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Architecture & Landmarks
Shen Hall

Shen Hall

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"Historical Architecture"
Ranked No. 12 in Kunshan Can't Miss Attractions
"Located on the south side of the east foot of Fu'an Bridge in Zhouzhuang, Nanshi Street, built by Shen Benren, a descendant of Shen Wansan in 1742, Qianlong 7 years. Seven-in five-door buildings, the size of more than 100 houses, distributed in 100 meters long, on both sides of the central axis, covering more than 2,000 square meters. Shen Hall, composed of three parts. The front is waterway, riverside, for families to stop for boats, washing clothes; the middle is the wall door, tea hall, the main hall, for the guests, for the wedding and funeral affairs and the place of business; the back is the lobby, small hall, the back hall, for living and living. The whole hall is a typical "front hall back hall" architecture pattern. The front and back rooms are all connected by the street building and the hall pavilion. The formation of a large walk-in horse building. The main hall is the "Songmao Hall", covering 170 square meters. The brick carved door building facing the main hall, is the most magnificent of the five gate buildings, up to 6 meters, When I arrived at Zhouzhuang, the shenzhen Hall must be a must, but the tickets for Zhouzhuang are really especially complicated, because I am with the group. They include tickets for the first floor of the shenzhen Hall, and if I want to go up on the second floor, Need to buy tickets separately. The second floor is the bedroom, because of the time, we did not go up. There are particularly many tourists. You can have a tour guide to visit the Shen Hall more carefully. With a detailed explanation by the tour guide, you can learn more about the stories of Shen Hall and Shen Wansan. Recommend to go with the group."