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Medicine Pool Boiling Water
There is a strange landscape in Kangding, Sichuan. Hot spring water can cure diseases. Visitors come to Fucha! China has a vast territory, and there are many hot springs, but the general hot springs can only soak feet, soak in the bath, and cook a maximum of eggs. The medicine pool boiling spring in the Kangding Love Song Scenic Spot in Ganzi, Sichuan can not only soak feet, but also directly Drinking is amazing for visitors. Pharmaceutical boiling spring is the second largest landscape in Kangding Love Song Scenic Area, with an altitude of 3,500 meters. It is a rare high-altitude hot spring area in China. It has more than ten springs and a boiling point of 95 degrees. The eggs cooked in the hot spring are more tender than the 7 mature poached eggs. You don't need to peel the eggs to eat this kind of egg. Just tap a small hole in the tail and then suck it with your mouth. When the egg yolk is solidified, The egg white is like tofu, the entrance is refreshing, the aroma is full of throat, and it is very popular among tourists. According to local people, the hot spring water in the boiling water of the medicine pool contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body. Many tourists take the cup directly to drink, and many tourists come from afar to buy instant noodles on the spot. . The hot spring water inlet of the medicine pool boiling spring is slightly sweet, and it also has a light egg flavor. The instant noodles made with hot spring water are completely different from the taste of ordinary boiled water or mineral water. The temperature of different hot spring pools varies, because the hot spring water contains metasilicate, which is very effective in treating athlete's foot and skin diseases. Many tourists are eager to try, and we are no exception.
Route: Chengdu Folding Mountain Xindu Bridge Tagong Grassland Muya Holy Land Our starting point from Chengdu is Muya Holy Land. First take the Yakang Expressway, then take the G318 Sichuan-Tibet line. Because the whole process is basically a winding mountain road, I took a nap and slept for a while. The scenery on this G318 is really beautiful, and there will be quite a lot of observation decks. Visitors take pictures here, and really zero filters can be released in minutes.
Sichuan West Traveling Kangding Mugecuo Raiders is located in Kangding Love Song (Mugecuo) Scenic Area , Wangla Village, Yala Township, Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province: Private cars can only go to the entrance of the scenic spot. To visit the scenic spot, you need to buy tickets and sightseeing tickets at the ticket office. There are 4 parking spots in , Mugecuo, Hongshitan, Omato, and Seven Seas. From the entrance of the scenic spot to the end of the Mugecuo drive for about 40 minutes, no stop in the middle, the whole journey is Panshan Highway. 1 The first point is Mugecuo, the core scenic spot. Mugecuo can be visited by boat. It is very beautiful on sunny days. However, the fog that day I went to, I stayed in Mugecuo for a short time. 2 The second point is Red Rock Beach. As the name implies, there are a lot of red stones. The photo is really super nice. It is recommended to walk from Red Rock Beach to Omato, and it will take about half an hour to walk. The scenery on the road is also very beautiful, full of eyes. 3 The water of Otto is green and transparent, very beautiful. 4The seven-sea sea should be more beautiful when it is autumn, and it will be reflected when the water is calm. : About half a day is enough. Tickets 105 yuan / person, sightseeing car 90 yuan / person, insurance 5 yuan / person, add up is still relatively expensive. Transportation: From Chengdu to Kangding, it has already been connected to the expressway, and it can be reached in more than three hours. The road conditions from Kangding to Mugecuo are not very good. The journey takes about 1.5 hours. SUVs are recommended, and traffic jams are easy in the peak season. accommodation: There is no hotel around the Mugecuo Scenic Area. It is recommended to live in Kangding City, which is very selective. I live in a hotel, the price is good. Food: To Kangding, you must eat yak meat soup pot and wild mushrooms. It is strongly recommended that the Gongjiao fish yak miscellaneous soup pot near Kangding bus station, this time you can eat the best beef in Sichuan, and return to Chengdu. I have been missing.
The Kangding Du Fu Canyon in Sichuan is beautiful, and the clouds rise like a fairyland! The Du Fu Canyon is located in the middle section of the Kangding Love Song Scenic Area. In the spring, the wild rhododendrons in the canyon are in full bloom and the scene is magnificent. The Du Fu Canyon is named after it. The Rhododendron Canyon is very different from year to year, with colorful autumns and rich layers; winter snow is like a fairy tale world. The summer rhododendrons show a verdant landscape. Although the altitude is more than 3,000 meters, due to the lush vegetation and rich negative ion content, most tourists will not have high anti-symptoms. The Cuckoo Canyon is like a ribbon embedded in the Gongga Mountain Range. The stream is flowing and the waterfall is dense. Although it is not as magnificent as the Huangguoshu Waterfall, it has the beauty of Xiaojiabiyu that Huangguoshu does not have. The Cuckoo Canyon is 6 kilometers long and there are 68 native azalea varieties growing on both sides of the stream. The landforms here are formed hundreds of millions of years ago, and the atmosphere is beautiful. The water in the Cuckoo Canyon is clearly visible, and the surrounding plants and blue sky and white clouds reflect the water beautifully, reminiscent of Jiuzhaigou and Guizhou Libo Xiaoqikong Scenic Area. Compared to the previous two scenic spots, the scenery of the Du Fu Canyon is more diverse.
Leaving Kangding, we met a young couple who drove from Chengdu. In their car, we crossed the first mountain above 4,000 meters above sea level - folding mountains, enthusiastic couples also parked many times, let us get off the car to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the young couple are obviously very happy, I also took the initiative to help them take pictures. This is not to mention, when they arrived in Xinduqiao County, even if they had already opened, they still sent us to the Youth Hostel where the small partners were located, and then left to go to other places in the county. Although the day is about to pass, the story of our couple and the couple is not over yet. Before going to sleep, Tingting suddenly remembered that the camera landed on their car, very anxious. And because the couple used the SLR to take pictures, I deliberately added their WeChat, otherwise it really sinks into the sea. The couple drove back to our Youth Hostel the next morning to return the camera. We have already touched the language incoherently. A person who is willing to help you once, often doesn't mind pulling you again. On the road, we can always meet and feel unexpected.
Zheduo Mountain
Over the folds of the mountains along the way, Chongshan stood upright and the clouds haunted. Folding Mountain is known as the Kimba First Pass. Since the Erlang Mountain Tunnel has been connected, it has become the first challenging mountain on the Sichuan-Tibet line. After passing through the 4,298-meter pass, the National Highway 318 enters the photographer's paradise, Xinduqiao, and it is a Tibetan area in the true sense. Danshan Mountain Panshan Highway is a veritable Nine Curves and Eighteen Bends. The most experience is the riding or the journey of the hikers. It is beautiful in the hardship of climbing. In the case of downhill sections, you must pay attention to slow down and avoid accidents. The largest viewing point is to look at the Gongga Peaks at the top of the fold. In the distant places, the mountains are stacked, the snow is white, and the "king of the mountains" - the Gongga Mountain at an altitude of 7556 meters, is close at hand. The area is north to the size of Jinchuan in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The east of the mountain is the mountainous area, while the west of the mountain is the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a true Tibetan area, so the mountain is natural. It has become an important attraction for tourism on the Sichuan-Tibet line. How dangerous is the road, how good the scenery is, parking to see the scenery, the mountain is big, but it just has the distant atmosphere of travel. I finally got to the mountainous gate, I like it very much. Six years ago, there were many beautiful scenery in the mountains and mountains. Unfortunately, this time I was repairing and I couldnt shoot anything. In the afternoon, the blue sky and white clouds are beautiful. When there is no special scenery, use the car as a prop.