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Observation Deck
Mt. Washu Observation Deck

Mt. Washu Observation Deck

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"Observation Deck"
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"Come to Japan, not to take a hot spring, not to wear a kimono and not to see cherry blossoms is simply white! Then experience the three major pieces of Japanese culture? In fact, there are many places worth experiencing. The sunset scenery of Mt. Hiba is one of them! Mt. Hibayama, at 133 meters above sea level, is located in the special area of Seto Inland Sea National Park and is a designated scenic spot for Japan's national scenic spots. Especially the sunset is really beautiful. The only drawback is not to indulge in the "beautiful color" of Mt. Hibayama. It is recommended to go to the Hagiyama Observatory, and it is easy to be forgotten by the Seto Bridge and the beautiful sunset of the Seto Inland Sea. Tip: The transportation here is not too convenient. Although there is a bus to the Ebisuyama Observatory in front of Kojima Station, but if you don't pay attention, you will miss the last bus and it is not easy to take a taxi. Children should pay attention! Xiatsui octopus is a quiet fishing village, next to the Seto Inland Sea, there are direct buses, there is a bridge, but here for many years have maintained the original flavor, a very flavor of a place. Massive trout and shimotsui octopus, nichiku are very famous, here octopus food raw eat, fried, or boiled, with octopus dinner ingredients, the entrance is very good. The key is very fresh and fat, the HATAKEYAMA Lower Electric Hotel Address: All the hotels in Osaka Coast, Kamakurashiki, Okayama are sea view rooms with a view of Seto Island and Seto Bridge. The hotel is backed by HATAKEYAMA. There is a special walkway at the front door of the hotel, 10 minutes walk to the observation deck to enjoy the beautiful scenery."