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Things To Do in Kumamoto

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John EwaltThe architecture for the castle is similar to what one associates with Japanese castles. The screens inside are impressive, as can be the view from inside. The flower garden on the grounds is also nice.
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Art District
vivienvivienKumamoto Kumamoto Square is located on the 1st floor of the Tsuruya Department Store Higashikan, and Kumamoto City Electric Watercourses arrive. It was built by the Kumamoto Prefecture government in 2013 at a cost of about 46 million yen. There is an exchange district, a sales store around Kumamoto Kumamoto, and, best of all, a bear minister's office.
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City Park
John EwaltThis garden area is within walking distance of Kumamoto Castle. From the front entrance, the area to the back and to the right tend to be a bit quieter than rest of the garden. A quick walk-around should take 10-20 minutes, but a leisurely stroll would be more appropriate.
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Historical Site
翱翔的大鲨鱼The head of Kumamoto Station appears at Kumagawa Railway's Happy Bear Station! In addition to the sales director of Kumamoto Prefecture, Kuma also serves as the director of happiness! Kumamoto Prefecture, which aims to "maximize the total happiness of the citizens of the prefecture", regards Kumamon as a symbol of Kumamoto's happiness, and it is very appropriate to become the head of happiness at Kumamoto's happiness station. Don't miss it by Minami Aso Railway.
Nearby City
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Featured Neighborhood
老鹰在飞翔Sakura-no-Baba & Josai-in is a comprehensive experience park under Kumamoto Castle. I arrived too late and there were almost no other tourists. The shops here are closed or closed.
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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
Todemmy[Scenery] Kumamoto City Hall [Fun] Kumamoto City Government Building, the tram is at the same station as Kumamoto Castle. During non-office hours, you have to take the elevator from the side door to the fourteenth floor and you can see the entire Kumamoto Castle. In fact, it is just a row of windows with some information. No one checks and there is no charge. The view is good.

Popular Hotels in Kumamoto

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Yokoishonan Memorial MuseumKumamoto,Japan

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Enshu-ji TempleKumamoto,Japan

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Statues of Shonan Yokoi and IshinKumamoto,Japan

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Jane's Mansion Western-style SchoolKumamoto,Japan

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Kitaoka ShrineKumamoto,Japan

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Kumamoto Prefectural TheaterKumamoto,Japan

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Natural Landscapes
National Parks
Historic Landmarks
Isshingyou Kouen Great Cherry Blossom: Famous Cherry Blossom Tree under Aso Mountain that is Hundreds of Years Old Kyushu’s most famous and ancient cherry blossom tree sits under Asu Mountain in Kumamoto Prefecture — the Isshingyou Kouen Great Cherry Blossom. This spectacular and beautiful cherry blossom tree is over 400 years old. It measures 14 meters high and 7 meters in diameter, and its branches extend 26 meters. It is said to be the most extraordinary of cherry blossom trees. It is said that this large mountain cherry blossom tree was planted by villagers during Japan’s Warring States period to commemorate fallen warriors.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 20, 2019
Hot Springs
Kita Kyushu
Accident Originally, I booked the trip to Kyushu because the flight tickets were cheap. I didn't expect that I would miss the plane (crying). In the end, I had to buy a transfer ticket from Hong Kong to Fukuoka, which cost me an extra 3000 RMB (my heart is bleeding). Luckily, I went to Victoria Peak and the night view over there cured my injured soul.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 14, 2019
Gourmet Food
The most famous food in Kumamoto is horse meat. In addition to that, there is also the famous Kokutei Ramen, Katsuretsu Tei fried pork chops, and various other local dishes. Here are the ten most popular restaurants in Kumamoto. You can enjoy Kumamoto cuisine however you like!
avtarTripBlog   Nov 13, 2019

Kumamoto Travel Tips

About Kumamoto

Kumamoto Prefecture is located in the center of Japan's western end and Kyushu Island. It is adjacent to Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture in the east, Minghai and Yatsushiro Sea in the west, and the East China Sea. It is connected to Kagoshima Prefecture in the south and Fukuoka Prefecture in the north. There are Kyushu mountainous areas in the east and Zhufei mountainous areas in the north. In the northwest, the rivers such as Judichuan and Zhumochuan, which flow from the mountains, form the Kumamoto Plain and the Yatsushiro Plain on the coast of the Ariake, and there are Amakusa Islands in front of the Yutu Peninsula protruding from the native to the southwest. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, 63% of the land is covered by forests and is one of the best agricultural counties in Japan.

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Here are the best places to visit in Kumamoto, including: Kumamoto Castle,Suizenji Koen,Kumamon Office
Take the bus or go by tram.
Fried dumplings and miso soup rice cake

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