog, you can go to the transfer station and let the person on duty. Help you stop a shuttle bus, anyway, don't worry about it

3Hiking Shenxian Bay to the old village

Recommended index:

really have to walk in the painting The feeling inside, slowly taking a photo for three hours, super beautiful
Posted: Aug 31, 2019