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Jinxi Ancient Town

4.4/52,041 Reviews
Ancient Settlement

Business Hours

(April 1st - October 31st) 8:00-17:00; (November 1st - March 31st of the following year) 8:00-16:30.


No. 18, Shaodian Port Road, Jinxi Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province
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About Jinxi Ancient Town

Jinxi Ancient Town is located on the shores of the Dianshan Lake in the southern suburbs of Kunshan, and is a riverside town in Southern China with thousands of years. The ancient town is not very large. The ancient lotus bridge that resembles a Chinese landscape painting and the mysterious tomb of Princess Chen have attracted many tourists here to explore. The various folk museums are also worth visiting. There are also plenty of snack bars on the old street. In addition, the town's civic collection museums include the old bricks museum, the purple sand pottery museum and the pottery museums that are full of antiques, and a cultural revolution collection museum that allows visitors to revisit history. The snacks on the old street include Jinxi specialties such as Wadisu, Changlong mooncakes, crabapple cake, tied pork and other Jiangnan specialty foods.

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  • 阿双双君

    There are many exhibition halls in a street in the ancient town. There are not many exhibition halls, but some exhibition halls are not very good at preserving traditional Chinese paintings. Unfortunately, there are also many artists who are looking at them vividly. Rolling boats in and out, listening to the tune of the boat sister is also a pleasure in which, on the whole, it is a good place to wander around and feel the humanistic atmosphere.

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    Reviewed on 1495579420000
  • 超级玛莉宝

    Jinxi Ancient Town is not far from Zhouzhuang, you can choose two places to play together. The gate is open water. It's very beautiful. It's very atmospheric. Buying tickets means visiting each of the pavilions inside. Not bad. A museum with a large collector is quite shocking. Collections on the third floor. I also saw the old collector himself. Compared with the noise in Zhouzhuang Tongli. There are very few people here. It's a good photograph. No one will get in. There are old people playing mahjong and fishing everywhere. And on such a hot day, the wind in the alley is very comfortable. Not even air conditioning fans. This kind of place does support people.

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    Reviewed on 1470328858000
  • 自由的花爱吃柚子

    Transportation is also convenient, and tickets are especially cost-effective when discounted. The town is small and quiet. It features a long bridge at the entrance of the water area and a tomb of Queen Chen's wife. The food in the old town is very good, especially in the morning, such as duck legs Austrian cooking noodles, barracuda, snails, sock bottom pastries and so on. Be cheap and at the same time very good.

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    Reviewed on 1491895027000
  • 南蠻小女子

    Fewer people are suitable for leisure tourism. Among them, Chen Fei's Water Cemetery is quite distinctive. It doesn't take an hour to get there from Suzhou. In the morning to play, in the afternoon on the way back, you can also go to Chengpin Bookstore.

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    Reviewed on 1483265937000
  • Smooth melody

    Jinxi, the name alone is very Jiangnan, Wu Nong soft language, hazy feeling of rain and smoke. Although Jinxi is less famous than Zhouzhuang, it is more quiet. Firstly, there are fewer tourists than other ancient towns. There are hardly any people on the dark road. The local people are really slow. Like Xitang, the bar begins to hey. Jinxi is very quiet, so it can better feel the local people's life of sunrise and sunrise. Business Street has, but not as heavy as Pingjiang Road and other famous ones. Many of them are still closed. I tried sock crisp in snacks. It's really good, cheap and affordable. As a companion gift, it's quite good to eat with yourself. Jinxi Museum is very many, but all need tickets, 65 passes, any scenic spots can enter, 20 yuan to choose four scenic spots to visit, the ancient town itself does not need gate tickets, can enter at will, this is very human. Jinxi is very close to Shanghai, driving 62 kilometers past. It is a back garden, a sleeping girl, and a never-weary south of the Yangtze River.~

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    Reviewed on 1525460856000
  • 听足音

    The only one affected by typhoon during the National Day holiday is not a sunny day. I thought that there would be fewer tourists. I went to the old town of Jinxi, which is familiar to me. As a result, there were many tourists. The familiar long bridge at the entrance of the ancient town, Wobo, is the landmark of Jinxi ancient town. Seen from the water still full of lotus leaves, far away, like paper-cut, is still beautiful. Typhoon disturbs hair and makes it difficult to take pictures, but it may also lead to unique and good pictures. Ancient town is a 4A scenic spot. No tickets are required for visiting the town without charging. If you want to enter the scenic spot, the ticket price is very expensive. However, the scenic spot introduced a 20 yuan ticket for the people including four self-selected scenic spots during the National Day holiday, which is very gratifying. It is especially suitable for the familiar visitors who have visited many times, but still want to visit several favorite scenic spots again. The third time, I visited Zhang Provincial Art Museum, Ding House and Hu Culture Museum carefully, visited the ancient Wenchang Pavilion, felt the profound cultural heritage of the ancient town, watched the shops along the street, tasted local delicacies and snacks. At noon, I ate several Lake dishes with water village characteristics in the hotel in the scenic area, walked slowly in residential areas without tourists, and took a nap at the water Pavilion beside the river. ... It's a pleasant holiday.

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    Reviewed on 1538927008000
  • 薄雾如纱

    Before the trip, we booked a hotel in Jinxi Town. The owner of the hotel came out and bought a 23 yuan discount ticket. In fact, Ctrip can buy 10 yuan tickets, and from residential areas to bypass, it can be free of tickets. Because of the rain, instead of exploring the whole town along the bluestone slab, we boarded a black tent boat, which wandered in the river and shuttled between the bridges. Breathing the fresh air in the rain, looking at the eaves and panes of people on the water, and listening to Wu Nong's soft words of the ship's maid, I felt the beauty of Jiangnan Waterfront in an instant.

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    Reviewed on 1446724322000
  • 卡卡罗特

    Jinxi Ancient Town is an ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River with a history of more than 2,000 years. It has a reputation of "Township of Chinese Folk Museums" and retains many cultural landscapes, historic sites and numerous buildings with distinctive Ming and Qing characteristics. The famous scenic spots include Tongshen Imperial Court, Chen Fei's Water Cemetery, Lianchi Zen Court and so on.

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    Reviewed on 1483583406000
  • wiemin0422

    The ancient town has a large area. Walking along the ticketing center from the gate, the scenery is beautiful. The bridge is running, facing Taihu Lake. Along the stream, shops stand on both sides, each with its own characteristics. During lunch time, I found a restaurant in the old town and ordered many Lake features. The price is cheap and affordable. You don't have to go back when you go out. It's at the exit on the other side of the town. Come out is the commercial street, things are not expensive. It's very distinctive.

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    Reviewed on 1483414286000
  • 哈尼亚刘邦

    I have lived in Kunshan City for many years. Of course, Jinxi Ancient Town is a place where I often go for a walk and a rest during my holidays. Spring, summer, autumn and winter in Jinxi often accompany me through the year after year. But at the beginning of this year, covered with snow-white layers of snow, as a regular visitor to Jinxi ancient town, I will not miss it.

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    Reviewed on 1521983604000
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