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Listening is a way of self-expression. When we stand on the beacon tower of the Simatai Great Wall in Gubei Water Town, looking up at the starry sky, the history of the fierce wind rushes past, the natural scenery rushes over, and the most sincere voice is read aloud. Listening to the heart, there is nothing impossible. Look up at the stars and look down at the wind. Wang Yidan, Shi Hang, Zhang Chu, Cheng Fangyuan, Xing Jiadong, Dong Wei, Li Yu, Liang Yanzeng
Posted: May 31, 2019
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The Mysterious Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountains
Kuqa Grand Canyon, located on the National Highway 217 Duku Road, about 70 kilometers away from Kuche County. The Kuqa Grand Canyon is a gorge in the Krystal Mountains of the Tianshan Mountains. It is formed by red-brown rocks through the wind and rain erosion of nature for hundreds of millions of years. The reddish-brown mountain clusters are straight into the sky, and under the sun, it is like a cluster of burning flames.
At dusk, the light at this time is the most suitable for shooting. Under the sun's rays, the rocks of different shapes are spread out. The unique red
KUC Grand Canyon valley is wide open, and it is sometimes in the valley. Wide, sometimes narrow. The entire valley is relatively flat, with high-rise walls on both sides, fine sand at the foot, and a shallow layer of water on some sections.
Step into the depths of the canyon, there will be many landscapes along the way, such as Nantianmen, Ghost Valley, Crescent Tooth Gap, Huya Bridge, Motian Cave, and Xiongshi Tears. These landscapes need to make full use of your imagination to truly appreciate the depth of the landscape.
Enter from the scenic valley, walk for about half an hour, you can reach the end of the scenic spot. Here, due to the falling rock, blocking the road, the original road must be returned to the valley
sun west oblique, the afterglow spilled over the top of the mountain, a dazzling golden glow, the Grand Canyon at this time, quiet and magnificent. But there are many chilling legends in the Grand Canyon.
At the foot of the Thousand Buddha Caves in the valley, in the morning or evening, a cloud of smoke like fog is rising from the bottom of the valley, moving around the mountain; sometimes suddenly a figure like a gossip emerges from the ground. The foggy yin and yang spheres roll up along the cliffs. Of course, these are legends, if you want to verify them yourself.
The Mysterious Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountains
How do you feel the beauty of the National Geographic portrait in the mysterious Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountain in Kuche?

First is the choice of time, before 10am or after 16pm, the light is softer. Secondly, because the light in the canyon is dark, be sure to use a flash or LED light to fill the portrait. Finally, it is recommended to use a wide-angle lens to capture the spectacular environmental portraits of the geological wonders.

After the rain, the sky is clear, the blue sky and the white clouds, the flaming Tianshan mysterious Grand Canyon is in a variety of poses, the peaks and straights into the sky, walking into the valley, but the peaks and turns, the winding path is quiet, there is no hole in the sky; Competing for the rise, the caves of the gods and caves, all of which are meaningful. There are scenes in the valley, and the eyes are full of interest; the peaks and stones are in different poses, and there are countless numbers. The landscapes such as the god dog guarding the valley, the Rotary Castle, the Xianling Cave, the Jade Spring, and the lying hump are vivid; the valley bottom has a ditch and the valley has a valley. The landscapes of Nantianmen, Ghost Valley, Crescent Tooth Gap, Huya Bridge, Motian Cave, and Xiongshi Tears are vivid and well-deserved. It is said that the Ai Cave, which is not far from the valley mouth, has a large area of Han and Tang dynasty murals on the south, north and west walls of the cave. It was discovered by a Uighur child who had entered the rain and was accidentally discovered. The attention of the canyon. It is a pity that when I went, the gate of the plank road was closed and I could not enter it.