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About Kashi

Kashgar is China's westernmost city, situated in southwestern Xinjiang on the edge of the Pamir Mountains and Tarim Basin. In the Uyghur language, Kashgar means 'place of jade'. The city has been an important transportation hub between West and East for centuries, strategically located at the junction of the north, south and central routes of the Silk Road. There are a wide range of historical attractions, including the city's most iconic building, the 15th-century Id Kah Mosque. Id Kah is China's largest mosque and serves as the center of Xinjiang's Muslim culture. The city also has Buddhist grottoes and a number of ancient ruins and tombs.

Popular Attractions in Kashi

Kashgar Old Town
404 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Kashi Old Town is located in the center of Kashgar City, Xinjiang. It has a history of 100 years and is a representative of Kashgar and Uyghur cultural classics. It is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Kashgar and Xinjiang. Most of the buildings in the old city are full of Islamic and Uighur styles. The streets are criss-crossed and uniform in style, making them ideal for taking pictures. Visitors stroll through it, as if walking into the exotic areas of Central Asia, it feels amazing.
Id Kah Mosque
362 Reviews
The Id Kah Mosque is located in the heart of the old town of Kashgar and is one of the largest mosques in the country. There are many buildings in the temple that are spectacular and very Islamic, and you can visit them one by one. Here you can see the grand scene of the worship and feel the strong religious atmosphere. The Etihad Mosque is a courtyard-style temple. The main entrance to the east side of the temple is the huge Etihad Square, a landmark of Kashgar. There are many people in this big square in this casual game.
Xinjiang Kaxgar Xiyu Museum
11 Reviews
Jiefang N Rd, Kashi Shi, Kashi Diqu, Xinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu, China
Karakul Lake
6 Reviews
Karakoram Highway ,foot of Mushitage Peak | The new road to Karakul lake is compeleted and is now all paved., Kashgar 844000, China

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Trip Moments

Xinjiang Niu Niu Grand Bazaar | I imagine the fireworks Xinjiang

left hand ternary right hand four yuan
Kashgar wasteland town of cattle and sheep Grand Bazaar, is my imagination of fireworks Xinjiang / Hh/
The people who came to the market by driving the car came and went, all the way to the smoke.
One look, two touches, three hugs, four transactions, continuing the "transaction in the sleeves."
The authentic food shop, the sheep soup is on the firewood stove, and the freshly baked grilled buns are still hot.

seems to have returned to the last century, back to the lifestyle that lasted for hundreds of years, and the car whistle in the back clearly tells us that this is the 21st century.

Where you come, it is the southernmost country.

"What to play":
Shuttle the bulls and goats and watch the "transaction in the sleeves".
is more fun than the zoo. It is my favorite market, mainly trading cattle and sheep.
Tameful lambs lined up neatly, leaking a sexy little ass to meet the new owner. If you buy a sheep, you will open your mouth and look at your teeth. When you choose it, you will put a mark on your buttocks. After a "transaction in the sleeves", a look, two touches, three hugs, four transactions, basically can hold the beauty back.
The food shop at the entrance of the Grand Bazaar
Affordable and authentic, the skewers of the grilled buns are now killed, the sheep soup is on the stove on the firewood stove, and the soup ramen no longer continues.
First-hand fruits and vegetables enjoy
piles of cantaloupe watermelon stalls, low price and fresh. If you don't have too much luggage, I really want to take a trunk.

Opening time: It is more appropriate to say that it is a market on Sunday, only open on Sunday

Address: Badlands Township in the northern suburbs of Kashgar City, next to National Highway 314
Self-driving: Map navigation is not accurate. Navigate to the wasteland township, all the way to inquire, meet the Xinjiang uncles with a goatee with a robes, riding a horse, rushing the donkey, driving a three-wheeled motorbike, followed the past to the Grand Bazaar)
Public Transportation: 7 km from Dong Baza, take the city bus 23, half an hour from Dongbazha directly to the station

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various ethnic snacks in Xinjiang, most of which are beef and mutton products, as well as fish, scorpions, noodles, mutton buns, and mutton pilaf.
There are many places in Kashgar, such as the Etihad Mosque, the Kashgar Grand Bazaar, the Tomb of the Tomb, and the Old Town of Kashgar.