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Xiamen Fantawild DreamlandNearby City

Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland

4.7/57938 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 2 reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #2 in Xiamen Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 11/5-12/30,Mon-Fri,10:00am-5:30pm;Open from 11/5-12/30,Sat-Sun,10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"This theme park is absolutely amazing, as soon as you enter you will be greeted by a giant majestic water fountain. There are sections for which part of the park so there are separate ticketing queues. there is three parts of it a water park part a amusement park part and an oriental theater part. The water park contained lots of water slides and a playground for children that is filled with water, slides, and water sprinters. There was a okay selection of slides but i wouldn’t complain the fact that there is three parts. There was an area where there was a large pool where everyone can swim. Every 45 minutes the lifeguards put on waves into the water to make it more amusing like your actually in the ocean. The oriental theater was not just one theater but many. The buildings are designed to look like ancient majestic Chinese buildings. The reason is because most of the theaters show animated ancient Chinese stories. There was also a few parts that showcases animated kids short movies. There is also a drop tower in the middle of the oriental theater section. It is inside a tall Chinese style building. Left of it you can also enter the water park part. I didn’t get to check out the theme park section sadly because we ran out of time. But it was absolutely fantastic it is my favorite theme park in China. It definitely deserves 5/5."
Xiamen Fantawild Oriental HeritageNearby City

Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage

4.9/54790 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #10 in Xiamen Can't Miss Attractions
Closed from 11/1-12/30,Mon-Fri;Open from 11/1-12/30,Sat-Sun,10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Recently was painted by Amway in Xiamen Fantawild Oriental God this park, today I finally have time to punch in! The site is very awesome! ! ! This is a very suitable amusement park for Slippers, and share the play route today with everyone! ! ! For sisters to make a reference! It is important to note that the Oriental God painting is currently only open on Saturday and Sunday. The Oriental God painting is open on Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00 Route: Lovers Fly →Nezha Noisy Sea →Nvru Butian →Children's Kingdom →Lunch →Kyushu God Yun →Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai →Pear Garden Travel →Bear Incursion Theater →Binfen Huaxia → The play route of the Cowherd Weaving Girl Parent-child Team should be mainly based on leisure and entertainment. It should play more popular movie-watching projects and projects in the park that are suitable for children to play, promote the interaction between parents and children, and create a warm and happy play atmosphere. Download the Fonte Tour APP before entering the park for today's fun parent-child tour. After 10:00 check-in, through the quaint Fonte town, you arrive at the first item we want to experience, and the closest item to the entrance is the Fonte Couples Speed Vehicle. This is a suitable project for all ages. Sitting in the rainbow car and feeling the excitement of high-speed rotation, working with family, the project is 5 minutes, it is a very romantic and fun project, very suitable for taking children to play, recommend everyone to experience! After experiencing the couple's flying car, the time is about 10:30, and we set off for the second project, which is noisy. This is a large-scale orbital movie-watching project, with 4D glasses, take a track car with the little hero who roared together with the crystal palace. The project is 10 minutes long, the project is very suitable for parents and children to watch, let the children learn the spirit of justice, courage and helpfulness. The little nak ping is very cute and very popular with the children! After finishing the trip to the East China Sea Dragon Palace, 10:50 came to the son-in-law to make up the day. You can recognize this project at a glance because the exterior shape of this project makes the scene of the son-in-law perfect restore! This project takes the story of the son-in-law to make up the day as content, rides the tour bus with the son-in-law to save the world together, there is a picture of a dive down, very exciting, will create a sense of weightlessness. It is very suitable for playing with children. You can also learn our Chinese myths and stories while playing. This project takes 8 minutes, you can brush two or three when there are fewer people. It is my personal highly recommended project! After the experience of the son-in-law's day-replenishment time is about 11:00, and then go forward, you will arrive at the children's favorite area of the children's kingdom! The children's kingdom is a must- punch area for every child to come to the Oriental God painting, which is a children's play paradise. There are various specially designed play items for children, such as Frog Jump, Wave Train, Xiaoyao Jellyfish, and the largest Ferris wheel in Xiamen Fantawild Parent-Child Ferris wheel. Children and friends in the Kingdom can be gathered together, enjoy the fun Fonte Park for everyone! Children's Kingdom area play time is recommended to be controlled in 1 hour to avoid affecting the following items. After intimate interaction with the children, it was also our lunch time and not during the visit."