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Ornamental Hot spring
Historical Architecture
梅理熊[View] Located on the main street, near the river. The milky white cloister is exquisite in shape and has hot spring water points. There is a wide step next to it, which is full of tourists at dusk. [Fun] The hot spring is the theme of Karlovy Vary. It is drinkable. It is rich in minerals that are beneficial to the human body and has a healing and health care effect. Due to the high temperature of hot spring water, hot spring cups suitable for drinking are produced locally. [Value for money] Free
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Historical Architecture
Ornamental Hot spring
爱生活Mill Hot Springs Corridor (Mlýnská kolonáda) is located in Karlovy Vary, a spa city in the Czech Republic. The Mill Hot Springs Corridor is named after the original mill nearby. The Thermal Corridor is one of the traditional landmarks of Karlovy Vary and is known as the most beautiful thermal corridor. The cloister was built in 1881 by Josef Zitek, the designer of the Prague National Theater, and was expanded in 1893 to its present-day Renaissance style. This Neo-Renaissance building has 2 walkways, 132 meters long and 13 meters wide. It is composed of the nave, side corridors and 124 Corinthian long columns. There are 12 classical statues on the columns, representing 12 of the year. In January, the whole architectural style is Baroque, full of royal style. There is a band pool in the cloister, where hot spring bands can play free concerts regularly. Karlovy Vary has 13 main hot springs, 5 of which are on the hot spring promenade. For the convenience of drinking, the town specially designed beautiful and practical hot spring cups with various styles for tourists. Its characteristic is that the drinking ports are all above the cup handles to extend the entrance passage and prevent tourists from being burned. People who drink hot spring water for the first time may not be accustomed to its sulphur smell, it tastes a bit salty in the mouth, and the content of carbon dioxide is high, but here you do not buy a hot spring cup (medium cup / 7 dollars) to taste the famous hot spring Shuihui is a great pity for tourism.
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Historical Architecture
Ornamental Hot spring
_We***24After entering the garden, a farmer will drive us to see his fruit garden. Here you can see many fruit trees that you can't normally see. After all, it is a tropical area, and there are coconut trees in the garden. The way of picking coconuts here is very special. It is picked by well-trained monkeys. When we first entered the garden, we crossed shoulders with the monkeys before taking pictures.
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M29***53The building is magnificent and worth a visit. And entering the church is also free to visit, as long as you don't disturb the prayer people. When I went, it was early spring, and I felt awe-inspiring.
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Modern Architecture
事事随缘Most of them come here because they are colorful and full of charm. They are truly a metropolis full of romantic atmosphere and rich history, but they are far from covering the beauty of Bohemia. In the northwestern part of the Czech Republic, there are many bohemian spa towns full of style.
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Observation Deck
佛宝宝In addition to large and small hot springs, this German spa town has many beautiful scenery. It is also a town that combines hot springs and scenery perfectly. This three-cross viewing pavilion is also a very distinctive building

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Park ColonnadeKarlovy Vary,Czech Republic

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Vánoční důmKarlovy Vary,Czech Republic

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VridloKarlovy Vary,Czech Republic

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Vridelni kolonadaKarlovy Vary,Czech Republic

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TAWAN Thai massage centersKarlovy Vary,Czech Republic

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Spa 5Karlovy Vary,Czech Republic

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