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Going across the city to eat a meal, the place is in Kunshan, Shanghai is also okay in the past. This shop is similar to the farmhouse dish to increase the crab, the quality of the water crab is not bad, the cream is full, there is a special crab vinegar, sweet and sour. If the dishes are salty, such as salted eggs and salted geese, it is OK, but other dishes are generally salty, especially the grass head meat, the salt cans are overturned. Of course, it may be salt and soy sauce. For the sake of it, it is a bit too salty, but it is also gratifying that this store is not too sugary, not quite the same as the Su Gang dish in the impression, even the braised ones put a small amount of sugar, and MSG is almost not put. This is healthier. Chicken soup is good, put a little chicken feathers to eat the taste of childhood, but also very strong.
Posted: Dec 26, 2018
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Jinxi Ancient Town
[Grandma's Noodle House] (Kunshan) No. 10, Jinxi Xiatang Street
This noodle restaurant is located in the very busy Guanqiao Pavilion. I ordered the signature Ou Noodle and added a piece of meat. There is a duck and a squid in the signature Oo Noodle, and there is also a homemade Acha.
Su style, the thin noodles are very tough and I like it very much. For the addition of the Austrian duck and the blasting fish, the bowl of noodles is very delicious. Friends like the combination of Su-style noodles with clam meat, the meat is imported, fat but not greasy. Homemade Aca cuisine is very appetizing!
The name is "Grandma's Noodle House". The reality is that an elderly grandmother is serving us and the price is fair!

[Guanqiaoge] A restaurant next door to the grandmother's noodle restaurant
bamboo dried pork is the first thunder, the bamboo shoots can still eat, the meat, the fine part of the firewood The bite couldn't be bitten, the flesh was very big, and I couldn't get a bit of it, and the whole dish didn't taste much.
"Oil white" is the second thunder, very tasteless. Oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water
Wine-flavored cauliflower is actually the head of wine and herbs. This is normal, the grass is very tender, and it tastes good.
ribs, highly recommended. Although I didn't taste the taste of plum, it was OK to look at the sweet and sour pork ribs. First of all, the color surface is very good, it is very appetizing. The meat is medium in size, it tastes like meat, and each piece has cartilage~
Jinxi Ancient Town
Qiandeng Ancient Town
In 2001, Kunqu was listed as one of the first "Masterpieces of Human Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO and became a world cultural heritage. Kunqu is the oldest opera in China and is known as the ancestor of Bai Opera. Kunqu began in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties, and its origin was Qiandeng Town in Kunshan, Jiangsu.
In the Jiangnan area where the ancient towns of the water town are located, the reputation of Qiandeng is not too big. This ancient town has a long history of 2,500 years and is located 15 kilometers south of Kunshan City, bordering Shanghai's Qingpu District.
After crossing a river, it is the scenic spot of Qiandeng Ancient Town. This scenic spot is free and open, and you can enter and exit at will, but there are several small attractions in the scenic spot that you need to purchase tickets, or you can buy a joint ticket at the entrance of the scenic spot. The ancient town is a quaint stone street, the old house remains intact, such as back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Yu's pawn is an old house built in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. The entire building has a Ming Dynasty hall, five small halls, six buildings, and double-prepared buildings. "Flat", more than 120 large and small houses, thousands of people called it "family".
The pavement's yard is clean and comfortable, like a private garden, which is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the stone street.
The Yanfu Temple, adjacent to the pawnshop, is a thousand-year-old temple. Liang Tianjian two years (503 years) was donated by the Qiandeng Township Wang Shushe.
The price of a budget hotel, five-star enjoyment
evening arrive at Kunshan Yueyuan Garden Hotel, the design of the hotel is designed by Li Zuyuan Architects of Taipei 101 Building, which is of quality and quality. The warm light in the lobby and the smiling service staff are really a feeling of being at home. The
business room has a spacious area of 60 square meters. In the evening, the hotel's guest room has been thoughtfully equipped with a turndown service and a welcome fruit and night snack on the table. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Kunshan, with a gorgeous night view of downtown Kunshan. The rooms are all equipped with latex mattresses, smart audio-visual systems, smart toilets... It's hard to imagine that hotels with a range of 500-600 per night can only accommodate a slightly better room type in a budget hotel in Shanghai, but enjoy it in Kunshan. Hardware to software full five-star stopover experience.
Because there are many Japanese and Taiwanese people in Kunshan, there are also special authentic Japanese and Teppanyaki restaurants in the hotel. The ingredients are strictly selected, the price is very reasonable, and the local office workers like it.
In addition, the hotel's entertainment facilities are also available, 25-degree heated professional swimming pool, large-scale gymnasium, and even the Japanese god black stone rock bath that most people have never heard of; can let the guests relax and return to the health source .
Shirley Zhu