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Kota Kinabalu,Recommendations
Tanjung Aru Beach
Taking the baby to shoot the night scene
as a dad with a baby, shooting the night scene is definitely a test. On the one hand, the level of cooperation of the baby, on the other hand, the time is not waiting for people, how to take a good look in a limited time. night view.
I will share our experience in Kota Kinabalu. Every night we will go to Tanjung Aru Beach and the hotel beach to watch a night scene. The first baby usually digs sand on the beach. This time will be carefully coordinated with the filming. The second is to give the baby a little snack. She is only awkward, and the whole family can take photos well. There are beautiful sunset photos.
Shooting parameters: When shooting landscapes, I will use aperture priority to automatically calculate the exposure time. I usually use F11 to reflect the calm of the sea through long exposure. My machine is Sony A7R2, the lens is old frog 12 and Sony. 35. When I shoot my family, I will use 35, 1.4 aperture to open, big aperture, you must maximize the value.
Shooting time: Generally, I will take a few shots on the beach first, and wait for the tourists on the beach to start shooting. Generally, the 20 minutes after the sun falls, this time is the best, the light is the softest than the smallest, only in the future. Can shoot the silhouette.
Shooting essential: Because I want to take a family of three, I will bring a tripod. If there is a wireless shutter, it can be remotely controlled. Some cameras can be remotely controlled by APP.
Kota Kinabalu,Recommendations
The Sabah Museum is the most prestigious museum in Sabah, which records and displays the rich history, social and natural history of Sabah. This unique mixed display venue combines museums, botanical gardens, zoos and cultural villages. The museum was opened in 1985 and was originally the official residence of the colonial government. The entire museum complex is a combination of several buildings, including the main building, the Science and Education Center, the Cultural Village, the Sabah Gallery and the Museum of Islamic Civilization. The
main building is designed with the Rungus Long house, a beam that extends outward from the roof of the building, like a dancer with arms outstretched. The exterior of the Science and Education Center represents indigenous bamboo woven hats.
The entire museum complex is a combination of several buildings, including the main building, the Science and Education Center, the Cultural Village, the Sabah Gallery and the Museum of Islamic Civilization.
Quiet museum, there are not many pedestrians coming here, but the buildings here are very characteristic.
rockery waterfall, the feeling is to imitate the various styles and architectural styles of our country. The
museum is divided into two parts indoors and outdoors. If you have plenty of time, you can spend a long time strolling around.
In the museum courtyard, not far from the main building, is a multicultural village. The characteristic of this cultural village is to imitate the characteristics of the traditional residences of the indigenous peoples of Sabah. Many houses have been built, and visitors are allowed to enter and explore each room and hall.
And each house has its own furnishings, and even real people are demonstrating their daily routines, using the real feelings of the tools, making visitors feel like they are in the world. Cultural activities are often held in cultural villages to make the village scene more vivid.
The reflection of the lotus in the water, walking through the pontoon, the aboriginal life here is also a pleasant time.
Kota Kinabalu,Recommendations
Kota Kinabalu travel must know | teach you how to buy a phone card + call car + change RM

after several twists and turns, it is considered a smooth exit. Don't be nervous about your English. Malaysia has a striking "Chinese logo" everywhere, and it will not go wrong.
The airport has a place to change the travel communication card everywhere, the package is also more diverse
can be purchased according to the length and needs of their trip, my own digi
basic package can meet wireless traffic, Free on various communication software, network speed is also OK, and provide card replacement and Chinese service
some can meet Southeast Asia telephone communication, I did not buy, I basically can not use
Miss sister also use [Grap] Called the car, in Southeast Asia, this car software [must download], like the domestic Uber and Didi, very safe car software, the price is also good.
Payment method can be paid online or cash, I am basically paying cash. The first itinerary was paid in Malaysian currency, or it was exchanged in Digi. Right here, you can also exchange money.
If you don't know how to locate it, don't worry, find a local person to help you locate your current location. Its not that hard to open up and communicate. I am such a witty little cute, you can certainly.
Buying a phone card next door also has a formal exchange of Exchange Exchange, but said that the exchange rate at the airport is not cost-effective, everyone told me that the exchange rate with private exchange will be better.
Kota Kinabalu,Recommendations
Kokol Hill