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About Kunming

Throughout the seasons of the year, Kunming is like springtime, leading it to be called "Spring City". For many people who come to Yunnan on holiday, it is their first stop. The nearby Dianchi Lake has 250 kilometers of coastline, all with brilliant natural scenery. There are super-large fresh flower markets. There are also cultural attractions, such as Yunnan University, Yunnan Military Academy, and the former site of Southwest United University. Trying out Kunming snacks, local Yunnan cuisine and wild mushroom hotpot is a must. Every year when winter comes, flocks of black-headed gulls fly here from Siberia; Cuihu Park and Dianchi Lake are good places for bird-watching and bird feeding. The area surrounding Kunming is also very exciting. Dongchuan Red Land is colorful like an oil painting. The Stone Forest has all kinds of different and interestingly shaped rocks. Guandu Ancient Town is also a good place to visit.

Popular Attractions in Kunming

Yunnan Ethnic Village
8,770 Reviews
Folk Village
The Yunnan Ethnic Village is located on the south side of Kunming, and is one of its most popular attractions. In the village, ethnic minority villages including those of the Dai, Bai, and Yi people are built to a 1:1 proportion. Each village has its own folk customs and craft performances. You can see the customs of many ethnic groups in Yunnan within a day. During minority festivals such as the Songkran Festival in April and the Torch Festival in July and August, the ethnic village will also host lively celebrations.
Stone Forest
8,549 Reviews
Geological Sites
The Stone Forest is one of Kunming’s must-see sites. Boasting a classic karst topography, the Stone Forest is full of rocky peaks, jagged rocky outcroppings, water caves, and underground rivers. The Stone Forest is centered around the Major Stone Forest and Minor Stone Forest scenic areas. The Minor Stone Forest is thick with outcroppings of rocky peaks, and the Ashima Stone stands here, named after the legendary Yi maiden who turned into the stone when she was forbidden to marry the one she loved. At the Major Stone Forest scenic area, visitors can enjoy the reflection of the Stone Forest in the Lion Pool, or take a boat ride on the Stone Forest Lake.
Dian Lake
4,959 Reviews
Dianchi Lake is also called Kunming Lake. It is the sixth largest freshwater lake in China. It has the nickname of "Sparkling Pearl Embedded in a Highland". The lake is wide and spectacular. Every winter, a large flock of red-billed gulls migrate here from Siberia, making it a good place for bird watching and bird feeding. There are different ways to explore Dianchi lake. You can stroll around the lake, cycle, or ride a boat. You can also climb up to the Dragon Gate overlooking Dianchi Lake to get a better view of the entire lake.
Qicai Yunnan Huanle World
1,441 Reviews
Amusement Park

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Kunming Weather

Aug 16, 2020
18 °
Light Rain
Aug 17, 2020
Moderate Rain
Aug 18, 2020
Moderate to Heavy Rain
Aug 19, 2020
Moderate Rain

Trip Moments

Kunming Old Street If you have a wide and narrow alley in Chengdu, there is a new world in Shanghai, then there is Kunming Old Street in Kunming. Kunming Old Street is the only historical block in the city that is named after a unified place name as a unified place name. The oldest building in Kunming Old Street has a history of nearly 900 years. These buildings carry too many memories and stories of the city, and at the same time carry too many childhood joys and currents of the contemporary people. The taste of life. Kuanghua Street, Kunming Old Street, east from Zhengyi Road, west to Wuyi Road, with a total length of 435 meters, is the only remaining old street in Kunming with Kunming's ancient style. In today's Guanghua Street, you can eat authentic small pot rice noodles, you can find the fascinating Yunnan antiques, you can find the drug shop after 100 years. Guanghua Street embraced Kunming's ancient and modern with his mottled and simple chest. Kundao Street, Kunming Old Street As early as 1983, there was the earliest flower and bird market in Kunming. As time went by, the tin shed was built on the street of Shudao, and the merchants selling flowers, birds and fish worms expanded after they had earned a lot of money. They gradually formed the Jingxing jewelry and bird market. In addition, these small businesses that represent the characteristics of urban markets and even extend to Guanghua Street and Wenming Street. Nowadays, the renovation of Shudao Street has been completed, and those who have once moved out have brought back their upgraded products. Kingxing Street, Kunming Old Street, is always crowded with people, locals or foreign tourists, or shopping, or idle. A variety of strange things can be found here, Jingxing Street carries too many memories of Kunming people's childhood, but also brings endless surprises to various foreign tourists. Kunming Street, Kunming Street, this trend is colliding with history. There are Starbucks in the old house, British professional electric bar, and many boutiques of craftsmen. The handsome guys who are shooting are in a constant stream.
Posted: Oct 13, 2019
Posted: Jul 22, 2020
Kunming cuisine | Iloya Zhai Dehong taste lived in Kunming a relatively high-tech zone, there is not much to eat nearby, search this Iloya Zhai Dehong smell, see If you have a group purchase hand-picked meal plan, you want to try it. The result is that the machine in the store is broken, can not verify the group purchase, can only buy a small dish at the original price, think about three adults and a child is estimated that they can not eat so much, or do not eat hand-picked meal set. In addition, the order is good, do not need to send food, according to the number of coupons on the review of 100, so I count the price. Open the menu and realize that it seems that there is nothing to order from a single point. Just come a few. 1 This is the first place in the recommended dish, just watch it. Similar to the practice of shredded chicken, the use of black-bone chicken, and the addition of lemon juice, so the first bite was suddenly acid. If you eat a few more mouthfuls, you will feel sour and hot. 2 Before the packet burned in Yunnan did not feel spicy, I did not expect this time to step on the thunder, took a bite, so hot that my head was dizzy. And there are a lot of spices inside, as well as the end of the pepper, and the water is strong enough to eat. 3 Roasted pork five flowers and pigskin This is not spicy at all, and there are quite a lot of roasted vegetables. This roasted five-flowered and pig's skin is very fragrant and not too dry. The other ingredients are sour and sour. 4 In addition to the large intestine, there are also potato strips and carrots, which are also spicy, slightly less spicy than the burnt brains, and the water is more convenient. Its strange that the little brother and sister in the store saw that we have been using tea for a long time. 5 bamboo rice this time is relatively long, is two colors of glutinous rice, sweet, suitable for snacks. The overall feeling is
Posted: Sep 19, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Dianchi Xishan Cableway, Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Dongchuan Red Land, Haigeng Bank, Xiyou Cave.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Kunming: Yi Ke Yin (Dongfeng West Road), Lao Dian Shan Zhai ( Yong An Road ), Tricholoma Matsutake Hot Pot, Jing Chuan Ye Jun Wang ( Main Branch), Huixiang Xilou.
Here are the best places to visit in Kunming, including: Xishan Forest Park, City of Flower, "Images of Yunnan" Performance, Daguan Park, Yunnan University.